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707's Route: a summary
  • Saeran: *breaks window*
  • Saeran: Come with meeeeee...
  • Saeran: *snaps fingers* OH, MAN! *runs away*
  • Seven: I'm staying here, don't bother me.
  • Me: But I love you!!
  • Seven: I don't want your love!
  • Me: Yeah, let's go find your brother!
  • Seven: Alright... *a few hours later* Saeran is now part of a cult made by Rika... WHY?!
  • V: Well, my soon-to-be wife went batshit crazy and decided to "save" everyone with some drugs, including your brother who thinks she's Jesus... And I think it's all my fault for no reason at all.
  • Me: ... *internal screaming*
  • Seven: ... *internal screaming*
  • Vanderwood: ... Not even gonna ask.
  • V: Oh, look, I'm dead now.
  • Rika: *losing her shit even more in the background*
  • Jumin: I came to save you...
  • Me: ... *internal screaming*
  • Seven: ...
  • Vanderwood: ...
  • Jumin: Looks like I'm a bit too late.
  • Me: Just... Just lock that crazy bitch up and take us to the hospital or something.
  • Seven: ...
  • Vanderwood: ...
  • Vanderwood: ... I'm just going to call it a day.
  • Narrator: Don't let their poker face fool you, Vanderwood was internally screaming as well.

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prompt: an Angel falls to earth and they land in bumfuck America and the first place they go is a diner, bloodstained and singed, to have a shitty cup of coffee

five conversations between a waitress named maria and an angel, recently fallen

1. Maria hadn’t said anything when the woman came in, blood in her teeth and a purpling bruise on her cheekbone. She’d been dressed too warmly for the mild spring, a puffy overcoat that hid her arms, her whole body, all the way down to her knees. But Maria hadn’t said anything, not when the woman ducked into the diner’s bathroom, coming back with everything washed away but the dirt under her nails, not when when she wanted the table by the window, and a cup of coffee, just coffee. (Cream and sugar? Maria had asked, but the question seemed to confuse her.) Maria hadn’t said a word as the woman sat there, coffee untouched for hours, until it was almost closing.

She was still staring fixedly out the dark window, as though the coming and going of the truckers at the gas station next door were some code in need of deciphering.

Maria cleared her throat, making the woman startle. “We’re about to close the kitchen, did you want a fresh cup?”

“A fresh–oh. No, I don’t–don’t like the way it tastes.”

“Did you want to order something else?”

“No, no, it’s just–people are always ordering coffee. I thought it must taste…not like this.”

Maria was startled into laughing, and was gratified to see a tentative smile cross the strange woman’s face. “That might just be Jenny’s day-old roast. You probably ought to try Starbucks or something before handing down the final verdict,” Maria told her, smiling.

The woman had kind eyes. “I will.”

Maria looked at her for a second, then set the coffee pot down on the table. She slid into the booth across from her, and folded her hands together. “Look, it’s none of my business, but–if you’re in some trouble, I got a friend who works in Family Services, I’d be happy to call her for you.”

There was a flash of panic across the stranger’s face. “No, I–I don’t have any family,” she said carefully, looking at some point over Maria’s shoulder.

“Whoever gave you those bruises–”

“I fell.”

Maria’s heart ached. “Look…”

The woman frowned, her dark eyes searching Maria’s face as though trying to read the thoughts behind it. “No, I really did fall,” she insisted.

“Okay. Okay, just–I’m putting it out there. You should know there are options, you don’t have to stay.  Look,  I’ve got to get the dishwasher running, so…don’t go anywhere, okay? I’ll walk out with you.”

When Maria came back to the table, the untouched coffee was still there. Underneath was a twenty dollar bill, the edges very slightly singed.

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I can’t stop thinking about what must have happened in the fight between Hanzo and Genji. More specifically, I can’t stop thinking about how obscenely, totally one-sided it must have been.

Like, we know that Genji was at the brink of death afterwards and Hanzo walked away, but it’s more than that. 

Genji’s body was absolutely destroyed. His limbs are all prosthetic. His face is covered in scars. He mentions how he can no longer eat regular food in one of his voice lines. We only see his eyes when he removes his mask in the Dragons short, but even with the mask removed, there’s still metal visible on much of the lower half of his face, which might imply that he needed portions of his skull/jaw replaced as well. 

