don't even get me started on that hug

my aesthetic is whenever the losers’ club group hug

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Mr. Jeon has been more and more obvious recently. Can you believe he's that possessive with all the uncontrollable butt spanking, waist grasping, back hugging and blow kissing to Jimin IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA? OMG I don't even dare to imagine how he treats Jimin when they're ALONE IN THEIR ROOM.

BRUUUHHUUHHHHHH DONT GET ME STARTED. I literally stay up at night thinking about these things omggeeee (they say think happy thoughts before you sleep so dont stress and shiet but then i obvs get too excited and then start writing internal essays oops).

But have you ever notice those little gestures they do where, as people say “it ought to be so unnatural but they make it so natural”? Moments that can’t really be taken as fanservice and moments where, anyone looking at them with or without jikook goggles should be able to see the sketchy. Little movements that seem like they would mean more but stop before they dol. 

Like with Jimin for example…sometimes the way he moves towards Jungkook a bit too close sometimes and then he draws back just before anything happens…

Like doesn’t it look like the immediate movement right before you kiss someone’s cheek ;) ;) aklsdjflkasfdj let me dream okay

And this wasn’t even me but my sister saw this one (she not even anti jikook anymore i swear) and she was like: “Didn’t he just kiss him on the cheek?”

(I was like “Nooooo….”)

Of course, Jimin totally makes it soooo obvious sometimes. Meanwhile, you have Jungkook, who of course, though younger is obviously more quiet amd mature and knows how to restrain himself and his unnatural actions are never too obvious–

first off did it ever bother you that he just knew he was strong enough to lift jimin up like that not to mention who even thinks of that first hand either he knows fanservice really well or for whatever reason he thinks slapping jimin’s butt is the right thing to do in that context like ??? what is even going on what why why why

and then there’s this:

but. whatever. we don’t talk about it :/

so yeah. tl;dr i do wonder what the fuq they’re up to off camera though i’m sure as hell they’re not as “””””distant””””” as they appear to act sometimes. 

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: okay but THEO WAS SUPPOSED TO TAKE LIAM'S PAIN NOT GABE'S so mason would see that theo actually cared about someone SO MUCH that he was able to take their pain and THAT CERTAIN SOMEONE WAS LIAM and then mason would give him THAT LOOK that would imply that theo IS IN LOVE and then liam would realize just how much theo has changed and that he wants to become a better person and then they would hug it out and hopefully someday make out and date and LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER while being members of scott's pack and don't even get me started on all this wasted potential that jeff davis threw away like A FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT cause he truly hates us all I FEEL ROBBED
My Coming Out Story
  • Me: Mom, I have something to tell you. It's pretty serious you may want to sit down.
  • Mom: Okay..
  • Me: This isn't easy for me to tell you and I've been meaning to tell you for a little while now..
  • Mom: *Starts crying*
  • Me: Why are you crying? You don't even know what I'm going to say.
  • Me: ...What?
  • Mom: You're going to tell me you knocked some chicky babe up! and i'm not ready to be a Grandma! HOW COULD YOU BE SO STUPID!
  • Me: Mom! I didn't get a girl pregnant! I'm trying to tell you that I'm Gay!
  • Mom: ...What? ...Well....OH THANK GOD!!!!!! *gives me a hug*
  • She was so relieved that she wasn't going to be a young grandma that she didn't even care I was gay.
  • Chas: You know you want to!
  • Robert: Do you lot even wash this?
  • Cain: Course we do. Get it down you, come on.
  • Aaron: You know we're keeping our own surnames, don't you?
  • Sam: Oh, it don't matter. He's one of us now.
  • Robert: Why's that sound like a threat?
  • Adam: Just get it drank will you, come on.
  • All: Go on! Yeah!
  • (Robert's starting to drink)
  • Paddy: He does love you. I think anyone can see that.
  • Aaron: Thanks for coming, Paddy. I don't know I would have got here without you, you know. I'll never forget what you did for me. (they hug) I'd better go and rescue my husband.
  • Cain: Right, fill it up, Sammy.
  • Aaron: Oh, come on, one's enough. I like him conscious.
  • (Music changes to Adele "Make you feel my love")
  • Chas: (gasps) How did that happen?
  • Charity: I dunno, I think your hand slipped.
  • Chas: Oh, it slipped, yeah, slipped. Right off.
  • (Robert pulls Aaron closer)
  • Aaron: I think you've had too much out of that welly.
  • Belle: Come on, we've not seen your vows, have we?
  • Robert: We did make a pact to embarrass you.
  • Aaron: I'm not embarrassed. I'm also not dancing.
  • Robert: Oh, yeah? What's this, then?
  • Aaron: Technically, this is standing.
  • (KISS)
  • All: Ohhhhh!
  • Chas: Aww, there's my baby.
  • Faith: Landed on his feet, our Aaron. Wouldn't kick blondie out of bed for leaving crumbs.

