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in that drawing of Jake in an old dress, he reminded me of Maria Reynolds

Is this what you wanted?

I’m sure that this complaint about the twilight series has been made before and it’s literally like 7 years too late to complain abt this but you know what fuck it. I’m pissed off that a vampire that was in the series for literally less than like 5 pages got her own novella while Leah Clearwater got zip. She’s the only fucking female werewolf and no one knows why and i think it’s mentioned over several books (at least I think so, it;s been a while since i read them). So instead of releasing a story about her, we get this girl that i literally didn’t care enough abt to even remember her name. Like I’m sorry but there is a perfectly interesting character that could have a legitimate story about being a lesbian/bisexual character or possibly trans and that somehow playing into how she is a werewolf but nope here’s a side character that no one cared about or even bothered to remember until Meyer wrote a novella for her.


the women are the strong ones, truly. (insp. x)


character: Daehwi + Woojin

prompt: “What’s the point if you don’t at least terrify people a little?” 

setting: you’re from the world of fiction, you got sent to the real world after accidentally throwing yourself into the portal and you ended up in Korea. You were found later and decided you could help your fiction best friend who is in a coma by finding the author of your story. You got the help of the staffs of the show Produce 101 season 2 and in return, you were asked to help guard the trainees due to your special abilities as a criminal was on the loose around the area.

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Hello! Sorry to bother you with this but you're being wonderful and replying to everyone's requests and I wanred to try my luck asking you too. I love sports au!! Specially a study in winning, it's one of my faves. I've read a couple of other fics with them being race car drivers and hockey players and they are all from John's POV. I was wondering if you could recommend me some sports au fics from Sherlock's POV? I'm begining to think they don't exist. They can be WIPs or even abandoned. Thanks

Hey Nonny!

Oh gosh, sports AU’s are totally not my thing D:, I’m so sorry! But I do know that a lot of my followers love them, so they may be able to help you out. The only one I know of is the Baseball AU Bang and the Clatter:

The Bang and the Clatter by earlgreytea68 (M, 137,048 w. || Baseball AU) - Sherlock Holmes is a pitcher and John Watson is a catcher. No, no, no, it’s a baseball AU. Part 1 of Baseball

I know there are other ones (I think there’s a figure skating AU and an hockey one, if I recall correctly), so perhaps we can be directed to them by my lovely followers! <3

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I can't put my finger on why tumblr's "deserving" rhetoric bothers me so much. even for characters who are canonically bad, but I don't know how to say it without sounding like I am defending them. I think it's because in my experience deciding that someone is so bad that they no longer deserve human dignity brings up bad experiences, so I associate it with that. Thoughts?

It’s really bad rhetoric based on a really bad paradigm. It actively dehumanizes villainous characters, often in a way that’s counterintuitive to the way they’re presented in their stories. Villains often have to be relatable to be effective–as readers, we recognize that the villains may not have intended to go down a certain path, but their circumstances, motives, and values somehow led them there. Why? The more we understand their chain of thought, the more we understand that we aren’t inherently better than them. That sounds like total moral relativist BS, but the point is there is nothing inherent about good and evil–and nothing inevitable. Being good for most of your life does not mean you’ll stay that way. Doing bad things does not mean you never deserve to try to be better. Good and evil are a string of choices, great and small, and fictional villains often help us realize that under the wrong circumstances and under certain pressure, all of us are going to eventually make horrible decisions. It’s what pulls us into their stories and expands our capacity for empathy.

I highly recommend that article I just linked by Alaa Al Aswany, which describes the role of literature as tied up inextricably with gray morality, with characters we might never associate with in real life. Here’s a particularly great passage:

if you are a fanatic, you will never appreciate literature. And if you appreciate literature you will never be a fanatic. Fanaticism is about black and white: People are either good or bad. People are either with us or against us. On the other side, literature is absolutely the contrary. Literature gives us a broad spectrum of human possibilities. It teaches us how to feel other people suffering. When you read a good novel, you forget about the nationality of the character. You forget about his or her religion. You forget about his skin color or her skin color. You only understand the human. You understand that this is a human being, the same way we are. And so reading great novels absolutely can remake us as much better human beings.

