don't even begin to judge me

  • me: people are entitled to their opinions and we can't judge them or tell them they are wrong, unless, of course, their opinion are a threat to other people's life
  • person: I don't like Tolkien
  • me: you are so stupidly wrong I can't even begin to explain how- you know what I won't even bother you are too wrong for words also I hate you get out of my face

I don’t know how to express my happiness for Robert. He is a beautiful man, with a great talent and charisma, a person who loves what he does and thanks to all the people who have helped him and are helping him to be where he wants to be, without forgetting the directors with whom he has worked, his fans and the people who continue to support the cinema. I simply feel very proud of this wonderful and humble man, someone who little by little he has earned the respect of many people, film directors and even critics. It’s a great pleasure to be a fan of Robert Pattinson, I will never tire of saying that I will follow him for the rest of my life, I just love this man with all my heart.

PS: sorry for this will, I never write anything, but I feel so happy because at last people begin to recognize his talent, which we have known for a long time.

oKAY. Who else REALLY wants everyone to freakin GLOW. UP. when we finally go to war against the Burning Legion by the end of the expac? And I mean GLOW. UP. I want to see EVERYONE with new gear, I don’t even care if they got new gear models at the beginning of the expac: Genn, Anduin (yes again),  Khadgar, ILLIDAN, Wrathion, even if we see Alexstrasza. Omg can you guys see this? x3

How long had he wanted her? Since he’d first seen her, or since even before that? From the beginning of his life?
—  This quote gives me such fitzsimmons vibes

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for all the kids starting school and have a "mean" teacher: the teacher probably had a rough day and snapped or something along those lines, my algebra teacher yelled at me at the beginning of the school year last year, but grew to love me and I loved her at the end of the school year. she even kept my end of year project bc she said I was an inspiring student !! just wanted to encourage some fellow students, don't judge a teacher by first impression !!! best of wishes to fellow students !!

^^^ good luck everyone!

Nonny Prompt: ♔ - Finding the other wearing their clothes (from this list) (a/n: this is just wearing the other’s clothes. sorry! i suck…)

“You take this gun and shoot me!”

With Annalise’s words and the chilling shot ringing in his ears, Connor bolts up in bed in a cold sweat. Fighting his way back from the edge of the nightmare, he presses shaking hands over his eyes to stay the tears and wipes frantically at his cheeks. He covers his mouth with a hand to quell the sobs and reaches for Oliver. 

The other side of the bed is empty. The sheets cold. 

The sobs break anew as he runs a hand over the untouched pillow. Visions from the nightmare burst forth and, for a moment, the panic and terror of it choke him - the terror that Annalise made good on her threats - before he remembers. 

The conference. Oliver’s been in Atlanta the last three days. He’s coming home today. 

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Fuck that "Don't Judge Me Challenge"

I don’t understand it. Okay, I understand that you shouldn’t judge someone by how they look but the videos don’t emphasize that or even mention that. It’s a bunch of attractive people putting on makeup so you think they’re ugly and they just take the makeup off and *boom* they were never ugly to begin with. It just goes to show that people with unibrows, pimples, freckles and beauty marks will always be considered ugly in today’s society. It does nothing in the way of promoting a healthy view of what’s really in the mirror and the real “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” theme of it doesn’t matter what you look like, all that really matters is your personality and how you treat others.

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Now you listen here, pal :( These past few months of my life have been pretty hell. I can't even begin to explain. and I find my escape from life in my lovely fandoms (MCU and One Direction don't judge me). And today in particular has been rather stressful but your Winter Soldier cosplay with the.. the eyes omg. BBY. I haven't laughed so hard, and so /genuinely/ in months I adore you. I saw it on my dash like 15 minutes ago and I'm still laughing i just love you, okay, you're amazing xx thank u

I’m so so so happy I was able to help in some way! Whenever you need a laugh or just to talk to someone please feel free to message me at any time and I’ll be happy to do what I can to help! Just call on me and I’ll come running into action…