And then there’s Hanzo–who doesn’t have so much as a single visible scar. And if he does have scars, they’re certainly not anywhere on his body where you’d expect to see them if someone had tried to kill you, like his head, neck, and chest. I’m also working under the assumption that he doesn’t have prosthetic legs and just wears futuristic boots, based on the fact that his pants are tucked into them, they go over his knee but possess a normal, organic joint at the back, and his ‘ick’ reaction to finding out that so much of Genji’s body is now robotic. 

Like, Hanzo walked away from their fight completely unscathed, but Genji was mutilated. Mutilated, but not killed–which probably means Hanzo wasn’t just carrying it out like a normal assassination, quick and to the point. He was angry. It wasn’t enough just to kill himhe wanted to make Genji suffer for what (in Hanzo’s mind) he was making him do. He might have even deliberately made it so Genji’s death would be long and drawn out–something which ultimately allowed time to save him.

And Genji, in turn, barely fought back. In fact, he probably only made attempts to defend himself. The chipped sword is likely a direct result of that, since swords are not generally designed to block one another and are meant to simply cut through flesh. The aim is to kill your opponent fast, or at least hurt them enough to incapacitate them. As a trained assassin, Genji would have known that as well as anyone. But if you can’t (or won’t) do that, and you’re not fast enough to outright avoid a hit (Hanzo was a better swordsman, after all), then you block–and that’s what Genji did. He didn’t want to die–but more than that, he didn’t want to kill Hanzo. Didn’t want to hurt him at all. Was more content to let himself get chopped practically to pieces than to raise his sword against his brother.

That’s probably what motivated Hanzo’s guilt, as much as anything. If he’d given his brother an easy death–made it an honorable kill–he probably would have returned to his life as the heir feeling saddened but justified. But he fought Genji with the intent to crush him, to stomp him out like a cigarette butt, and Genji hardly did anything to stop it. He simply could not bring himself to fight back with everything he was capable of–not when he loved Hanzo so much. It’s no wonder Hanzo could barely live with himself afterwards. He had done such a monstrous, unforgivable thing to the only family he had left after the death of their father. And why? For what? 

So, realizing what the Shimada Clan was doing to him–what he would turn into if he stayed with them–he left. But, I’m sure he knows as well as any that that doesn’t quite erase what he did. Which may be part of why he reacts so angrily towards Genji when they reunite. 

Genji’s been alive all this time, and yet he never came for Hanzo. He could have settled the score, but instead he went after the Shimada clan itself, the ones who put him and his brother at odds to begin with, who made it so they had to fight. And there’s Hanzo, realizing all this and being so upset about it. Because after everything Hanzo has done to atone on his own, it’s Genji once again who forgives him. It’s Genji once again who loves him more–would probably have loved him just the same even if he hadn’t spent the last 10 years trying to make things right. And that must have been so frustrating for Hanzo to know that he’d abandoned everything, done so much to make things up to someone who never, ever even blamed him. All this time, he’s been carrying a burden which he inflicted upon himself. And once again, he has to ask himself, why? For what?

But by the end of Dragons, when he lays down his bow and returns to pray at the little shrine he’s made, he finally figures it out: for Genji.

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That's kinda funny that I used to follow you only for HP (and for YOU'RE gorgeous style, that also an important point) because now I have more feelings for Remington than for any other character, honestly.

Thank you! :D

YT link if you wanna watch it there.

If this gets over 420 notes then I’ll animate Keith squaredancing.

Here’s the pics that go with it.

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You're not okay?! After seeing Jimin and Jungkook?!? Girl I feel you. But what about the Yoongi stans (like myself) who was attacked (blessed) with his arms?!? RIP ME. SOMEBODY PLAN MY FUNERAL!!!! What a whole man Hahaha okay I'm don't fangirling. But seriously, HOW DARE THEY?!?

This ask is about this Bomb HERE and this post HERE


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Anyway, the Dead Club Hotel is open again. We offer good tombs with quality BTS music and content. Feel free to join. 

I just–

You can see the moment during his confession/plea when you can tell Benvolio starts to get uncomfortable with admitting how much he actually likes Rosaline, how much of a good person he thinks she is, because he defaults to sarcasm and jokes.