The concept of “deserving” a second chance is the opposite of what literature sets out to do–instead of readers empathizing with a villainous character and recognizing their own fallibility, readers regard themselves as inherently superior and capable of passing judgment on what sort of justice the villain deserves. The more distance they can put between themselves and villainous characters, the more comfortable they feel, which makes the message of the story fall completely flat for them. This “deserving” language totally ignores the fact that villains are relatable–they are exaggerated versions of traits we all share to some degree, and to argue out-of-hand that they don’t deserve even the opportunity for self-improvement automatically reflects on the reader, too. If readers cannot spend a little bit of effort to understand where fictional characters are coming from–here, where the stakes are completely made-up and will never actually harm anyone–then it has to be impossible for them to achieve that with real people. Or with themselves. 

Basically, literature exists to provide a space for us to work out very difficult issues and recognize ourselves in as many different kinds of characters as possible. Dehumanizing villains and dictating the terms under which people are allowed to interact with them narrows your field of empathy down to the people who act and think exactly like you. And when literature is meant to show us that there are no limits to the traits we share with one another–damn, that is just missing the whole point. 

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Ongoing fic anon here again, so sorry to bother you!! But I was wondering if there are no ongoing ones, perhaps you or any of your followers could recommend finished fics like that? They don't even have to be long! Like with Sansa in the Vale. I read Winged Knights and their favours and I loved it. Thank you and sorry again for bothering you

Come Morning Light

A Song of Steel

The Prophecy

The Lady of the Gift


The Art of Seduction

May the Bridges I Burn Light My Way

Not An Honourable Man

The Queen of Ice

Seven More - a continuation of Sevenmas

The Best Laid Plans


The Reason is You

A Lightness

Lack of Color


In the Heart of the Night

Let Them Know a Better Day  and  A Vow of the Heart

A Red Winter


The Vow of Silence

The Day is Dark and Full of Questions

All the Things She Never Said (and those she did)

Little Bird and the Color of Fire

Cut It Out and Then Restart 

Something to Worship 

The Long Journey Home

These Scars We Wear



And the Birds sing no more


A Changing Wind

A Man of Honor

  • Vegan: *makes a nice, non-confrontational post about veganism or things that irritate them about non-vegans*
  • Vegan: *even acknowledges openly and casually that some very legitimate things can stop a person from being vegan or completely vegan*
  • Carnists: *don't even bother to read the post*
  • Carnists: *talk about "personal experiences" and goes on about why they or some people can't be vegan, even if the post already addressed this*
  • Carnists: *acts hostile on an otherwise peaceful post*
  • Carnists: *ignore when vegans and even non-vegans tell them to read the post, do research and be nice*
  • Carnists: *ignore legit facts or personal stories of vegans who have similar issues to the original post*
  • Carnists: See this is why no one likes vegans or takes you people seriously!

Percy tries so hard to read his little sister stories when she goes to bed, but he always struggles because of his dyslexia. It frustrates him, but as she gets older, his sister begins to learn to read by herself. She then starts to read to Percy at night instead. They go to the library every week to get new books and stories. It’s one of Percy’s favourite things to do, because not only does he get to discover stories he never bothered to try to read when he was younger, he gets to experience them for the first time with his baby sister.

Things that are an ongoing frustration for me in pretty much every fandom ever:

When fans of a thing only read fic by already established authors (or occasionally authors who get heavily recommended by someone well-established in a fandom) and don’t bother with authors who are new to writing, new to the fandom, or don’t have the connections in a fandom to get reblogged and recced by someone known (and presumably trusted).

Look, I know that people’s time isn’t all that unrestricted. I get that a lot of people prefer to pick up something by an author they already know and like. And I’m not saying that it’s wrong to have those kinds of authors, or that they don’t deserve the attention. This isn’t about how popular authors should have less attention. It never is about that. They have the readership for a reason.

