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My Saviour - Nine

A/N: Thank you to all who are following this series and all of you that are giving me such amazing feedback. I love writing this, and I love reading all of your reactions, comments and predictions. You will never understand how much your kind words mean to me. Also a special shout out to my amazing beta @thorne93, I could not have done this without  you.

Characters: Dean, Reader, Sam.

Warnings: Angst, fluff, talk about abuse, miscarriage.

Wordcount: 2342

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“Come here,” Dean said, helping you to your feet, holding your hand as you stepped out of the shower. “Here-” he put the towel around your shoulders and rubbing his hands up and down your arms to try and warm you. “-what kind of pain?”

“In my back.” Your eyes were wide in horror as you spoke, but for the first time you kept your eyes glued on Dean’s. “I thought the warm water would help.”

“We need to get you out of these clothes, okay?” You nodded. “Stay here and I’ll go get you something to wear.”

You did as Dean said, not moving a muscle as he went to grab you some clothes, returning with one of his large sweatpants and a sweater, hoping they would warm you up. He stood outside the door as you changed and then he followed you into your bedroom once you emerged. Your entire body shook as you sat down on the edge of the bed. Dean grabbed the blanket from the bed and wrapped it around your shoulders before kneeling down in front of you.

“You want to tell me what happened?” he asked, one hand resting on your knee.

“I… uh… I had this pain in my back, and it wouldn’t go away so I figured the warm water might help.” You pulled the blanket tighter around you as you spoke, your voice flat and detached. “Then it got worse before I could even get to the bathroom, this kind of sharp, stabby pain in my stomach.” Dean already knew where this was going. “There was just so much blood, and now I don’t have anymore pain.”

“I don't…” Dean started but you interrupted him.

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so much in love was such a good song but it was slept on and overlooked for no reason… sebin and taewoong both got solo spotlight dances, sangho actually got some lines, woosung sang one of the highest notes we’ve ever heard him sing, and suhyun and sangil killed it like usual. this song delivered and i will never get over the fact that they didn’t get to perform a shortened version of it on music shows. never !!

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I got very drunk last night in a bar and ended up in an house with people i don't even know. At the end there rest only 2 other people beside the house owner and me. So I layed beside him in bed and we started kissing while the others were making out too. I didn't care of them cause i wanted to be fucked so hard. We started dirty talk and he handled me a way I ever wanted. Next morning he had to get up early and when I woke up I just took the next bus. Now I don't know his name and lost my bra.

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I literally hate people who hate on the Bowers Gang. Yeah, Patrick is a psycho who needs to be arrested for the rest of his life (still like him/think he's interesting though), but the rest of them? Belch is just doing what his friends do. Vic is highly intelligent and damn he even considers joining the losers? people kinda ignore that? And don't get me started on Henry. He's a mistreated boy who just needs some love and a normal, happy family goddamn it.

BRO,,,, THEY’RE EVIL henry may have been abused horrifically but he came out of it a bigoted murderer, patrick killed babies and animals for kicks and also nearly set ben on fire, and i guess belch and victor were okay but like???? they’re not soft lil beans they’re evil villains!!!!!!!

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U know what keeps me up at night? U know what? That jikook backhug gif, u know the one, when they wore those white suits? Ye, that one. There's a moment when kookie puts his hand real low, like on jimins hips right? Which lasts approx 0.1 seconds and then he lifts them up. Like kookie got caught with his hands in the proverbial cookie jar lol (i also like how the rest of bangtan just, pretend they don't exist when these kind of things happen lol)


Same Nonie, same. I also love how we’re still getting new footage of this even though it’s been months ^.^

I think he lifts his hands back up because Jimin starts leaning back. He puts his hands back on Jimin’s waist (lmao that’s a thing that is canon) because he’s steadying Jimin (keep him from falling). This is all done playfully (”catch me jungkookie!”), but what would Kookie have done if Jimin hadn’t started leaning back? Where would his hands have gone? Why’d he put his hands lower on Jimin’s hips in the first place? These are the questions we need to ask ourselves ;)

I like the idea of Jimin being embarrassed and not wanting to dance (sway) with Kookie and Kookie’s like, putting his hands on Jimin’s hips to make him move ^.^

This gif is still, to me, so intimate looking though. They 100% look like a couple at prom or a wedding, and if you had no idea who they were I guarantee you would think they were together. They just look so, so close.

My favorite part is how Kookie has his head turned toward Jimin’s ear. Like he was whispering, or singing in Jimin’s ear. How hot…damn. (or sweet, depending on what he was saying)

Lol yeah the rest of Bangtan is just whistling and like “let’s move along guys” and “nothing to see here!” cue nervous laughter. Or they’re so used to Jikook being really close and intimate it doesn’t even phase them anymore.

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insecure Derek who isn't sure why stiles is with him because stiles deserves someone who isn't so broken and sad but stiles loves him anyways and I just really like insecure Derek and stiles telling him how untrue his thoughts are bc stiles loves Derek so much even tho Derek thought he was just a filler boyfriend till stiles found someone better

Damn it, Surina, did you have to go and make me an emotional mess?

