don't even care about ally anymore

  • 1/5 of 5h: *goes to pee without 4/5*
  • fandom: that's it. they don't care about fifth harmony anymore. do you see that shit? they're doing EVERYTHING by themselves now, it's like they're not even a group anymore. normani and camila hate each other and want to leave the band. lauren is joining a circus. ally and dinah are all alone. i hate this. we're losing our girls.

anonymous asked:

I don't want to make the live lounge about anything else but ALL the girls, but did you guys see the cute lil moment C + L had at the start of Ally's solo when they sang WFH, tbh i don't care anymore if camren is real or not, as long as they get to enjoy each others company and not be afraid to interact publicly without sparking rumours, even if its only on a friendly basis :)