So ……… Big girls? Real life goddesses.

You got your tall girls. They walk like the winds are their’s to command, with such elegance and grace. This goes double for if they wear high heels too. They’re like sunflowers, so radiant and beautiful and full of life. They could probably touch the sun if you wanted to. Or maybe the sun touched them, because they’re just,, they’re so pr etty

Then there’s your fat girls. Their laugh and their smile makes your heart skip a beat. Their lap is the best seat in the house. They could just be sitting there playing games on their phone or drawing something and they automatically look like a piece of art. You just wanna paint a picture of them and show them how lovely they are. And if they hold your hand and kiss your cheek you j ust . …. you melt

You got your girls with muscle. They can pick up heavy stuff for you, hold you with big strong arms, and generally look like they walked straight out of the Amazon at any given time of day. And they give the best piggyback rides in the world, sorry i don’t make the rules

Then you got your tall AND fat girls, who hug you and you just … feel so safe and warm. If they held you forever and a day that’d be just fine. And if they bend down and kiss your forehead you are Blessed for life

Big girls are gorgeous no matter what they wear or how they present themselves.

yes this post absolutely includes trans women and anyone who identifies as a woman in any way

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I'd like to send a s/o to my supervisor who knows I'm having a lot of issues at home and is constantly checking in on me to make sure I'm not getting overwhelmed or anything and letting me take quick breaks when I start getting panicky and being super supportive in general??? She gives good hugs and always offers to listen though she gets when I don't wanna talk about it and even said I could call her outside of work if I needed help. She's like a second mom and it helps so much. I'm so lucky.

ohno letting us know very casually on the yakai that after he and jun drunkenly crashed sho’s recording in his hotel room, they went back to his room and jun started crying and then ohno started crying and they were hugging each other 

is just

the best thing for me right now. 😪

ReBoot Season One Sentence Starters (Part Six):
  • "You remember FUN, don't you?"
  • "I said take it back!"
  • "Hey, DON'T TOUCH THAT."
  • "I think I can take care of myself, thank you."
  • "We've been trying to get out forever!"
  • "If you promise not to touch anything, I'll show you something."
  • "Someone's gotta stay with me. Please?"
  • "Perhaps this is not such a disaster after all."
  • "I never knew you could be so impulsive."
  • "Let me put this as delicately as possible... we're doomed."
  • "How goes the looting?"
  • "He uh, damaged the canons."
  • "That's it! You're getting dismantled."
  • "No, not, never, nein, no way, ixnay on the es part, negatory!"
  • "I'm surprised you doubt my loyalty."
  • "All lies, I'm sure."
  • "I know, I know, I'm sorry."
  • "We have to choose a door.
  • "Aren't you ever coming back to the diner?"
  • "What are you doing? That won't even make a dent!"
  • "Curses and crashes, we lost him!"
  • "Don't get me wrong, I gotta admit, it is kind of nice to get away from it all."
  • "It was like you had a plan all along."
  • "I would've made it, if it wasn't for you."
  • "Somebody give me a hug!"
  • "Hey, that's my line!"
  • "I have no idea what the next line is."
  • "If only I'd copied and pasted the truth at the start."
  • "That's not even funny. What are we gonna do?"
  • "I love it when you prisoners do that."
  • "Remember that anything worthwhile takes time."
  • "I think we all owe you a big apology."
  • "We have to do something!"
  • "It was an honor to betray my comrades to you."
  • "I think you're about as basic as it comes."

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I mean, the same Charlie that bothers Panda since the sasquatch's debut episode? The same Charlie that hugs and kisses Panda without his consent? The same Charlie that breaks Panda's shoulder in "Charlie Ball"? Or what about the same Charlie that lets Panda be drugged in "Charlie's Big Foot", and even then kiss and hug him, AGAIN, WITHOUT HIS CONSENT? Look, if you want to criticize Panda, that's fine, but I don't think that it's the right thing to force him into a relationship with Charlie.

Gotta love how you’ll conveniently leave out all the heartwarming and positive moments between them just to spin your story as negatively as possible. Let me answer this sentence by sentence:

1. Yeah they got off to a rocky start and sometimes Panda can still get annoyed with Charlie… and that’s why Panlie is great. It’s not Panda immediately falling head over heels for someone he knows nothing about. He’s gotten to know more about Charlie over the course of the show and is slowly adapting to his eccentricities. With each new episode that focuses on them their friendship grows stronger.

