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parties {smut: nerdy evan peters}

virgin!evan peters, nerdy!evan peters, parties, I dunno high school stuff. Evan peters is v v heart eyes and this is p smutty
“Evan, it’s alright, just come on!” You giggled as Evan Peters, the nerdiest little guy in your high school, stood in front of your mirror, examining himself and his attire for the party that was happening downstairs. “I-i don’t k-know, Y-YN..” He questioned, he was always second guessing himself. Why couldn’t he just see how hot he actually was?? “C’mon, babe! You promised that if I passed my final then you’d go to just one party with me..” You pouted, walking over to him and mindlessly toying with his shirt. He tensed up under your touch causing you to giggle. You reached up and pushed his hair out of his face. “Let me help you relax, baby.” You smirked and unbuckled his shorts. He reached down and grabbed your wrist stopping you, “N-No! I-i should um pl-pleasure you first don’t you think??” He asked, a light blush on his cheeks. You giggled and shook your head no, sinking down to your knees. “I’m gonna blow you, then you’re gonna go down there and party your little nerdy heart out, then fuck me as hard as you can. Okay? Okay.” You said sliding his shorts down. “O-ok-kay” he choked out. You took your hands and put his hands on top of your head. “Don’t be afraid to pull my hair or anything. Don’t hold your moans in either and don’t just unexpectedly fuck my mouth.” You smiled up at him as you lightly palmed his growing erection and massaged his thighs. He just nodded, swallowing a large lump in his throat. You took out his length slowly and bit your lip. He was way bigger than you expected. You wrapped your hand around his shaft and slowly moved your hand in a lazy manner. He gasped and whimpered your name, all you need to begin. You licked your lip and licked the precum off of his tip. This is how you know, he’s inexperienced, he’s about to cum and you’ve barely started. You lean in and wrap your mouth around him, earning a loud moan for his angelic lips. You moaned in response, making him grip your hair and pull you further onto him. You took in as much as you could, you felt him start to relax already. You bobbed your head quickly, hallowing your cheeks to add pressure. “Shit, fuck, hell! Oh my god, YN!!” He threw his head back and moaned. “You’re so beautiful, I don’t deserve this, holy fuck! Uhh” he moaned, pushing your further. You slightly gagged on him, he opened his eyes and looked at you, “Y-you alright?? Did I hurt you? I’m so sorry, we can just stop I mean really..” He said, starting to pull out. “No! Let me suck you.” You said pulling him back into your mouth. You sucked gently, cradling his balls as well. And oh yeah, that sent him over the edge quickly. You swallowed all of it and smiled up at him, “See? Feel much better now?” You asked pulling his shorts back up. “Y-yes, YN. Oh my god. I can’t wait until we get back up here and I fuck your brains out.” He smirked, pulling you up and kissing you intensely. “Mm, let’s just do it now.” You winked. “Nope! I came for a party and I’m gonna party.” Evan laughed, walking out with you.


i have no idea how i’d even write it bc marriage laws and license fees but

a fic where walter and paige are supposed to be getting married but it doesn’t go to plan because it’s a shotgun wedding and apparently walter is already married to a mail-order bride because she wanted us citizenship and he needed whatever it was she had to offer him, ‘information’ or she provided transport for a usb drive because walter needed it through customs without being questioned or whatever

and the wedding gets called off because 'mr o'brien, it would appear you’re already married’

and he’s like 'that doesn’t count it’s obviously a green card marriage and therefore not legal’

but walter and paige legally cannot get married and so toby steps up to happy and clears his throat and asks her to marry him

and she looks at him like he’s been replaced by an alien because they are NOT together, they have NEVER been a thing okay and she’s like 'hell no’ but he’s insistent 'look at all these guests happy they came to see a wedding we need to give them what they want’

and she’s just staring at him because what even goes through his mind how does his brain even work????

'it’ll be fine’ he says 'if you can resist my charm for the next few months and we don’t consummate, we can just get an annulment’

'dont say 'consummate’ it makes me uncomfortable’

 and she doesn’t even know w h y except that there’s a room full of people waiting for a marriage and walter and paige have already grabbed ralph and ran and it’s a lot of pressure, okay, so she hesitates

and he says 'i got you and sly and cabe and mrs cabe and yeah we’re missing half the scorpion but i got everybody i need right here’

and she looks around the church and her dad’s in the second row and she doesn’t really need anyone else either and she doesn’t know what she’s doing but she agrees even though she already hates herself for it kind of 

and so (marriage licenses aren’t a thing) and they get married

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