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Kurt, what if it’s only a matter of time before I become like that?


the linstead things: when their eyes (even their eyebrows) do the talking #linsteadlooks

Botw zelink is canon. And I have another reason along with the plethora of other reasons. In the last memory Zelda, who has been struggling to feel the triforce and her power of wisdom, steps in front of Link to protect him. The gift of the goddess given to oot Link is Nayru’s love. Zelda’s love for Link in botw, her desire because of that love to save him, protect him, was what granted her Wisdom from Nayru!

  • Leo: Can’t we have a little fun? Remember that time Victor and Yuuri spent an entire hour in the bathroom at a press conference?
  • Guang-Hong: Yes, but wasn’t that because Yuuri lost a contact lens?
  • Leo: You’re so cute.

you take my hand and drag me head first fearless

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8 for a fenhawke!

8. being unable to open their eyes for a few moments afterward 

Fenris’s heart hammered against his ribs as if trying to flee the scene, but he couldn’t help but to feel a sense of satisfaction when he sat back and found Hawke’s face still lifted, lips parted, eyes closed. When he finally opened them, blinking, almost sluggish, the elf felt a victorious kind of thrill. He had done that.

They were in Hawke’s chair in the Amell mansion’s study. A quiet weekend, rain pelting the windows outside. Hawke had been reading and Fenris pretending to do the same but really just watching him, enjoying the silence and the comfortable way they had and the play of firelight off Hawke’s strong face.

Hawke had poured him a glass of wine, but Fenris couldn’t have blamed the alcohol for his sudden surge of boldness. He had had scarcely half of it before he rose, and crossed the room, took Hawke’s book from his hands and straddled his hips in the chair, cupping Hawke’s surprised face in his hands, and –

They had kissed less than half a dozen times. They were still feeling it out, still a little unsure about admitting their attraction to one another in words and actions and Fenris – Fenris thought about kissing Hawke all the time, these days. Since the first thrilling brush of lips – no, before even that. It seemed he was growing obsessed with the mage’s mouth.

“What – ? Is that - ? Um. Thank you?” Hawke said.

“I like that,” Fenris told him, point blank, because Hawke was still so careful about the whole situation and Fenris hadn’t kissed him nearly enough yet.

“I like it too,” Hawke said, and he looked surprised, pleased, as Fenris, a little more boldly, took his hands and helped him slide them over his thighs. Hawke stretched his neck to kiss him again – tentative, at first, then harder as Fenris responded favorably, the sweetness of the wine on their tongues. Hawke’s hands seemed to burn him through his leggings; Fenris felt warm in ways he hadn’t anticipated. He arched against him as those hands moved around to his backside, and it was unexpected, how exciting it felt. Fenris fed at his mouth. He tugged on his bottom lip with his teeth, and met Hawke’s seeking tongue with his own, and his whole body felt flush, warm, stirring. Hawke pulled him closer and he arched against him and realized with surprise that he could feel Hawke – that Hawke was – was –

Fenris broke the kiss, and grasping Hawke’s wrists he pulled his hands from his backside.

They were both panting, staring at one another. Fenris’s lips felt bruised, and his body felt – felt –

“Um,” Fenris said, with extreme eloquence, and Hawke released his breath slowly.

“That’s – probably enough for one night,” Hawke said, as if it was his idea, and Fenris felt the urge to apologize.

“I – don’t know what I’m doing,” Fenris told him, which was only partially a lie. He knew the mechanics of it, but had no experience with his own rising reactions, the surprising urge to feel Hawke’s hands on his flesh, to taste his sweat on his tongue.

“We aren’t – ah – in any rush,” Hawke told him. He looked at Fenris as if he wanted to devour him.

When they could walk without embarrassing themselves, Hawke saw Fenris to the door.

“I’m sorry,” Fenris told him again, and Hawke shook his head.

“I’ve known I was in trouble since the moment we met,” Hawke said.

Fenris didn’t trust himself to kiss him goodbye.

okay let’s make this clear: elizabeth swann didn’t do shit for will in potc3. first, she was there to save jack and then she was there to avenge her father’s death. will wasn’t her motivation, she didn’t become pirate king to save him, she didn’t trade jack with will thinking of some past offence done to will. she was there to fight a war against the man WHO KILLED HER OWN FATHER. she was there to fight for freedom and for piracy. those are things that literally happened. saying that all elizabeth ever wanted was to be with will is just plain ridiculous seeing how they spent the entirety of potc3 with other priorities and hiding shit from each other. and that trend didn’t even start in awe, mind you.

hell if you want to bring dmc into this, let’s have it. the entirety of that movie is ABOUT their desires and being a good man vs a pirate. that movie represents a huge step for elizabeth in terms of character development and she spent the majority of the time away from will.

so what are we left with? cotbp? sure, elizabeth started it out looking for will, trying to save will, but as her character development progressed, she found out she was a pirate, then a pirate lord and finally a pirate king and all those titles happened FAR AWAY from will.