2. Charlie’s been alone in the forest for who knows how many years? So yeah, you’ll have to forgive him if he’s a little touch starved and socially inept. You’re demonizing him for a couple of cheek kisses and some hugs. 

3. Honestly the one who should be playing basketball here is you with that tremendous reach you have. Charlie accidentally hit Panda’s arm when he went to block a shot, there was no SHOULDER BREAKING involved.

4a. Charlie is in no way, shape or form responsible for what the doctors did to Panda and in fact further risked exposing himself to the world to save him from them.  Honestly you sound so stupid trying to justify your own hatred of Charlie. If you want to blame someone for Panda ending up drugged blame Panda himself for encouraging Charlie to get on the roof to fix the antenna, resulting in everything else that happened in the episode.

4b. Charlie didn’t kiss or hug Panda at the end of “Charlies Big Foot”, Panda hugged him. 

5. Panda is a fictional character. He’s not being forced to do anything. His characterization and development is handled by Daniel Chong and his crew and they can do what they want with him whether that’s have him end up with a girl or Charlie or single. 

Come back when you can actually put some thought into your arguments. As it stands, you’re just grasping at straws that don’t even exist because you have an irrational hatred of Charlie and the ship. 

  • Yang: Hey Rubes look what I got *waves journal*.
  • Ruby: What is it?
  • Yang: This is Weiss's Diary which I shall now read an excerpt from.
  • Ruby: Are you sure that's a good idea?
  • Yang: Have any of my ideas ever been bad?
  • Ruby: *opens mouth*
  • Yang: Don't answer that. Anyways let's begin. Dear diary *changes voice* I wish I could kiss you and hug you and never let you go until the end of time.You make me happy like no one ever has before.*starts to laugh*
  • Ruby: Pwhahaha Weiss is so cheesy. Who's she even writing about?
  • Yang: *frowns* Seriously Rubes.
  • Ruby: Uh yeah Yang that's why I'm asking.
  • Yang: Ruby, she's talking about..ooof *hits wall*
  • Ruby: Yang what happened? And who's ooof?
  • Weiss: *throws another glyph* YANG XIAO LONG!!! Give me back my diary!!!
  • Yang: *gets up* welp that's my cue to leave see ya Rubes.
  • Ruby: WAIT YANG! *pouts* I wanna know who Weiss wants to kiss.
  • Blake: *walks up* You Ruby.She wants to kiss you.
  • Ruby: but wha?
  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: like can we talk about how Marcus and Abby have grown over these past seasons? Not only as individuals but also their relationship? How they went from barely being able to stay civil to each other to loving each other SO much. How Abby went from 'breaking the law to keep you from becoming Chancellor was the easiest decision I’ve ever made' to 'I can't do this again'. Or how Marcus went from trying to float Abby to taking a goddamn chip in order to save her life. How Abby refused to leave him when they were burried underground. How Marcus begged Cage not to torture Abby. The touching, OH MY THE TOUCHING YOU GUYS. and don't get me started on all that eyefucking 'cause dear lord. How Marcus even in times of danger asks if Abby's okay, 'cause she's the love of his life. The pain on Abby's face in the finale when she watched Marcus break down. THE HUG - I can not even. We have seen these two people grow closer and it was such a slowburn but glorious and painful and I just, I just need a hug
  • So, imagine that someday pikachunite becomes a thing, and Satoshi gets his hands on some...
  • ...but Pikachu doesn't want to evolve, even for a little bit. And Satoshi's like, "that's cool, whatever you want" and life goes on...
  • ...but Pikachu is super conflicted because mega-evolving is the bondiest of bonding between humans and Pokemon and no one's closer than he and Satoshi, and maybe he's a little intrigued, but what if it changes things, or Satoshi thinks he's stronger as a mega and why is this such a big deal anyway?
  • And Satoshi freaks out because Pikachu's unhappy and he can't fix it, because every time he says "whatever you want is fine with me", Pikachu just starts crying. It gets to the point where Pikachu won't battle and Satoshi regrets ever laying eyes on the stupid rock. Part of him wonders if the Pikachunite would even work because clearly he's not as in tune with Pikachu as he thought he was.
  • It takes them till the league to figure this out, and when they do there's a lot of hugging, but until then Pikachu's Thunderbolts are a little bit overkill and Satoshi's got a killer glare for anyone who asks why he and his obviously bonded Pokemon don't try mega-evolving.
A brief foray into real-world topicality...