But it’s ridiculously hard for an author to break through in a fandom when very few people are willing to give a chance to authors with less of an already established name in that fandom. 

The whole “sort by kudos” function on AO3 is great, don’t get me wrong. But too many people stop at a certain point, assuming that because a fic doesn’t already have a high amount, it’s crap. And that’s simply not true - it just means in a lot of cases that others did exactly that. Skipped over fics, maybe ones that they’ve spotted recced even, because other people before them did too. 

Or people search for a specific theme, but don’t bother with fics when they don’t recognise the author name from anywhere. Or there’s a fic fest or big bang, and there’s a disproportionate difference between the most and the least read fics. 

tl;dr: I wish people who read fanfic would give a chance to fic and authors that are less known. 

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Hey,don't want to bother you, I love your work but will you do another hamilton animatic? * - * they're soooo funny and cute and help im addicted-

listen thanks i rly appreciate that you like my animatics and all but you probably haven’t even read my faq

yes i will make more animatics, i just released one last week dude ;; i cant just release a new thing 2 days later, i kinda have a life outside of that, and school has been merciless and i have to prepare for a lot of tests but i’m gonna do my best to upload smth frequently

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I love Hugo so much. I think the reason no one likes him is because at the beginning he's all boring and talks about books no one has read. But I'm a nerd who likes books and I was all like ok he's kinda cool but then I dated him and I was just,, in love at the aquarium

yeah, his whole art conversation with mat probably give people the wrong impression so they don’t even bother. and also aside from Damien who you bearly see in the beginning, you don't get to talk a lot to Hugo before the bbq like you do with the other dads…. but people….plz date nerd dad! its so worth it!

I like art so him talking about the distinction between art movements and how you cant compare painting from different ones had me hooked, but im also a nerd :P. 

But yeah the Aquarium is where I knew he was my true dream daddy, Im a sucker for ‘accidental touching and getting all shy’ tropes <3

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I always read here on Tumblr especially in camren blogs how bad the camalizers are but I just saw them make fundraisers 4 ppl who they basically don't know to help them out with the situation in Venezuela & its not even Camila who asked them they just did it on their own & a lot of them actually donating & helping I kinda have a new respect 4 them

That’s the thing, there’s two different types of Camilizers, the ones who don’t bother LDNA and just focus on Camila and do great things like the ones you mentioned - and then there’s the other type, who are immature little assholes who harass the girls on twitter, go as far as sending death threats because they think they’re Camila’s enemies. Anybody who goes even remotely against anything Camila does is insulted - a majority of them reside on twitter.

That’s why even if Camila claimed us as Camilizers I don’t really feel comfortable with being in the same basket as the poisonous part of the fandom. That’s why I like to call the non-problematic, dedicated and peaceful Camila fans “Cameleons” - that way we know who we’re talking about 

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people seem to be confused about how friendship works... you don't have to lay down everything about yourself? your friends should be able to notice things about you? because they care? and if they feel something is off they should ask you about it? also you shouldn't have to tone down some part of yourself because it might bother them? if y'all think that the way the girls treated sana is even slightly acceptable y'all should get some new friends because that's not how friendship works at all.

lol naaaa but don’t you know, anon?

sana has to always be the observant one, the one who can read through the silences of ALL her friends ALL the time.


fuck that.

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If you don't mind my asking, what tropes did d////l give Lance that had lasting effects? I didn't bother reading it after I saw Lance's message name be "president taquito" bc like as a latina i don't fuck with that ya feel? I'm always interested in your opinions in these types of things bc we are p similar!

lmao oh trust, i totally feel you on that. i read that and i was like… you guys really didnt see a problem with a white girl writing this fic until chapter 9?? really??? BUT, topic for another day!! i’m gonna try and remember some of it because it’s been a while, but

