don't even bother rebloging it

listen don’t even fuckin bother reblogging one of those “uwu support your artists!!! support original work and not just fanart!!!” posts if you aren’t gonna fucking do it. you don’t need to reblog every thing you see obviously but don’t go liking art or even touching those posts and giving yourself a pat on the back for being “"supportive”“ when the only art on yr blog is 10k voltron or homestuck shit or some anime someone uploaded off of pixiv. support your artists or stop acting like you care.


“I am an artist, so I really think all artists should do whatever they want. It’s either gonna be successful or it’s not, fans are either gonna get it or they’re not, you can argue and piss and moan about it, but ultimately… Bands are gonna do what they wanna do. Some of our fans piss and moan about the changes we’ve made to our band. No problem. Listen to the old stuff, come see us live, we still play old stuff, don’t listen to the new music. Or hate us! The other day Sara sent me this really funny snapshot of fans talking about our new record, and this one girl is like: ‘Do what I do, I just imagine that they died after Sainthood.’ Because she doesn’t like our record that much that she has to imagine we’re dead, and I told my mom, and we laughed till we cried. I’m not that invested in anything. [laughs] I don’t know if I’m even that invested in my own band that I would imagine I was dead because I’d done something I didn’t… I’ve made mistakes in the past, I don’t imagine I was dead.” (x)