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"Standing quietly together in the kitchen" OTP prompt is totally legit re: Huma. I could see it happening at the end of Uma's shift at Ursula's when the place is finally closed. WDYT? Your Huma headcanons got me shipping them TBH! If they don't get together in Descendants 3, I'll be mad as hell.

harry’s probably the only one allowed in the shop after hours bc he comes after her shift all the time if he’s not already there. he helps her clean up without asking and when everything is clean they’ll just stand together with uma leaning against his shoulder. they don’t say anything and he just let’s her relax for a moment. he rests his hand on her head, softly petting her braids or twirling one of them between his fingers. they have moments like that when they’re in the kitchen a lot bc even though affection is frowned upon on the isles, uma doesn’t have any qualms about tender touching when it’s just the two of them. it’s a sort of silent affirmation between the two of them, an i love you without saying it (until they’re off the isles at least).

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I love your bee Rose!! could you maybd draw Juleka with the volpina/peacock miraculous???? (So they are together :3)

thank you anon! of course i had to give her the peacock miraculous because “the birds and the bees” had me cracking up (and let’s be honest juleka would rock a peacock) so if peacock juleka is called peacock (if any of you have better names tell me i would love to hear them) would their ship name be peaille haha? either way they’re the best gay superheros in all paris, i love them 

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What do you love about Cardassians? Because I just adore them to no end, I don't even know where to begin! Tell me please :3

What DON’T I love about cardassians that’s more of the question

  • To start at the surface level: Appearance. I mean- neckridges? ridges? scales? spooooon? I just really really love how they look
  • Loyalty. If klingons have their honor and vulcans have their logic, the one thing cardassians have is loyalty. They are loyal to their family, they are loyal to their people and I just really like that. It’s almost like these guys are the embodiment of slytherin as a species. Are there some really awful cardassians? well. sure. But you can’t deny that they are extremely loyal to their own. (does this cause blindly following your government to occupying other worlds and then letting it convince you it wasn’t THAT bad of a thing? PERHAPS. Still fascinating though)
  • Elaborate lady hairstyles~
  • Arguing as flirting. Not even kidding this is one of my favorite things. I LOVE debate and this just sounds like my sort of thing ok I love it
  • Artists! We’re introduced to a lot of artistic people and whatnot with Cardassians. I mean- Ziyal…Garak….in The Never Ending Sacrifice there’s a scene where Rugal is with …that girl whose name I forget. His significant other. And they’re in an art museum discussing art. We know about Cardassian literature (with Preloc and other authors) and there is just a lot of ART. And maybe I just really like this because I come from a family that’s really into fine arts (aunt is a curator of an art show, mom went school for art, we go to art walks and museums for fun, etc etc etc) But I REALLY LIKE that Cardassia has a pretty artistic side! And that we get to SEE it
  • Lady scientists! I just like that they have different assumptions for gendered careers, and i just really like that cardassian men apparently “aren’t good at science” ahaha
  • Architecture! I feel like this ties in with the art aspect but man I really like those buildings that they have. Also terok nor. I mean, hello beautiful~
  • POLITICS! I honestly think cardassian politics are FASCINATING, and this was mainly an interest that grew after reading some of the books that are available. 
  • Not to mention every cardassian we see is pretty fascinating 
  • I’m sure if I sat here longer I could think of way more things but I have to go to work soon. 
  • In essence-

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what is trickster anime? those gifs are so pretty (and u tagged it as guilty pleasures so im v curious what that includes hahaha) thx!!

i’m tagging it “trickster anime” because it’s actually called Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo “Shounen Tanteidan” yori but that is a mouthful (it’s also so hard to search for it on tumblr because everyone is tagging it so many different things aw jeeze)

trigger warnings: failed suicide attempts, limb dismemberment, and a dog dies in episode 1

there hasn’t been anything phenomenal about it yet but it’s got these guilty pleasures of mine:

  • detective club
  • snarky other main character that beat up a thug by breakdancing and is the exact opposite of the main protag and makes outrageous promises (spoiler)
  • troubled white haired anime protag who is Suffering Alone 
  • immortal who doesn’t want to live anymore and shows the different attempts that fail because He Is Immortal
  • trouble white haired immortal wears clothes that are Too Big For Him
  • a super damn cool ass way to explain the immortality and isolation as some weird barrier power that can’t be controlled forcing the poor kid to be a certain distance from anything or anyone lest they be sliced in half
  • and such extremely pretty starry night skies oh my goodness

BOOK MEME ★ Eight male characters  [6/8] → Julian Fineman

I have never seen him in person before, although I have seen his face on posters and in the back of pamphlets. Julian is famous. He is a martyr to the cause, a hero to the DFA, and president of the organization’s youth division.

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Do you think that they will film the malec kiss/ love scenes from the shoulders up like they did with the wedding kiss so matt and harry dont have to touch each other I wonder if freeform has separate rules for the straight couples and the same sex couples well see when luke and jocelyn have a kiss/ love scene

I have actually no idea how they are gonna film these scenes i.e how “explicit” it might get. Tbh, I haven’t really thought about it because it still feels so …. wild? Like… we will actually see Malec making out??? Very soon? In the near future? (I am still trying to not lose my mind when Matt talked about “hard and fast”….I mean….what the hell???) I dunno…my brain just can’t comprehend this somehow.

Sure, we won’t see an explicit sex scene like on f.e. Spartacus; this is Freeform we are talking about and not HBO. And I haven’t watched “Pretty Little Liars” yet so I dunno how “far” they are going when showing a love making/sex scene/heavy make out scene, no matter if it is an lgbt couple or a straight one.

But from what I have seen so far, especially watching all these interviews and how much both Matt and Harry love Malec and how important it is to them to portray them in a real and honest way, I think we don’t have to worry about them being “weird” about touching each other or whatever. First, they are actors, second they knew what they were getting themselves into when accepting the roles and third they are friends and comfortable around each other.

That being said, I personally don’t even need an explicit sex scene to begin with. (I would totally lose my mind when there would be some heavy making out against a wall…uhm…yes.) I would be already happy with them simply lying in bed, probably both being shirtless, smiling stupidly at each other while their fingers are entwined. No words needed. Just silence and the constant beating of their hearts while looking each other in the eyes. Maybe some kisses from time to time. But mostly, just them, enjoying the presence of feeling of each other.

An interview with One Direction

Int.: soo,first off what do you look in for a lady?You know the fans want to know….


Int,:Now about Zayn….


Int.:So harry,perfect is about Taylor:


Int.:Harry ,you like older women right?


Int.Harry when are you gonna cut your hair?


Int.:And finally Louis,I wanna congratulate on your upcoming fatherh-