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Kevin dragged his stare back to Wymack’s face and said, “and my father comes to all of my games. That is enough.”

“Your mother would be proud of you.”

“Not just of me,”



My greatest creation.
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depressed bitch culture is not eating dinner because you convince yourself you don’t deserve it and then changing ur mind and making a whole pot of mac and cheese at midnight and now feeling sick as fuck both physically and like you want to crawl out of your skin because your body is just . not where you want to be right now

tfw you want to prove yourself that you can get your lazy ass in the zine by actually finishing some drawing but they SUDDENLY NEED YOU IN WORK so yeah bye colouring bye finishing like 50% of all the details I have wanted to do I did my best tho it’s 1am just one hour before deadline rip me 

eh, 10 min warmup sketch cuz I had that picture stuck in my mind for a long time..

The little tea shop

Guess who wrote a crappy broduce 101 thing pls enjoy and not judge me very hard thank

Summary: Lai Guanlin is tired from pactice when one day he visits a small tea shop on his way home, finding himself infatuated with the boy behind the counter.



Hello, hello! I’m going to be really slow with match-up’s and requests for the next two weeks as I’m preparing for a big test + working + I’ve been really ill orz

I will attend to them as soon as I get the chance, yeah? :)

my opinion about makorra vs. korrasami

I feel like I need to clarify things, and so far, I have been mum about the whole issues between makorra vs korrasami (most likely due to the fact that it is a pretty touchy subject that for 99% of the time causes arguments, and also due to the fact that I have tons of friends and followers who also ship korrasami). But this has been bothering me for the longest of time, so let me just ramble.

I for one, don’t dislike korrasami because it isn’t makorra, or because it is a gay ship. In all honesty, I understand that the community needs a type of representation and puts this need into the show.

And what bothers me is that most (NOT ALL, must be clarified) of the korrasami ship assumes that I/we don’t like korrasami because “it’s not possible for a gay ship to become canon,” or they make this some issue about inequality or another. That’s diverging from the fact, not even close to my opinion. The reason, I don’t ship korrasami, is because I interpret every single thing they do with each other as “friendship.”

I can even go so far to say people misinterpret everything, and twists it to be something, (IN MY EYES). And please don’t make this about LGBT rights. Like I said, it really isn’t about that. If I were to replace Asami with Bolin, and people were to repeatedly interpret Bolin’s and Korra’s hugs and letters with each other as something romantic, I’d be peeved off too. I see Borra and Masami and Korrasami as friendship, and it gets real annoying when people say I don’t ship Korrasami because I’m anti-LGBT, or a homophobe.

But let me clarify and end my case as this, you can interpret the ship any way you want. If you want to see korrasami as this, or you want to see makorra as that, go ahead. I’m not in charge of your life, and you are free to do whatever you want with Bryke’s characters. Hey, I interpret makorra in this certain way. And you can do the same with Korrasami.

Just don’t clarify every single “makorrian” as a anti-LGBT or as a person who doesn’t want two women to have a relationship. Because, yes I’m defending my ship here. Not ALL are these “homophobes” you speak of. I’m sure there are some, but what bothers me is when they label us as an “all.”

We makorrians get much hate too. I can’t tell you how many times I go on the makorra tag bashing us of how stupid we are and how dense we can be for liking a ship that ended in book 2, and that we are just a bunch of people who hate the ideas of two ladies getting together (And it hurts to be called homophobic, because it is sooooo far from the truth, at least for me). It hurts us too, you know. We just want respect as well.

The One That Got Away (Cover)
The One That Got Away (Cover)

Okay so this is part of a cover of The One That Got Away by Katy Perry. This was a few years ago at a singing show thing and it’s the audio from my dad’s video of it so it’s not the best quality. It cuts off halfway through so this the link for Part Two