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i feel the same way in the MRI. does the medication help?

@rynfinity actually surprisingly, yes it did. I mean I’d probably opt for full sedation for full-body MRIs just for the sheer length of them; but the Temazepam worked pretty well.

I was sort of on the edge of panic a few times, but I was able to talk myself down from it with breathing exercises and so on. Which is still better than how jittery/teary I can get without it (it doesn’t always happen? But enough that it’s as much a fear as the MRI itself).

I know most people tend to take Diazepam as a sedative/relaxant, but that makes me nauseous, so I asked specifically for the Temazepam because it’s been given to me as a pre-surgery med before with some success. Also, it doesn’t make you so sleepy etc. that you can’t function or anything. They do recommend you don’t drive yourself home alone though. <3