Just imagine Derek mentally preparing himself for (what he thinks is) the inevitable break up and savoring every touch, every kiss, and every loving smile Stiles offers him, and the kisses Derek gives Stiles (although they are few because he still thinks Stiles doesn’t really want him and he doesn’t want to push) are always so firm and long

Imagine Derek feeling happy but trying to hide it away when Stiles calls him his boyfriend for the first time, and Derek feeling happy when Stiles calls him his boyfriend to other people for the first time. But he tries to swallow down that happiness because he thinks knows it won’t last

Because, despite all the domestic and very boyfriend-y things Stiles does with him, Derek still doesn’t think he’s enough. That he’ll never be enough for Stiles and that this will all end when someone better, someone less broken comes into Stiles’ life

And of course it doesn’t take Stiles long to notice how much Derek is holding back, to notice the almost sad and longing looks Derek gives him occasionally. So he brings it up one night and Derek tries to change the subject, but Stiles won’t let it go

“I don’t want to get my heart broken, Stiles!” he finally snaps and then immediately sinks down on the couch

“What are you talking about?”

And Derek just lets it all out. Because it’s too late to turn around and run anyway, right? When he finishes with a sigh, there’s a deafening silence and he doesn’t dare to look back at Stiles, so he just stares at the floor and prepares himself for whatever comes next

Whatever comes next turns out to be Stiles grabbing his hands and saying his name softly, silently telling him to look at him so he does. “I love you, Derek,” Stiles tells him, keeping their eyes locked and his heartbeat steady. “You’re broken, yeah, but so am I. But with you- With you, I don’t feel as broken and unfixable as I did before. With you, everything just feels right”

He shifts closer but keeps his eyes locked with Derek’s. “You’re not a filler boyfriend. I don’t want anyone else. Only you. You’re it for me, Derek”

Derek still doubts he’s enough for Stiles because this is not something you fix over night. But Stiles continues to assure him that he loves him and only him, will only love him for the rest of his life

And little by little, Derek starts to believe him

A 10 min ode to how much Nanase Haruka treasures Matsuoka Rin: the Drama

That might as well be its title, seriously.

please forgive me guys it’s been a while since I’ve gotten to ramble about these two idiots and the drama cd nearly killed me so

Everything about that track spells just how much Haru enjoys Rin’s presence and how special their bond is to him. He literally treasures every little thing Rin does or says. This guy soaks up every little detail about Rin as if he were a sponge (even ridiculous things like his hand writing for crying out loud).

Everything, from the most meaningful stuff (Haru outright forgetting to take a bath, his smile as he watches Rin sleep, his wariness when asking if he would be leaving early in the morning and then saying he will join him, etc) to the more circumstantial details (letting Rin borrow any shirt - including one that’s obviously special to him-, saying he can borrow the book - a book Haru obviously didn’t even want anyone touching -  if he really wants to, so on so forth) does nothing but highlight it. 

Rin complains, teases him, flusters him and Haru meets Rin halfway every time. He teases back and initiates the teasing himself at times (that teasing tone he has when he asks Rin if he can sleep without his pillow will be the death of me I swear). Rin doesn’t listen and Haru lets him get away with it and plays along. And through it all: Haru is happy.

SO happy. 

I love how we can hear it in the way he addresses Rin, but even more than that in - you guessed it - the little smile he gives as he sits on his bed and watches Rin sleep. What has most likely been a hectic day has come to an end, and Haru is left with a small moment of quiet. And what he does rather than trying to rest or even sigh tiredly is watch Rin, who is soundly asleep, and smile. Because it’s rewarding.

It’s rewarding to have Rin there. It’s rewarding to spend time with him. Their little arguments, eating together, everything was rewarding to Haru.

It’s no wonder Haru wants to lengthen their time together by joining him in his morning run I mean jesus

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Hello! I beg you a Thominho set in the first book, when Thomas is punished because of going into the maze to help Minho and Alby, so Thomas has to stay a night in The Slammer and Minho goes to "punish"/show his gratitude for his help in the maze ewe

this isn’t really as sexual as it could have been but [shrugs] 

Rubbing his hands together to warm them, Thomas sighs for what feels like the fiftieth time that night and refrains from once again saying how unfair it is he’s locked in here.

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TMF- Sam or Dean getting flustered as he tries to ask reader on a date.

Keep sending them in, guys!

Ten Minute Fic

You were standing in the kitchen waiting for a pot of water to boil so you could whip up a quick box of mac-n-cheese because you were too lazy to cook anything else. You caught sight of Dean passing by the door to the kitchen from out in the hall, unable to not notice the odd lingering look he gave you before he kept on moving. He’d been doing that a lot lately, giving you those kind of looks, and it was really weird and really confusing and really starting to kind of make you wonder if he was up to something.

A few minutes later, with the water barely starting to simmer, he finally came into the room.

“Speak of the devil,” you muttered, and then flashed him a smile, lowering your phone to place back into your back pocket. “I was wondering if you’d ever come in.”

