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I get tipsy and call out fallout (to a friend)
  • me: can I say something about fallout (specifically fallout 4, but it might apply to other games too in certain cases) I observed lately tbh
  • me: Goodneighbor really made me think about it
  • me: so like, fallout 4 in particular has a fucked up discussion going on about what's culture and whats counter-culture
  • me: diamond city seems to be a mimic of what we consider 'culture' as opposed to the lawless no-inhibitions degeneracy of the savage commonwealth.
  • me: its clean, everyone is 'normal'
  • me: the central element of it is buying and selling goods
  • etc.
  • me: the most 'strange' element in it is an unusual marriage-- the codifying of a socially respected relationship and household
  • me: maybe.
  • me: (I know the mayor is a synth, that is a reveal tho)
  • me: goodneighbor seems to be a schism of those that we consider 'counterculture'-- disabled people, disfigured people, people considered second-class citizens that are not willing slaves or servants of the community, refugees and asylum seekers, addicts, artists, bohemians
  • etc.
  • me: including implications that this is where trans people belong, through Kleo
  • me: and outside, the raiders seem to be a very portrait of 'degeneracy' with gambling, drugs, and implied sex (those fetish harnesses and other 'shocking' looking kinky clothing styles!)
  • me: etc.
  • me: but the thing is
  • me: what's culture?
  • me: no one has systemic legitimacy in this world over any other person
  • me: is Diamond City majority culture? its citizens are a minority.
  • me: why do we consider it 'safe' or 'ordinary'
  • me: why do we consider Goodneighbor 'counterculture'
  • me: ?
  • me: If our prior culture or idea of normality has totally dissolved(and with it, the game keeps implying, all pressures or personal sense of responsibility or morality, like a constant festival of fools or a The Purge like scenario), why are people who dress like, look like, act like 'freaks' any less respectable than 'good honest farmers/tradespeople/citizens/etc.'
  • me: And its not a coincidence that the aesthetic of the obviously counterculture raiders, and some of the people in Goodneighbor, is sort of dog whistle 'queer'-- lgbt+ people have taken accusations of degeneracy and turned them on their head, taken weapons out of 'moral majority' hands for generations and appropriated them to demonstrate the facile nature and arbitrary bounds of the ruling class
  • me: (non-harmful) Kink's historically gay even if straight kinksters often don't have correct respect for lgbt+ spaces.
  • me: Pride's not full of leather and drag, tiny holographic print shorts, for no reason. Pride's not about establishing who scans the 'most normal' to the status quo, but a suggestion that there's no reason that our world finds these images more shocking than straight relationships, which run the spectrum of health from committed to downright poisonous themselves. Totally without examination or accusations of being 'wicked.'
  • me: what I'm trying to say is that it's a statement by omission that in the future, it's the raiders that have the wacky hairstyles, the tats, the fantasy personas, have the riots, and do the drugs, or go 'insane' from lack of 'healthy relationships' and basically manifest all the negative stereotypes that lgbt+ people have weathered in different ways
  • me: and that there are no respectable people in diamond city that walk around without pants and have an undercut, or are camp
  • etc.
  • me: can you imagine going to one of the 'respectable' establishments and seeing someone who looks like a raider and calls you (of any gender) 'cookie' or something
  • me: it wouldn't happen
  • me: meanwhile we have overt transmisogynistic caricature robot in Goodneighbor that basically implies that the creators think that trans women are an uncomfortable fringe and barely within society-- at least she's not a gun crazed drug fiend. And even then, you can find violent dirt on Kleo.
  • me: there are not even 'passing' trans women in Diamond City, who conform to the demand that to be an honest, respectable person, 'normal' (conforming to gender roles) is the thing to be
  • me: or trans men for that matter
  • me: basically like
  • me: I think that the fallout universe has something to say about the power fantasy that many disaster or apocalypse scenarios suggest-- that if there was no society, job, car, house, future holding you back, you'd be a badass who could do anything they wanted
  • me: even in that scenario, when all societal obligations have been erased and all your debts to it have been absolved, our status quo of society still exists
  • me: 'normal' has never been destroyed
  • me: despite the game's major theme of "maybe 'normal' was our undoing"-- capitalism, strict reactionary gender roles a la the 1950s and 1960s, nationalism over global fellowship, etc.
  • me: "normal" is still in place as the yardstick of 'civilization'
  • me: sorry ive had a non-insignificant amount of rum in the last half hour
  • me: but like
  • me: that's just what I think
  • me: why aren't there settlements full of people who look like raiders but overall are cool and friendly?
  • me: why aren't there seemingly 'normal' looking people who actually are super hateful raiders who buy and sell people's children?
  • me: Throughout history it's not been the marginal 'freaks' with no power who sell people to other people
  • me: it's been the prestigious people. Wealthy people who define what's acceptable and what the laws are, with social power and money to buy, who have labor they need doing and see the value in owning all the means of production... including the laborers.
  • me: if that world's been destroyed,
  • me: where are the benign 'freaks' of Diamond City?

