don't even get me started on the rest of him

I think my life has been made. I was lining up for a photo and my friends before just stood next to him for their photos and told me to ask him to pose differently. So I asked Aidan if I could have a hug, only realising after a moment that I still actually had to face the camera and thus the awkward head pose (yeah. faux fur in mouth. mmmm). When I went to go get a token for the photo in the morning, I was devastated because it looked like all Aidan’s photos had been sold out but I got the last token for the last session and I was about to burst into tears then and there. (I also got a signature from him but I wasn’t allowed to tell him it was my birthday on Tuesday because my friend already got me a signature of his for my birthday.)
But he was the sweetest person ever like seriously, his smile just makes everything better. It’s like medicine. It’s healthy for the soul. IT IS GODDAMN BEAUTIFUL. And I have been smiling non-stop for the rest of the day.