  • his last name being sanchez for one thing. at the time, nobody knew he was cuban, but even after the reveal he was, the author never even bothered to change that bc she did ‘supposedly’ edit the fic after criticism. but sanchez is still such a popularly used name for lance even tho it’s not a good cuban last name at all.
  • the family dynamics in that fic oh my god
    • basically lance has a big family in canon, we know this. but that doesnt automatically mean everyone in that pic is lances siblings. they could be aunts, uncles, cousins, w/e. and im pretty sure this fic gave lance like 6-7 siblings?? anyway legit when you find a Bad Fic it always has the lots of siblings, big family, things like that
    • the really traditional/homophobic relatives. i still don’t see fics where any of the other characters besides lance deal with homophobic rhetoric from their family besides lance’s even today. legit read this fic maybe not even a month or two ago where it ended with lance getting a broken arm from his dad for being in a relationship with keith.
      • just the demonization of lance’s dad in general is a pretty common trope, altho idk if that has to do with dl or not. it’s just common, but it could stem from that.
      • also the teenage pregnancy thing with the sister. like…. anyways.
      • (i.e. like pidge’s family is legit the typical nuclear family, but no one makes them homophobic to her or anything like that. i wonder why)
    • all the fucking la chancla jokes. luckily i dont see this anymore in fics, but back when i first joined the fandom there were so many memes and fanarts abt lance getting la chancla (from allura usually…. i wonder why…..) it was gross
    • lance only listening to gasolina/shakira. its still a popular trope i wanna die.
  • lance being really aggressive, keith being really passive. 
    • this is still really common in fics and i dont know why??  its a flip, you either get aggressive lance or aggressive keith in most fics, but dirty l@undry really took the cake with reinforcing aggressive lance. they make lance really mean/hateful/cruel to keith instead of the actual bickering in the show. idk if he was sexually aggressive like a lot of other fics make him, but he was definitely a big asshole to keith in this fic.
  • they gave lance a pet chicken. a pet chicken. 
    • i remember there was a slight surge of those types of fics where lance would have real like farm based animals as pets and im like…. uhhhh… okay lmao

some of these like.. had worse impacts than others (i.e. the family stuff mostly. especially with the homophobia and bad latino dad tropes. and lance being demonized and made to look more aggressive than he is in canon most def) but all of these legit like… really inspired and created a lot of Bad Fics afterwards and a lot of bad art/hcs on tumblr too blaghhhh

guys….. please read my rules……

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I'm an INFP Slytherin and people think they're my friends but I never feel like I have friends. It's like no one would put effort to know what goes in my head/heart. And now my shields are so high, I often feel isolated, not that I don't love my solitude but some days, it spirals down. That's when my poetry helps.

Poetry does help.
I love it. Writing it. Reading it. It helps a lot.

But, darling, I understand. I understand what it is to feel like no one bothers to try understanding what’s in your head.

This may not be what we want to hear, but we have to try lowering the walls. Even though it’s scary. Even though it’s hard. Even though it’s risky.

Isolation will slowly wear us down.

There are people who love you. People who care. Find them. Try lowering your walls.

I know it puts us outside our comfort zone. It puts us at risk. But when you find those people who will want to understand you, who will put effort into it, I promise it’s worth it.

x You’re not Alone Darling.

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Ive seen so many devpai protection arguments that they all kinda blur together and i don't even bother reading them anymore

yeah tbh

they’re all the same poor defense, where they use the same arguments that dev uses to defend himself, and then go on to tell you how much of an idiot you are.

like literally not one has come to me that has some self control they just end up going “*sharpens knife*” and throwing around insults

like shit maybe day 100′s gift will be a masterpost of counter arguments for the devpai squad

idk at the end of the day i just chalk it up to “theres a reason why i have 680+ followers and they have 20″

if they can give me a good argument sure im happy to pull reciepts and debate on it but 9/10 its not worth my time. it’s dumb and i wont waste my time on it

very long i'm sorry

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My last:

1. drink: coke
2. phone call: my fren
3. text message: my friend denied my invite to hang out for my bday earlier today orz
4. song you listened to: tight knit family/love is blind - falsettos revival
5. time you cried: a few hours ago

Have I ever:

6. dated someone twice: no
7. kissed someone and regretted it: nah
8. been cheated on: hhhh ya r.i.p.
9. lost someone special: ya
10. been depressed: only everyday
11. gotten drunk and thrown up: i don’t drink

favorite colors

12. orange
13. pink
14. purple

in the last year have you…

15. made new friends: yes
16. fallen out of love: nope
17. laughed until you cried: ya
18. found out someone was talking about you: no but the year isn’t over
19. met someone who changed you: uh. no
20. found out who your friends are: oof. ya
21. kissed someone on your facebook list: whomst’d’ve is facebook

22. how many of your facebook friends do you know in real life: w h o m s t
23. do you have any pets: no
24. do you want to change your name: nope
25. what did you do for your last birthday: i really tried to remember. idk. chilled at my house i’m sure
26. what time did you wake up: i haven’t actually slept in 24 hours 
27. what were you doing at midnight last night: rewatching rick and morty
28. name something you can’t wait for: new rick and morty episode. next marvel movie. meet the love of my life and my internet friends
29. when was the last time you saw your mom: a few hours ago
31. what are you listening to right now: revolution radio - green day
32. have you ever talked to a person named tom: yea. i’m love him
33. something that is getting on your nerves: not ready to graduate hs
34. most visited website: honestly. probably wikipedia. i look up a lot of stuff
35. hair colour: dark brown
36. long or short hair: short but not very
37. do you have a crush on someone: romantic feelings are for losers
38. what do you like about yourself: my lips and hair. and? i write well
39. piercings: no
40. blood type: i should probably know but i do not
41. nickname: jas
42. relationship status: i’m love my boyfriend
43. zodiac: leo
44. pronouns: she/her
45. favourite tv show: rick and morty rn
46. tattoos: no
47. right or left handed: right handed
48. surgery: never had
49. piercing: again no.
50. sport: played softball when i was a kid but i hate sports now
51. vacation: i don’t leave my bed. I went to houston and corpus once during the summer tho
52. pair of trainers: no idea what this is asking
53. eating: cereal
54. drinking: uh nothing
55. i’m about to: uuhh try to finish reading
56. waiting for: technically answered already
57. want: to be ok. eventually
58. get married: eh
59. career: i think i want to study law

60. hugs or kisses: hugs
61. lips or eyes: oof. uh. eyes
62. shorter or taller: doesn’t matter
63. older or younger: also doesn’t matter but obvs not too young or old
64. nice arms or nice stomach: just.. nice.
65. hook up or relationship: hook up
66. troublemaker or hesitant: depends

67. kissed a stranger: no
68. drank hard liquor: nah
69. lost glasses/contact lenses: i have 20/20 vision losers
70. turned someone down: y a
71. sex on the first date: y not
72. broken someone’s heart: god. ya.
73. had your heart broken: what heart
74. been arrested: no
75. cried when someone died: yes
76. fallen for a friend: ya lmao. r.i.p. that friendship

do you believe in:

77. yourself: sometimes
78. miracles: sure
79. love at first sight: nope
80. santa claus: uh. no
81. kiss on the first date: y not
82. angels: Christian Borle is an angel

83. current best friend’s name: andrea. my love
84. eye colour: dark brown
85. favourite movie: hhhhh don’t have one. love lots of movies

my two beautiful friends agreed to be tagged in this long mess: @shadowhunting and @upsettoland love you guys

Interesting things happen outside the US and I think people should know it

No one is talking about what’s happening in Catalonia (kind of like what happened in Scotland) and I find it very sad and disappointing because catalan people are going through a very interesting time and very important process, not only for catalan but also spanish and european people. It’s politically and socially new and fascinating and I think more people around the world should be aware of it, but we are not the United States so no one cares and since I’m not okay with it, I’m going to explain it to you.

Catalonia , for the ones you don’t know is a region of Spain located at the north-est of the country (Barcelona, Barça, Sagrada Família, Gaudí, Mobile World Congress, Sitges, etc). We have been part of Spain since the 11th of September of 1714 when we lost the war against the Spanish armies and so they invided us. And YES it has been a long time, believe me, we know, so now imagine how pissed catalans are that 300 years later we still want our independence back and today, for the first time, we have the chance to, democratically, decide the future of our country.