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Yo! I'm always seeing cosplayers designing bodysuits and getting them printed out on fabric. Do you have any tutorial links for doing this? I'd love to make a Kingsglaive/Crownsguard uniform from FFXV, but don't even know where to begin. Even the designing part, like templates?

If you want the best fitting bodysuit start by drafting your own pattern, mocking it up, trying it on and adjusting until perfect. You may want to make some marks on this pattern indicating where certain elements will go in the final design. Take it apart and you have your sewing pattern. *Remember to keep the seam allowances and to open any dart!* You can skip this step by buying a zentai suit or catsuit that fits you and taking that apart. 

From there, create a digital version of the pattern pieces. I recommend taking a picture flat-on so you can trace it in a vector program (like adobe illustrator) and scale it up to the right size. Double check your drawing with the garment’s measurements to make sure everything is accurate. 

Then, either in the vector program or a paint program, you can design the character’s suit. Create the pattern, add logos (like D.VA has), add icons (like Spiderman’s spider symbol) and add any shading / highlights that are needed. Use your marks to help place these properly.

Now that you have your pattern, start looking for a fabric printing service. Usually these designs are printed dye-sub ( Dye-sublimation) on spandex or a similar stretch fabric. Find something 4 way stretch. The site should give you instructions on how to set up your design. Try to set it up with the least amount of fabric waste. Then send it to be printed. You can use your mockup as reference for marking darts and knowing where the seam lines are, but you also may want to include lines or markers that indicate these on your printed fabric. Keep in mind that, when sewing, you want to sew it outside of your lines so they won’t be visible on the final garment. 

When you get it back, you have your fabric with a sewing pattern printed on it. Cut it out and sew it up. Voila! 

You might find these useful:
D. Va Overwatch Progress  (Shows the layout of her D.Va suit)
How to build an Ultimate Spider-Man Suit (Shows sewing a printed suit)
Sonjou of theRPF shares some base zentai suits on photobucket

Hope this helps!
Duckie / Admin   


Star Wars Platonic Valentines! (Set 1 of 4)

These are meant for aromantic people, but you can use them for your platonic relationships even if you aren’t aro. The only exception is the “Let’s have a Star Wars marathon” one, because it has the queerplatonic/quasiplatonic flag on it, so please respect that and only use it for qpps.

Feel free to use these for friends, either online or printed out, just keep the watermark please.

links to: Set 2, Set 3, Set 4

Cute Summer Ideas
  • •Make pressed flower art on a canvas
  • •Pick out old vinyls at thrift stores and listen to the them completely
  • •Watch Bob Ross videos and follow along with them
  • •Go out in meadows and embrace the beauty
  • •Go outside at night and stargaze while talking about whatever
  • •Burn all kinds of incense
  • •Watch DIY videos and craft a lot
  • •CRAFT
  • •Write letters
  • •Have bonfires
  • •Learn more about space
  • •Make stickers
  • •Go to the ocean (for the first time)
  • •Drink lots of taro bubble tea
  • •Buy lots of manga and witchcraft books
  • •Eat tons of strawberries and blueberries
  • •Make mochi from scratch
  • •Print out the BTS coloring book and color a lot
  • •Try new hairstyles, don't be afraid of the clippers
  • •Go out for walks as much as you can
  • •Adopt many succulents and bonsai trees
  • •Pet every dog
  • •Make flower water
  • •Write fan fiction again
  • •Take care of yourself
  • •Most importantly, learn to love yourself, even if it is just a little

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What if Genji and Hanzo have a pining crush on the same person? What would happen??? Thank you so much for all your hard work, and we all appreciate the time you take out if your day for this blog ❤ also hc if you don't mind