This will be a brief note on the May 23rd Isla Vista killings, so if you can’t deal with that at the moment, just skip your eyes to something more life-affirming, like nearly anything.

Here are some asterisks to space things out and give you time to make the jump.

* * * * *

Here are some more.

* * * * *

Okay. If you’re still with me after two asterisk hedgerows…

I’m desperately curious what would have happened if Elliot Rodger, prior to his clearly goddamn self-avowedly misogynistic murder spree, had instead posted a Youtube manifesto containing any variation on the phrase “Allāhu Akbar.”

Would there have been immediate, widespread declarations that he was a “lone psychopath” and an “obvious madman” who surely didn’t speak for all Muslims?

Would there have been widespread expressions of sympathy for the poor guy for feeling so surrounded by a culture he considered hostile that an act of mass murder was his ultimate reaction? How about thousands of people tweeting that Americans should have just given into a few of his religious demands every now and then to keep him appeased?

Actually, I’m not desperately curious. None of that would have happened. The media narrative would be somewhere between “round up everyone in a turban” and “nuke Mecca.” We’d be hearing about it for fucking years.

Or maybe it was fucking video games. I bet we’re going to be seeing that one making the rounds again, too.

A dude straight up films a video in which he says, “I hate women and part of what I’m about to do is start my own personal war on women.” And then he does it. And there are still people lining up with straight faces to insist we need to get Sherlock Holmes out of cryo-storage, or something, to impartially sift the evidence and find out what truly made the guy tick. Fucking hell, I’m 36 and this shit makes me feel like I’m 685.

Just imagine if that video had contained the phrases “and Mohammed is his Prophet” or “down with the 1%.” The media narrative would be a call for unrelenting crackdowns on hundreds of thousands of people who’d never even heard of Elliot Rodger. I would feel perfectly safe betting every penny I have in the bank, plus my library, my cat, and all of my internal organs on this. I could not possibly lose.

But of course, this was merely a case of a man overtly discussing and executing a murder spree based on contempt for women, so an orderly queue has already formed for people trying to minimize it, laugh it off, or pretend this guy fell from the sky five minutes before he started shooting.

Good god, a UK tabloid dubbed him the “Hunger Games Assassin” because his father was an ASSISTANT SECOND UNIT DIRECTOR on that movie. In a way, Elliot Rodger, wherever he is, has to be severely disappointed. He so clearly wanted to be known as some kind of ultimate bad-ass woman killer, and the ironic sexism of our slipshod media is already working overtime to deny him that last wish.

Nightmares - Perrentes Imagine

Anonymous – 

Cam you do a perrentes where mikke gets texts fom tont at like 3 am sometimes becuz he has nightmares and this time mike goes over to tonys house to comfort him and flufffffff btw LUV UR BLOG 


Mike P.O.V. 


“Ughh…” I groaned, reaching to the nightstand for my phone. I brought it up close, turning to bright screen on. I groaned again.

“too….damn…muthufriggin,,,,bright ass… ugh” I mumbled different profanities under my breath, while struggling to lower the brightness.

Obviously, I was tired.

‘Tony Turtle – 3:04 a.m.’

“Shit.” I opened the text, anticipating the worst.

'I’m sorry i wkoke you. Reallyy. i just wanted to be…distracted. uh, anyways, I had a nightmare again. That’s why I’m textig you. So, I was eating pizza with the you, Vic, and Jaime, and hen you guys started yellling at me for mssing up. Andf I didn’t know what I did, so I starrted crying because you hated me. And you yelled at me more. I’m such a baby babyyd. Sorry sorry please don’t wake up. Forget I eveer sent this.’

I ran a hand through my hair, letting out a slow sad sigh. I brought my feet to the floor, sitting up to stretch my back. I hit reply.

'Tony. Never be sorry for texting me when you have nightmares. I’m always here for you. I want to help. So, are you okay? Are you freaking out again? Panic attack? What is it, Turtle? :)’

I pushed the send button, eagerly waiting for a reply.

'Tony Turtle – 3:07 a.m.’

I hastily clicked the open button, breathing out a quick breath, searching through the text for any words of urgency.

'I judst always fell like “i’m bothering you, and you’re reallly good at lying so what if this whole time, you were   actuaflly bored of me. Asnd I thought you guys LIKEdD me. I always knew I was annoying and I don’t want to bother more so maybe I should djust avoid you. Sorrryy for gettin g your way.Jaime   was alwaysv funnier, wasn’t he?’