Catalonia has the older parliament of all Europe, we have a large political traditional with our own institutions and political and economical systems. Apart from that, we have our own language (yes we speak a different language, catalan, yes we also speak spanish, and no it’s not a big deal but spanish people still don’t understand that we can actually speak both as native languages), we have our own traditions, dances, festivities, TV channels, OUR OWN FOOD and our own history.

Until here, everything is fine, isn’t it? Then the question is: why do we want the independence?
To answer that question we have to go a little further back in history when the Spanish armies invided Catalonia. The moment they stepped in, they started to eliminate our institutions, forbid our language, traditions and anything related to our culture, they made us their major economical force because we were a pretty rich and advanced area and they never gave anything in return, and they oppressed us in almost any way you can imagine.

And now you may think “okey that was a long time ago”. Well, no. We have had ups and downs, and some times have been rougher than others (good times with the Second Republic and really bad times with Franco, but spanish people didn’t have it good with the dictatorship so..), but all of this has resulted in a huge hate from spaniards to catalans. The government we have in Spain nowadays is economically abusing us and giving nothing in return. We represent the 25% of the nation’s richness and we only get the 3% of the benefits, we are the ones with the lowest number of scholarships taking into account that we have the 17% of the students, we are the ones who receive less financial help, we have one of the highest rates of immigration and we get almost no help to protect them, we have almost the best, if not the best universities in spain, our educational system is the best in spain and the students here have the highest grades of all Spain, but still if you have catalan accent spanish companies won’t hire you. The minister of education, sr. Wert, said that they needed to adoctrinate catalan students to make them more spanish and less catalan, he wanted to eliminate catalan lessons from school for it to be a full spanish learning. In the past, they killed us for speaking catalan, now they hate us, humiliate us, insult us and get surprised when they realise we are nice and kind amd actual normal people. And to make everything worse, they say that we can’t vote to decide the future of our nation because it is illegal.


Thaks for the democracy lesson gov.

For a long time now, from catalonia we have been trying to talk to them, to make some arrangements with the government so we would still be part of Spain but in a most favorable condition. More independence without separating from Spain. But they have always said no. We wanted to change some aspects from the constitution, they said no. We wanted our own constitution, they said no. We wanted to make an economical arrangement so we wouldn’t lose that much money, they said no. And they said no, no, no, no and no to everything we proposed, so in 2010 we started to protest with pacific demonstrations. 0 violence, just people outside their houses with signs demanding equality and freedom and respect and whatever. But it didn’t work, so in 2012 a catalan institution started to organise different kinds of demonstrations and every 11th of September catalan people have gone out on the streets to ask for our right to vote.

I can’t remember the day, the catalan president, Artur Mas, signed a paper saying that the 9th of November of 2014 catalan people could vote whether if they wanted to become and independent country or not. And you know what the Spanish government did? They forbid us. They said they would send the police and that they would report the catalan parties that gave support to the referendum and so they made it illegal and the results were not counted as real. But today, OH MAN, today we have a real chance here. Today are the elections, normal elections, to decide the President of catalonia BUT with the difference that rhey are not actually normal elections. Today we vote a party, but all the parties represent the ‘yes’ or the 'no’. If one of the parties that represent the yes gets elected ladies and gentlemen, we are gonna be independent.

Then I don’t know what is going to happen, that is why I think it’s very interesting not only for catalans but also spanish and european people, because it has never happened before that a country that is part of the European Union has been divided so we don’t really know for sure what will happen to Spain without us, or what will happen to us without Spain, if we will be kicked out of the EU and what will happen with the currency or even what will happen with the football league. We are a social experiment and I think it’s something worth talking about.

So yeah, if you bothered to read that hell of a long text that I wrote, first of all congrats for not dying and then, thanks for actually reading it because I think it’s very important and not enough people give credit to this process catalonia is living and again, since we are not the US no one gives a shit about is here or even bothers to understand what is happening so yeah, thank you for not being like that and getting interested, you are a good human being and I love you.