  • The brothers were similar, even after all this time, it wasn’t a surprise that they both fell for you. They both acted without realising the others affection, doing their best to woo you.
  • It’s when they both went to you with gifts, Genji with some sweets that you said you’d like to try and Hanzo with an art print that he’d find you enjoy. The two brothers glared at each other - more aptly Hanzo glared at Genji - while they realised what was happening.
  • Hanzo is mixed with feels, not sure whether he’s happy or angry at his brother trying for your affection. Happy that you wouldn’t choose to be with a ‘monster’ such as himself but angry because his brother always had done this when he was younger.
  • Genji, on the other hand, is quite willing to step aside, seeing his brother worthy of love. It would hurt a little but he wants to see his brother happy, 
  • The two of them eventually just ask you to choose, they would rather it be your choice than fight among themselves. They had spent enough time estranged and just want to see you happy.
The photograph is from that rehearsal, taken from a seat just behind Louis. The stage in the background is washed in blues, reds, pinks, yellows, beams of light pouring from all different angles, crossing over each other at random. The spotlight is off, so the bodies on the stage are almost just silhouettes in motion. There’s the whip of a skirt caught in mid-turn, a tall figure with its arms extended, two shapes bent toward each other at stage left. Behind them, the skeleton of the set makes sharp lines and broken shapes against the white backdrop. In the foreground is Louis, just a sliver of his face as seen from behind, the light catching on the top of his cheekbone and the ends of his hair. His hands are in the air in front of him, gesturing as he explains something to one of the actors, and he can see ink stains on his knuckles. He can see for the first time the way he looks when he’s directing, the set of his shoulders, the hint of a smile at the corner of his mouth. It’s his kids, his work, distilled into an image and made beautiful. And Harry did it. He looks down at the table because he really, really needs to look at anything that is not this picture right now, and his eyes fall on a tiny piece of paper. It must have slid out with the print without him noticing it. He can see Harry’s handwriting on it. Lou, So you don’t forget what you look like to the rest of us Happy birthday!!! xxx Haz

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Cor, a real personal question please. Are mangas in japanese print cheaper than the english volumes? I mean, you have Japanese printed volumes too even though you don't know Japanese. I'm sorry but I don't mean to be rude. How much does a volume (both English and Jap) costs for you?

Oh that’s ok, I don’t find that a rude or personal question at all!

Japanese volume: ~$6.85 AUD (600yen or so)
English volume: ~$19 AUD


The English volumes are larger though

and the JP volumes also have a cover sleeve so when you take that off its fairly plain

proxy commission prices pretty much balance it out though lmao

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I just come back from my break into my locked office which I and one other person working today have keys for. There are signs all over my seat. No note. I assume they want me to print new copies for the furniture section? I don't know. Why put them on my chair? All spread out? Just ask me to print you new signs for your sales area. What even is this game they're playing right now?

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Please stop stealing art from artists, yes yours looks slightly different but you obviously traced Artetak's Baphomet, they even called you out on it on thier facebook. Anyone following this blog, the original Lisa Frank Baphomet is on Artetak's Page and they already have official prints not out of redbubble, higher quality and even enamel pins, plus their art is 10/10. Please, please don't steal and trace artwork then claim it as your own, support small artists who create original artwork.

This is the original image I used. It’s the original baphomet image by Eliphas Levi from the 1800s, I used it for proportions. If my art lines up with Arteck’s that’s because she used the same original iconic Baphomet. Why the fuck would I trace the cheek and shoulder shape anyways? I shared my WIPs with Tumblr for all to see my shitty Lisa Frank sources and bad art.

This is not an original idea for EITHER OF US, there are tons of cute Baphomet and subversive Lisa Frank designs on the internet. Don’t come at me accusing me tracing some random artist when we’re both pulling from the same shallow pool of ideas. 

I don’t even know, guys, have some random screenshots

I have a collection of non-Gwenvid Camp Camp screenshots (left over from my last post) filling up my desktop because I’m a crazy person, and I should probably just throw them into the world because they’re cluttering up my computer and it bothers me on a level it probably shouldn’t. 

So … uh, here, I guess. In the spirit of spring cleaning, a bunch of random stills from episode 2 … in a text post because I don’t know how to Tumblr, because I am a disaster. 

Note: yeah, big surprise, it’s basically all David. I know I have a problem, and I have exactly zero interest in getting better, thank you.