When Tony was having a panic attack, he always let out every thought and misspelled a lot of words because of his shaking hands, and flustered thoughts. 

Tony was having a panic attack.

"I’m on my way.’

I threw on some Vans and skinny jeans, stuffed my phone in my back pocket, and quietly (but very quickly) slid my window open. 

It’s times like this when I’m thankful for our one-story,' I thought as I stretched my long legs out the window, hopping out.

The night was darkly mysterious and cold, as always.

I started sprinting through short cuts and alleyways I had learned about from the many other occasions when I snuck out.


I pulled my phone out again.

'Tony Turtle – 3:15 a.m.’

'Please don’t. I know you guys hatue me. I’m so quiet and boring. I can;t even stiand myself. I bet wJaime and Vic and you always talk about how uglys I am.  I knoow I’m ugly, why doy uo talk about it behing my back? I hate myself and I hate you personality, anvd you guys are sow cool and iom n.ot.'v

I stopped a few streets from his house, and leaned forward, catching my breath again.

He needs a hug.' I thought, getting back up and starting off again. 

I eventually reached his house, panting heavily, My hand knocked cautiously on his window. I saw a light flicker on through his blinds.

The window slowly started to slide. I helped, bringing it across the hinges. I climbed through the blinds, only to see a short Tony shaking amd blinking rapidly. He was gasping for breath as his knees buckled and he started to fall.

I reached for waist, pulling him onto my lap as I slid to the carpet. He was struggling to speak.

"Y-you shou-shouldn’t….I hate……quiet….b-boring….I’m so-so pathet-tic.” he cried put barely audible whispers, his shoulders slumping.

I brought my hand to his, connecting our fingers as I calmed him down.

“Tony, you’re perfect. Nobody hates you. You’re not boring. Jaime loves you. Vic loves you. I love you. You’re safe. You’re safe. You’re safe.” I said into his ear.

He was still shaking.

“That’s what yo-you want m-me to thin-ink.” He stuttered out.

“No, Tony. It’s the voices again. Ignore them. Focus on me. I’m right here. Right now. And I love you.” I squeezed his hand and gripped his waist tighter.

“You h-hate me.”

After minutes of talking him down, his head laid back lazily on my shoulder. He was always exhausted after a panic attack.

“You’re safe. WIth me. You’re safe….” I continuously repeated, hoping it finally got to him. 

I kissed the back of his neck softly. I played with his soft hands. I rocked him back and forth. I knew what calmed him down. I knew him.

That night, Tony fell asleep in my lap. His breath slow and steady, his hands relaxed, his lips slightly parted. How I wanted to kiss them.


My eyes peeled open, and as my vision cleared, I saw Tony still rested in my arms, exactly like he was before.

I revealed my phone, checking the time.

'10:38 a.m.’

School had already started. I shrugged. Oh well, I wasn’t going to make him go anyways. 

I watched his eyes move around behind his eyelids. His hand would twitch sometimes, as did his feet. My little turtle finally looked calm.

“I want to kiss you so much right now.” I mumbled under my breath,.

“Th-then do it.” I looked up, wide-eyed, to see Tony looking into my eyes with his big, innocent eyes. 

I stared at his lips. So pink, and anxious, and Tony,

I joined our lips, his heavy breath swirled in with mine. I gradually moved our lips more, tightening my hands around his waist. He nagged at my hair. I confidently brought my tongue to his lip, licking his soft skin.

He moaned softly, and I could feel the warmth of his cheeks through his skin to the inside of his mouth, We stayed connected.

I messed with his mouth, getting more soft moans and fast breaths. He was always so nervous.

We pulled apart, my lips were throbbing with want and love. He was so perfect.

Tony was blushing at the ground, being his insecure self.

I kissed his nose, then his forehead, and his cheeks, and his nose again.

Tony blushed even more (if that was even possible), and glanced at me. I kept his face up with my fingers, slowly taking in his perfections.

“We all love you, Tony. But I love you the most." 

  • Friend: Hey, so when we hang out today, can you maybe not start talking about The Walking Dead and the injustice of Beth's death, that'd be great.
  • Me: Yeah, don't worry, I'm mostly over it, I'm cool.
  • 4 hours later
  • Friend: -staring off into the distance questioning her life choices-

I say I’m not all that interested in physics or power tools (I always feel like I’m going to seriously injure myself) but wow do I want to build a robot. I don’t know how to start or how to get supplies or how energy transfers to anything, or even how I’d have any time or space to do that but I want to build a robot so much.