don't even bother asking me for this

Wanting to ask your online friends to play video games/do art trades/do anything together but feeling like you’re bothering them is the worst feeling ever. :/

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this dude is v lukewarm mildly trying to win me over I think but he hasn’t even asked me out on a date, let alone say ANYTHING positive about me besides telling me I’m pretty (which I agree to every time) and now he’s texting me about his fucking morning wood out of literally nowhere. we were talking about BEER of all fucking things and BOOM “wtf is up with this morning wood? lol”

how am I supposed to react to this? how did he expect me to react? was I supposed to offer help? all I did was ask Siri “wtf is up with morning wood,” screenshot it, and send him her answer.

since people still miss the point completely: nobody needs to ship taekai, it’s very much fine if they don’t, i really don’t care either way lmao im not heavily involved in this fandom to a point where it’d make even a slight difference to me, so people not shipping taekai doesn’t bother me. to be perfectly honest i liked it better before taekai became as popular as it is currently, because what does bother me and what people need to do is stop being homophobic about it and in the way they treat taekai, even someone who prefers taekai as ~bros before hos bffz for lyfe~ and ships them as a brotp for whatever reason that isn’t a homophobic one shouldn’t ignore the fact (yes, fact?? that’s what it is, a literal fact) that they’re rumored to be dating and the rather good reasons for that, simply bc they don’t want them to be lmao. you don’t have to be a taekai shipper to acknowledge that?? at all??? and is anyone honestly gonna try and tell me that if taekai had been a male and female idol, ppl wouldnt be gathering to scream from mountaintops about how obvious it was that they were dating? bc lmao ok, sure jan.gif

Sometimes I read books just to enjoy the story. That’s all: I like being entertained by a story. Books don’t always have to have some point they’re trying to prove and the characters in books don’t always exist to teach us a lesson. It really bothers me when people try to take away my enjoyment of a book by using it to prove a point to me.

i’m rather weary of people who act as if marginalized people are obligated to educate them about social justice issues, especially as someone who was essentially treated like a walking encyclopedia when it comes to these things

why do they demand that someone spend the time and energy trying to educate you, when, often, they won’t bother educating themselves?

why do they expect a marginalized and oppressed person to drop everything and serve them with a smile, even after they likely have hurt them?

sounds like an unrealistic expectation if you ask me

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TG: Not to mention others, my FRIENDS. Y’know, while I don’t argue with Bill or William, I have only this to say about people who ship me (Pyramun: And ADDITIONALLY, TG is my sona, so it makes it highly personal) with everyone ever without even bothering to learn anything about me at all:

And for the love of Crite, don’t ship me with TG-2. She’s my creation, and technically counts as a sort of robo-sister duplicate of myself. My robo-crystal sister. That’s basically incest.

Please stop.

Things I overhear on the bus

Woman: I get myself off these days

Woman’s friend : *whispers* Is it really that bad now?

Woman: Yes and I really don’t know why he even bothers to ask anymore. You’d think that the look of overwhelming disappointment on my face would be enough of an answer for the floundering idiot

Woman’s friend and me: *hysterical laughter*

Co-worker: Did Sam leave already? She didn’t even say goodbye *insert seriously upset sad face*

Me: *no response and gets back to work*
Everyone else: *shrugs and gets back to work*


She was basically asking a few of us, but my thoughts were along the lines of:

  • She said goodbye to us
  • Perhaps you weren’t around when she was saying her goodbyes and she couldn’t be bothered looking for you or waiting around to do so
  • Perhaps you were with a customer and she didn’t want to interrupt
  • You’ll see her tomorrow anyway :\
  • Why are you so upset?
  • Why do you look so offended?
  • Who cares! Why do you care so much?

What’s probably going through her head:

  • She didn’t say goodbye to me :(
  • She must hate me :(
  • Why is she so rude *angry face*


I understand anxiety can put irrational thoughts in our heads, but I just don’t get it sometimes. Some people are just too irrational. This person complains about literally everything and everyone (personal and work related) at work. She also has major anxiety issues and thinks everyone is against her, despite constantly seeking the sympathy of everyone. So she is incredibly insecure.

Majority of my conversations with her are me pretending to sympathise and reassuring her that people aren’t thinking the negative things that she thinks they are thinking of her, but she doesn’t hear a word I say. My reassurances are true, but I mostly tell her to get her to stop complaining to seek sympathy. 

I found out the other day that she thought I was bitching about her after I walked past, because I wasn’t talking or listening to her attentively. I was actually stressing in my head about all the work I had to do and didn’t have time to just stand around and listen to her irrational complaining. She took this as an assumption that I was bitching behind her back :\ When I talk, she doesn’t listen. When I don’t talk, she thinks I’m bitching about her. I don’t know if this is a problem that commonly occurs when you work in a majority female workplace, but you can’t win with these irrational humans. 

I guess I know why she doesn’t listen to my reassurances, if she thinks I’m one of the many that are out to get her. I think I’m just going to ignore her for the most part from now on, because what’s the point. 

…I just had my first one-on-one nutritional consult and she completely talked over me the entire time. She didn’t even bother to ask if I had any dietary restrictions, and even went so far as to insinuate that I was lying on my food journal, despite the fact that I’ve lost ten pounds in the past six weeks.

“Eat ricotta cheese,” is a shitty follow up question to the statement, “I’m extremely lactose intolerant.”