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important PSA, pls read

I’m meeting Bert on Saturday and a few pals have given me some art they’d like to pass onto him, so if anyone has any art, poems, songs, letters, etc. they’d like to give to him please send them my way (you can submit things here), I’ll be printing everything out and making a dumb little package of things to give to him. I know this is super sudden but I didn’t even know this was going to happen until the start of this week, so I’m sorry for the late notice! Please reblog if you can, I’m trying to reach as many people as possible so I can give him a decent sized gift and not just a couple of drawings (which would still be super cool regardless, but I’m sure there are more than two people out there who would like to pass something on to him!)

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Is there any way at all to get a hard copy of your non-fanfictiony stories? Besides just printing it out, I mean. I would just about kill to get a real-life bound copy of Game Theory.

Hiya anon!

There’s not, I’m afraid. For a few reasons, but the two biggest reasons are:

1. It’s not edited to a standard where I’d be happy releasing it to hard copy. And editing something that’s 4.5 standard books long is…a full-time job that I kind of don’t have time for at the moment. Boo. If only I had more hands. And brainspace!

2. It’s too long for most POD (Print on Demand) services anyway, and would need to be broken down into about three or four books (which would each still be longer than the standard sized novel, and therefore more expensive - it may end up costing $35-50 US just for Game Theory, for example - tbh, it may end up costing more, because it’s the need for extra pages etc. that ends up blowing out the costs for POD).

That being said, I am working on non-fanfictiony stories (this should be the official name :D) that are in book form. But they’ll be - at least initially - eBooks. I’m hoping to release the first in the next 3-6 months (it mostly depends on how fast a turnaround I can get from my primary beta, who is extremely heavily pregnant, lol). If there’s enough of a call for it, especially through Patreon and similar spaces, I’ll consider a POD outlet too like Lulu. (I’m already a member there, just in case).

(And I would just about kill to get a real-life bound copy of Game Theory too anon oh my god. Like trust me, if it happened, there’d probably be like, little internal illustrations and the cover would get the whole works and so on but it’d be such a vanity project. With my health and stuff, it’s hard to justify years of work when there’s so many other things to be working on.

The Signs Going Grocery Shopping Together
  • Aries: Tries to sneak a pack of condoms into Capricorn's shopping basket; gets their wrist slapped by Capricorn
  • Taurus: Fills the communal shopping cart with every junk food item known to man
  • Gemini: Grabs a donut from the bakery aisle and eats it with no intention of paying for it
  • Cancer: Checking off household necessities from their shopping list to make sure everyone has what they need
  • Leo: Trying to find the biggest chicken they can for Sunday dinner; picks each chicken up and talks to it as if it is alive, making the butcher laugh and give them the biggest chicken for free
  • Virgo: Looks at Taurus with disgust; "No chips! Everytime someone brings chips into that house I have to clean little tiny pieces of chip out of the couch and carpet for days! No more!"
  • Libra: "Maybe we should get less junk food and more fresh fruit and vegetables. Everyone is chipping in, so we should make the buying fair and get things to cook for everyone."
  • Scorpio: Perusing the razor section, even though they have brand new razors at home...
  • Sagittarius: Gives Libra a death stare; "Don't you dare utter another word. Honey buns are life. Put them back in the cart!"
  • Capricorn: Decides to save money and hassle by getting their own separate groceries; slaps Aries for trying to sneak condoms in; "Pay for your own sexual habits!"
  • Aquarius: Riding a shopping cart like a little kid
  • Pisces: Printed out every coupon available to man the night before so that they don't have to contribute financially
  • *shout out to the anon who suggested this : ) send suggestions to @cancercornastrology*

Happy Lappy semi-speed paint. One day I will learn how to paint properly, but I at least had to do something in celebration for the latest episode, I’ve waited so long to have her back and see her smile. She’s finally a free bird <3

Haha I have a good petty revenge

So in History this redneck confederate flag wearing piece of shit in my class had the most disgusting things to say. He’d make jokes about slavery and how he wishes we could bring it back. Using slurs, at one point we learned about how our school was a part of the underground railroad and he said he wanted to transfer schools and how he can’t be proud of his school “no more”.

Well he just so happened to be paired with me in a huge final project regarding slavery, around genocide in the U.S. I knew having him as a partner was going to be hell.

