don't even ask because i don't know why either

“what’s your favorite moment?”
“what’s your favorite moment?”
“…in life?”
“can it be in the future?”
Jongin, who was completely covering himself up with the blanket, got his face out and looked at Kyungsoo weirdly before shrugging, “yeah, whatever”
“It’s when we’re all happy and confident enough to do whatever we want without being afraid of what people will think of us. It’s when all of our group members will get themselves a nice partner to spend their life with and we’ll get to attend each one of their weddings, and we’ll also get to make our own wedding and live in our own house with puppies or even children if we wanted. It’s when we’ll get to go out holding each other’s hand without being afraid of the backlash of the people that follow us. It’s when we’ll get to live freely, just the two of us. You and me. Jongin and Kyungsoo. Together and happy. That is my favorite moment”
Jongin got silence for awhile looking at Kyungsoo with soft and warm eyes and then said “but that’s more than just one moment hyung”
Kyungsoo, who was sitting beside him on the bed, jumped on jongin while pulling his hair, which got the later screaming in pain, “I just can’t believe you sometimes, you stupid brat”
“but you still love this stupid brat” said jongin while wincing in pain
“and I don’t even know why I do” said Kyungsoo while dropping his hands from jongin’s hair and holding his face instead and giving him a small peck on the nose, which made jongin giggle and hug Kyungsoo tightly
“I love you, soo”
“I love you too, idiot”

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Yesterday, someone told me that I am "not pretty enough" to be in Slytherin. I asked back why he is so god damn superficial. Then he said: "For ALL Sly girls, their look is so important and they wouldn't even hang up with someone who looks mediocre - like you do!" Now I am really upset, because everyone else in the Slytherin house looks so beautiful. I don't think that I'm ugly or something, but ...I don't feel pretty either... - a sad Sly girl

Come here, you beautiful and completely worthy Slytherin, you. 

You probably know this already (or at least I hope you do) that NO ONE has the right to make you feel like shit - EVER. It was rude and cruel of him to say anything like that to you, and if you know him, I would tell him his behavior was completely unacceptable.

Now, back to you. I don’t know you personally, but I can say with certainty that everyone is beautiful in their own way, whether they see it or not. Every Slytherin, every girl, and every person has the right to express themselves however they want to. For some of us, that means makeup and heels; for others, this means a t-shirt and baggy pants. You are so much more than what he says you are, and you have the right to look however you want to, whether this one boy thinks you’re pretty or not.

(It’s also shallow and ignorant of him to say that “all Slytherin girls” look the same; we are each our own person, and we dress as individually as any other group of people. Seriously, screw him).

I leave you with the words of Prefect Gemma Farley, from the Slytherin Pottermore welcome letter:

“If the Sorting Hat put [you] in here, there’s something great about [you], and don’t you forget it.”
- Prefect Gemma Farley

You are destined for greatness, anon. Don’t ever let anyone make you doubt that. 

Bunches of love,


***Edit: Make sure to check out the comments - it seems the entirety of Slytherin House has risen to your defense. <3