don't even ask about the penguin

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Hey could you please tell me some more interesting facts about the 1975? I want to know more about them! I love them so much!!!

hello n welcome to all about the 1975, they’re from manchester (kind of) and like to wear a lot of expensive black stuff and are all rlly great

we’ll start with basics


matty healy is the lead singer, he likes to be known as truman black cause of truman capote and black is fab and he has cool as fuck hair. he has a girlfriend called gemma janes who’s a model and is hot

and they’re cute as fuck, his mum is denise welch and his dad is tim healy (they’re on tv a bit) and he has a lil bro called louis. matty is an eloquent piece of shit that we all love because he’ so sassy, he likes to drink wine on stage and he looks great in a floral shirt and willy wonka glasses. one more thing, it’s matty not matt mmkay thanks x


george is the drummer and is tall as fuk and has really cool hair and is just generally fukin beautiful. him and matty are bro’s for lyf and share a lot of each others clothes, he is otherwise known as bedforddanes cause his last name is daniel and his middle name is bedford i think so yh. he has a girlfriend named jessie malone

she’s adorable, george loves dogs like a hella lot and is just a very chill guy with a voice so deep u can feel it everywhere ;;) u feel me but yeah no he’s lovely


adam hann or just hann is the guitarist and is like a little tech wizz and is a lil dark horse with those killer blue eyes that’ll knock u out and his jaw n stuff wow yh okay but he’s a little quiet, especially in interviews (mainly cause matty talks over everyone) but he’s so sweet and yh luv him x


ross macdonald is the bass player and is fkin amazing. we don’t know a lot about ross other than that he’s hella cute and he likes penguins :) he even has a tattoo of one, don’t believe me?

boom. he’s sweet and funny and just a great guy as they all are.

if u wanna know shit about the band name or how long they’ve been together, pls just look at any interview there ever was with them cause it’s probs been asked every single time

ur welcome x

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Hello Beth! Hopefully someone hasn't asked you about this yet :x but I'm nearly finished my first sci fi manuscript which I want to hopefully get published. The thought of finding an agent is already giving me panic attacks but I came across DAW (which is affiliated with Penguin). I don't need an agent to submit to this publisher. Is this a good idea or no? If it's a bad idea I don't even know where to begin to look for an agent and it's making my head spin D:


Personally, I think you still need an agent. Here’s the thing: an agent is SO MUCH MORE than just submitting your manuscript to a publisher. Your agent reviews the contracts, works on subsidiary rights, scouts for more opportunities, helps guide your career, reads future works, intervenes when there’re issues in the publishing relationship, and so much more. Seriously. When I was querying, I remember having this same sort of attitude–if I could just get past the gate and onto a publisher’s desk, I wouldn’t even need an agent. But that is really just not the case. If you want a career in traditional publication, you need an agent. 

Even if you subbed to DAW and got a contract, I still think you’d be better off by having an agent negotiate that contract. My agent has MORE than earned her 15%. But beyond that–you’re basically limiting yourself to a very small portion of publishing by not getting an agent. Your work may be accepted, but it may be a better fit at another house that does require agents. 

Fortunately, it’s not as intimidating as you think! I suggest going to to start. Begin by just compiling a list of agents who rep the sort of thing you write. Get a query letter polished and clean (you can get crits of yours at YA Writers Reddit), and just send them out. 

You’ll be rejected. I guarantee it. But that rejection will help you–almost as much as an agent will.