“Huh?” He had his hands shoved in his pockets and was no doubt distracted by something, his bottom lip caught between his teeth.

Curious, you narrowed your eyes at him. “You’re up to something. Aren’t you?” you wondered. 

“Nope,” he laughed sheepishly, one hand rising to rub the back of his neck. “I’m just being me.”

You pursed your lips. “Well, being you is being up to something. Tell me, is it a prank?”

“Uh, no.”

“Is it some secret?”

He was a little more hesitant to answer that, and you, smiling widely, took that as a yes.

“So it is! Alright, let’s see.” you pursed your lips, thinking. “You didn’t sell your soul for anything, did you?”

He let out a chuckle at that. “No, I did not try to sell my soul, not that anyone’s brave enough to try to take it agian.”

“Good point.” A thought occurred to you, and you gave him a hard look. “Did you do something stupid again?” 

He scoffed. “I – Well…I probably have, actually.” he mumbled, and then quickly threw up his hands to stop the thought from taking you anywhere. “But that’s not what this is about.”

You put a hand on your hip. “Then what is it about? You’re sneaking around and being all secretive and — Oh!” you gasped. “It’s a girl, isn’t it?”


You took a few steps closer to him. “What’s she like? Is she pretty?”

“I, um, yeah. Very.” He took a step back, avoiding your gaze. In the light, the way it hit his face, you could’ve sworn you saw pink tinting his cheeks. But maybe it was just the light. He cleared his throat, shoving his hands back inside his pockets. “And she’s got this laugh that’s so contagious, you know.” He said, and then he was looking at you, bravely taking a step forward while you were the one who took one back.

 “It’s loud, but it’s an amazing sound. And she’s a badass when it comes to hunting, really knows how to kick ass with a knife. And she’s tougher than steal but softer than a feather, cares more about children that I think she cares to admit because she grew up in a house full of boys and her military father and he always treated her like she should be made steel instead of glass.” You were starting to have an oddly familiar feeling about this, but tried to ignore it.” She’s stubborn, incredibly stubborn, but she’s smart, and isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and knows how to get people to tell her things,” he swallowed, and took another step forward. “Apparently.” and you took a step back, stopping to look back behind you as your back hit the counter. 

Your heart was thumping in your chest as he looked at you, any shred of nerves he had before gone in a heated gaze that was melting the steel you thought you were made of. “Dean.” you whispered, but he kept on going.

“She’s taken a bullet for me, too, has a scare on her right shoulder to prove it.” You felt it, like his words suddenly told the scar there to start aching. “And every winter, whenever it gets cold —”

“My shoulder aches because there’s still a piece of metal in it.” you finished, awed. “Oh, my god, Dean —”

And then he kissed you, and you melted into him like molten glass. It was soft, like you were fragile, but just as it could’ve gotten more intense, just a second before, he pulled away, gently rested his forehead against yours. “Y/n.” he breathed. “Please, go on a date with me.”

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Why should you log off what is happening why does everyone seem to be upset

Don’t know about others being upset but if i see another post on my dash saying louis “thought working with simon would be his only chance at having a label” i might explode. he’s got the connections, he’s got the money, he’s got the knowledge, what would make him think that low of himself? and what would the people around him stop from telling him that’s bullshit? and i get that you have to make business decisions but if someone gave me a fake baby i’d probably choose to be unemployed for the rest of my life rather than willingly building a business with them.

i have a lot of thoughts and feelings (text post edition)

Confession: I don’t actually know that much about Zayn. Partially that’s due to the fact that I was entering the fandom as he was on his way out. But it’s also partially due to his constructed image of “dark and mysterious.” He didn’t get photographed as much. His silence during interviews was perceived as ‘shyness’ rather than a muzzle. I honestly have to believe that being the only POC in such a high profile situation is both terrifying and exhausting. Both because your identity is constantly ignored by white decision makers and because POC fans make you their hero/role model/fantasy, which is something that Zayn may or may not have been comfortable with. Objectively, I think one can argue that Zayn had it the worst while in One Direction. I say this, fully aware of the closet and the bearding and the general homophobia that has followed Harry and Louis around throughout the past five years. The reason I say this is because Z was the ONLY one. No one else was in the band that could really, truly understand and comprehend what he was going through. The rampant islamophobia that continues to pervade fandom thinking is absolutely horrifying. There’s no WAY it doesn’t get to you.

At the same time, I think it’s complete bullshit to take a SHARED experience of overwork, media silencing and utter lack of freedom and make it an individual experience. In this latest interview, he makes it sound like the other boys were/are 100% on board with all the decisions that are made. I think we all know that’s bullshit. He’s utilizing the “dark and mysterious” image that he claims was thrust upon him to further his individual career. I understand he’s not making all the decisions here, and I understand his team has to start somewhere. However, what he’s not so subtly doing in pointing out his proclivity for “better” things (recording atmosphere, weed, creative outlets) is that he is the “better” choice. He’s utilizing the facts we do know about him to springboard to the idea that he’s grown, and the rest of One Direction is one dimensional.