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February’s male character, the voice of Kisaragi Koi:
Interview with Masuda Toshiki-san.

Q. Please share your thoughts on the recording.

A. Since Koi has grown and matured, I was wondering whether it would be about time for his voice to change as well, and so I tried to give off a kind of evolving image, as I was figuring out what kind of voice I would use as I was acting. I hope that my singing will make the listeners think, “This is Koi who’s singing.” Of course [I want them to think that] because of it’s my voice, but most of all [I want them to think that] because “This song is a really fun one.” Not only because it is very much a character song, but I wanted to sing the songs that have been written for him in a way that could express the ‘professional idol who has debuted for three years’ side to Koi, and so [the listeners] could understand him in more depth through my singing.  

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pocket-companion  asked:

Your tutorials inspire me extremely, thank you very, very much! I got so much better at anatomy since I'seen how you draw the ribcage for example! Anyway, I was wondering if you, mighty person, could help me with the arms. I don't really manage to attach them properly to the body and the proprtions are also strange... I'd be eternally grateful!

^u^ Thank you! It feels great to know that I have helped you even in the slightest! Remember, there are tons of tutorials and reference images out there on the nets that you can use to complement my crappy tutorials. xD (I like these anatomy images very much and I check them all the time for muscles)

Now, let’s get started on some arms…and shoulders…and chest, to be honest.

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