If you’ve come for wordy answers, don’t bother!
  Last time you asked me some of your stupid questions 
 about “dragoning”
, you stuck a thermometer in my mouth
gave me someone else’s sickness, which was probably
 your cold. Mal declared, casting a tempering glance at the
 familiar blonde. I should’ve burned your notebook for that.

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dear bailie !!! me do it do dear me bailie

send me ppl to write letters to.

butthqle said: why did i ask that on anonymous

            dear bailie,

      okay same thing as amanda’s – i was super tempted to shove in a bunch of memes into this and just joke around, but i wanna be #real so here we go.  we’ve been friends for a little under a year now and you’ve made me feel so welcomed and important in that time.  i want to thank you for even bothering to give me the light of day and for being so patient with me as i’ve slowly found my way out of my shell.  you and amanda (+everyone else you’ve introduced me to) were my first actual friends since i moved to washington (minus alex) and i can’t possibly thank you all enough for just being there and for not giving up on me, even on the days where i was cold and closed off.

      thank you for always being there to cheer me up when you thought i was down, or for all the conversations that i wouldn’t be able to have with anybody else; i feel like we’ve truly made a bond that i won’t be able to let go of for a long, long time.  our friendship is super important to me and i cherish it a lot – i know i probably don’t make that clear enough because i’m awful with words, but i am so happy that we’ve gotten to know each other and i’m excited to see where this leads us.

I just realized that, considering the city grew up around them, Crowley and Aziraphale probably know London so well that, by the time it becomes widespread, they don’t really need GPS.

Which means they probably don’t bother to consider it when they come to L.A.

Canon says Crowley has no problem asking for directions, but have you ever asked for directions in LA?

Hate is a strong word but......

August 29, 2015

I need to get this off my chest….
But…… I fucking hate like you have no damn idea This is a passionate hate not just a oh I hate this because of this and that. No, I have hate towards people that are always assuming stuff about people that they don’t even know mostly when they assume that someone is on drugs because they are acting a certain type of way. It bothers me so damn much that people assume that, just because you are mad that they start doing crazy stuff cause someone or something made them blow up at a random/bad time or it’s just not their day and their are acting weird, people start to automatically think that you are on some type of drug when you act a certain way & they take it as if the person is on some type of drug because that’s how some people doing drugs would usually act when their on them. But, when it’s not someone’s day and they are acting out on random stuff just try to be nice to them & ask the person politely “Are you okay, do you need to talk to someone? Can I help you with anything.” If that person says “No, I’m fine.” just be okay with response you got and leave them alone don’t start making a big ass scene by bothering them even more & telling them that they are weird af’ that they might be on drugs because they are acting all crazy. This gets to me because I gotta deal with it on a daily bases. Mostly when I’m not feeling good and all I want to do is sleep or I just don’t feel like talking to anyone’s the being around people because they might say something that pokes the wrong bottom and I might blow up on them.
My parents are the worst when it comes to this they’re always and I’m not exaggerating when I say always I mean ALWAYS, asking me if I’m on drugs because I’m acting weird or ignoring them. And yes i USED to heavily do drugs not the hard ore drugs but what was around me at that time I’m not going to say I haven’t done any type of drugs & then be venting/ranting about all of this when I have no idea how it feels or at least seen people be so high that they do crazy stuff & start acting really weird because they couldn’t handle how strong the drug affected them & how high they got but I’ve stopped, now a days it’s really weird when I do or even think about doing drugs again I get tired of always doing them & spending most of my money on them, I’m way more responsible now then I was in high school I didn’t care back then but now I’m more wise about my money & how I spend it and when my parents ask me constantly if I’m doing drugs and that it’s bad for my health that I’m just throwing away my money on stupid shit. It’s like they think that I don’t know, that I’m fucking stupid.
I can say that when people assume that someone is on drugs and that other person has never touched drugs in his/her life is really stupid, you don’t even know that person to just start assuming stupid stuff like that.
If you don’t feel comfortable being around people when they are acting a certain type of way just ignore them & if you can’t ignore them just remove yourself from the place so they won’t bother you but don’t start making a big scene & start telling them that they are acting like if they’re on drugs. Don’t get me wrong you do get those random people that they actually are daily users but sometimes they can’t control how the drug affects them and they might blow up and start acting crazy because they can’t control how high they are but if that is the case and you think they might do harm to you or anyone around you try to find help for them or try to help them yourself that’s if you don’t feel threatened by them but if you do, just get away from them don’t make it even worse for them then it already is…….
That is really my worst pet peeve when people assume anything about anyone without getting to personally know them and get a straight answer as to why they are acting out.
Get to know them before you start talking shit and telling other people random stuff that isn’t even close to being the truth.
If I’m going to be a snitch I’m going to get my facts straight before telling other people that you started/do drugs or just tell other people anything in particular about another person when I’m the first place I never got to know them personally or even said one word to them but just when people assume stuff about other people when its not even close to the truth, but they still go ahead and start telling people whatever they assumed and other people start to believe it without even trying to confront the person they are assume stuff about.
But that’s just me & my own opinion on this. I just rather get to know someone before I assume anything about them or judge them for how they act around people, mostly if I just meet them I at least try to talk to that person & get to know them a little bit before I even start talking about that person to other people.
Just a few things that are running threw my mind at the moment. Goodnight or should I say GoodMorning to some of you :D