“One thing I’ve learned from being stuck with you”
And Rosaline rolls her eyes and her entire posture on the balcony changes. She starts to pull away, to close up again, because of course he would make some quip, why had she thought for even a minute that he was taking this seriously, why had she let herself believe that maybe he-

“What I’ve learned from spending time with you”
And her eyes flick back towards him and he takes the hint. He takes it and runs with it, really. He starts to expound on her, on what a good person she is; her decency and her honesty and he keeps it barely skimming the surface because going any deeper might scare her off again, but he can’t help but emphasize it - “which in this city is a rare thing indeed” - and you can hear the emotion and conviction in his voice.

He tells her openly and honestly what a good person he thinks she is, and then offers her a chance to come with him and solve this mystery that is driving their families even further apart; to maybe end this feud once and for all and save more people from suffering the fate that her family did, but most importantly, he leaves the final decision up to her. He makes his case and he’s desperate, but he leaves it at asking her one more time, and the last thing he says to her is her name. and i could make a completely separate ranting post about that  He ends with her name and leaves her free to decide for herself and I’m like 90% sure that’s why Ros agrees to come with him, because his being open and honest and vulnerable made her confront her own feelings towards him, and the freedom to make her own decision made her finally say yes.

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okei so this one is a little mean but i know sometimes people have those friends who don't like the new person who there friend is dating because there not there ex. so maybe Even maybe having those friends who don't like Isak because he's not Sonja? 🙄🙄🙄🤔🤔😮😮😮

Isak: SOS

how do i bring it up to Even that one of his friends clearly hates me?

Mahdi: lol really? why does he hate you?

Isak: well idk Mahdi, maybe because I TURNED HIM GAY

Jonas: Isak you did not turn him gay that’s a fucking stupid thing to say

Isak: :( i feel like that’s why he hates me though

Magnus: who is it? bakka friend?

Isak: nah one of the ones he made here post-bakka, pre-isak

Jonas: did you ask even

Isak: “Gee, Even, do you know why your friend continues to glare daggers at me even though he’s all smiles to you???”

Magnus: maybe he has a thing for Even? 

Mahdi: are we talking even’s friend or you Mags

Magnus: :( i don’t have a thing for Even. I’m happy with Vilde. My girlfriend. Do you have a girlfriend, Mahdi?

No? sad.

Isak: can we focus on what matters here?

Jonas: You?

Isak: Me. 

Jonas: Maybe it’s a Sonja thing? Like they liked Sonja and you kind of… like… ruthlessly stole him away?

Magnus: badass, isak, badass 

Isak: screw it. i’m texting sana.

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The last ask about the Dementors made me think, do you know about the theory that Harry was reacting that badly because it was actually the memories of the Horcrux inside of him? And that's why Harry heard his dad and his mother even if he was a baby at this time and shouldn't be able to remember anything. Because it was actually the worst moment of Voldemort's life. (Sorry I don't know how to explain it, this ask can be both for you and Harry&Draco :) )

Harry:  *considering it with wide eyes*

Draco: That’s… that’s actually a really good theory, love.

Harry: I learnt to cast a Patronus for Voldemort?!

Draco: *reluctant grin* No! It was so you’d never fall of your broom again and probably die!

Harry: It’s… it’s the only memories I have of their voices…

Draco: *immediately horrified* Love, you probably remember it yourself, like… there’s no telling how much babies can remember!

Harry: *morose* You think?

Draco: YES! They’re your parents, of course you remember them!

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Bout to reveal some Pizza the Hut secrets here! Whenever we get upset customers we're supposed to follow this system called BLAST. It's an acronym standing for "Believe, Listen, Apologize, Satisfy, Thank" and don't get me wrong it works wonders sometimes, but it is the most easily abused customer retention thing I've ever seen. The amount of orders I have to discount down or flat out cancel is insane. BLAST. More like BLAST this whole damn system!!!!.

Well that explains why they scrambled to bring me the soda they forgot when I ordered delivery. Sent me a 2 liter instead of a 20 oz even though I insisted that it was fine. O.o Delivery guy was super jumpy too when he came back. Made me feel so bad for even calling to ask for them to bring it to me. We live across the street from Pizza Hut, I just can’t leave the kids asleep at home to do carry out, but it only took that guy 2 minutes to come back so, yeah, totally not a big deal but they certainly appeared to be used to over reactions. :( -Abby