He didn’t help me with the project instead talked to all his nasty crusty inbred friends. I asked him for one thing and he got snappy with me I was like “oh hell no”  so I never asked him to do anything. Talk to your dirty friends, he saw me working hard and figured it didn’t matter. So I worked extra hard on the huge project 100% by myself. Like I’ll be damned if your racist ass is going to get any help from me on a project literally about what people like you have done. A day before the project he handed me a non-printer friendly printed wikipedia page on the civil war. (We were not allowed to use Wiki for this in our sources and I was already done with he powerpoint and report so idk why????)

So the day comes for our presentation I pull up the power point and don’t put his name on it and I announced that this was “MY project” He got huffy and asked why his name wasn’t on it, I turned to the teacher and showed him the wikipedia print out and said this is all he did , I did 100% of the project and I refuse to have him present the project with me. I presented by myself and the teacher had him sit down.

I got 100% on a 300 point project

He got a 0% and literally failed the year long class just because of me, to my knowledge he didn’t even graduate not sure if that was 100% my doing but you surely can’t pass with a failing grade in a core class. <3


Emerald City ComicCon Photos

1. Found my Angie Martinelli.  :) 

2. Margaery Tyrell of Game of Thrones.  She hand-rolled over 400 fabric roses!

3. This expecting mama used her shape to full advantage as an amazing Danerys Targaryen, also from Game of Thrones.  They say protein is essential to fetal development…

4. The cutest She-Hulk and Baby Groot you have ever seen.

5. A stunning Belle.

6. The Queen of Hearts.

7. The perfect Woody from Toy Story.  She even had a pullcord and a sign on her back that read, “Reach for the sky!”

8. Jack Skellington from the Nightmare before Christmas.

9. Labyrinth.

10.  Me again, this time with Karen Hallion, the artist of the “You Coming, Blondie?” print that I have wanted forever.  When I found out she was attending and I was already planning a Rapunzel cosplay, a dream was born.  This is it being realized.


Brand New vinyl record clocks by High5Design.

The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me and Deja Entendu.

I saw these on the BN reddit forum and fell in love. 

Usually I’m dead against anything desecrating vinyl but even I have to admit these are so damn cool.

For anyone freaking out, don't worry these are NOT made out of the actual album records.  Labels have been printed to replicate the albums to make them look authentic but it’s not actually BN. 

I think one owner on the forum said his was Paula Abdul, poor old Paula.

Hope you like these as much as I did.  I think they’re fantastic.

  • Will: NICO
  • Nico: ?
  • Nico: What ca-
  • Will: MY SNUGGIE, THATS WHAT!!! *Pulls out snuggie*
  • Nico: What in the name of Hades is a-
  • Nico: ...
  • Will: ISNT IT GREAT?!?!?!
  • Nico: And why did you need this..?
  • Nico: Can't you just use a normal blanket?
  • Nico: And must you yell?
  • Will: Fine. *clears throat* A normal blanket? I can't use just a plain ol' normal blanket!
  • Nico: Why not? What's the difference?
  • Will: *waves arms* this has ARMS!!! And I had to specially order it...
  • Nico: You specially ordered that thing? How much did that cost you?
  • Will: Only $19.95. *whispers* plus shipping and handling...
  • Nico: Plus..? What was the end cost?
  • Will: Uhm... $42.85...? *cowers away*
  • Nico: $42.85? Really William? Gods... *shakes head* You're ridiculous. It doesn't even look comfortable... What's it made out of? Polyester? Looks like felt. I can't believe you blew your money on that thing..
  • Will: Don't judge me! It's comfy!
  • Nico: Okay, but... Did you really have to get it in leopard print?

I am soooo sick of ppl ripping on 5s*s for using h*mophobic and r*cist slurs and making r*pe jokes that were literally like 3+ years ago??? When they’ve obviously recently proved they’ve grown up, being very supportive over matters of marriage equality and tweeting about the #blacklivesmatter movement???? And when Michael most recently ‘said’ a r*pe joke what he said was “no that’s not something to joke about, never something to joke about”???? meanwhile you’re out there stanning your faves who have obvs said problematic things in the past and maybe even more recently than 5s*s have but y'all keep side-eyeing them even tho they’ve obviously grown up since they were 15 and h*mophobic slurs was a common thing that LITERALLY ALMOST EVERYBODY used because NO ONE WAS PROPERLY EDUCATED on the matter yet like honestly chill out and just don’t listen to their music if u don’t like them like clearly they’re not sent from the devil so keep it cool pls ur arguments are often either invalid or have been proven inaccurate or changed since the receipt was printed