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KANEJ//”Please don’t leave me,”// MODERN DAY COFFEE SHOP AU// SUPER FLUFF// headcanon


- There’s a cafe that Kaz likes to go to before school

- he likes the coffee plus all the lil bakery snacks but sometimes if he hasn’t finished all his homework then he’ll go in early and just hang out for a while

- they even have live music sometimes and it’s always very nice and calm music

- he likes it a lot because it’s not a huge or popular place, it’s just like him, the staff, and maybe 2-3 other people, on a busy day

- so anywhoozles

- one day he walks in and they’re training a new barista

- as soon as he walks in one of the baristas training the newbie pipes up,

- “Oh look, we can even start you off eazy. This is Kaz, he’s actually a regular here. You learn his order once, and you’ve got his order for probably a couple weeks, if not more, until he decides he wants to mix things up,”

- Kaz walked up to the register as the newbie smiled at him

- he couldn’t help but to notice her pretty chocolate eyes

- “How can I help you today?”

- Kaz quickly made his order and took his seat, pulling out his laptop to start on some homework

- Kaz kept on working, before he heard a,

- “Here’s your order, sir,” that startled him so much he almost fell out of his seat

- Kaz couldn’t believe this newbie had snuck up on him without even trying, he was known for noticing the smallest and most minute details, and he couldn’t remember the last time anyone had managed to sneak up on him, especially doing so without trying

- he searched for a nametag

- “Inej”

- maybe this newbie would be more interesting than he thought

- months passed and Kaz actually made an effort to talk to her, and Kaz never made an effort to talk to anyone

- he and Inej slowly became pretty good friends, when Kaz was the only customer or Inej was on breaks, Inej would go and sit with Kaz and they would make chitchat until Inej had to get back to work

- Inej always took the morning shift

- one day Inej told Kaz that the cafe was trying a lot of new things to get more customers in

- Kaz honestly hated the idea, he liked the quaint, quiet little coffee shop, but he knew money was money and there was nothing he could do about it

- so he dealt with it as they remodeled, repainted, started a bunch of new deals, etc.

- until one day they decided to try to target a new group of people, since so far nothing was working

- Kaz didn’t really know much about it, until one late night Kaz decided to do his homework there

- /he didn’t usually go in during nights but he had kind of started to because he knew Inej also worked late nights a lot of the times/

- he walked in and walked over to Inej, made his order, and sat down at his normal table

- he noticed that a pretty big band was setting up

- he also noticed that there were quite a few people waiting for the band to get started

- and now more and more people were coming in to watch the band

- he was walking over to Inej when the band started

- they were a super loud, rock, screamo band that made Kaz’ ears want to bleed

- one look at Inej and he could tell that she hated it as much as he did

- they did their best to talk under the music, but the crowd was just as bad as the band

- the fans were screaming and fighting and smashing cups all over the place

- Kaz couldn’t stand it anymore, so he quickly told Inej goodbye and turned to leave

- “Wait, Kaz,” Inej started

- “Please don’t leave me,” it was barely a whisper but Kaz heard every word of it. He didn’t know why but still he slowly turned back and sat back down with the barista as he nodded his head as an okay

- suddenly Inej gestured him to follow him to the back room, Kaz easily obliged, happy to get as far away from the sound as possible

- Inej turned on the light and shut the door and the mess outside was barely louder than Inej’s almost-whisper from earlier

-the room, however, was a tiny storage closet

- “Sorry,” Inej started, “It’s the best I got,” she spoke as she slid down the back wall so that she was sitting on the ground against the wall

- “It’s perfect,” Kaz said, copying her movements on the wall opposite, so close to the other wall that Kaz and Inej’s feet lay side to side

- they stayed like that for hours and hours just talking

- sometimes there were silences but none of them tension-filled or awkward

- all just comfortable silence

- even when Kaz noticed the noise die down

- he stayed

- she stayed

don't listen - part 3

‘Do you have a Snapchat?’

‘Yeah, why.’

‘Add me.’

‘I already follow your story.’

‘I have a personal one. My assistant runs that one.’

‘You have an assistant?’

‘Yeah, Lin. She takes care of all the things I don’t care enough about.’

‘Does she run your instagram too?’

‘Yep. And twitter.’

‘That explains a lot.’

‘Does it?’

‘Yeah, it’s all so happy. It just doesn’t seem like you?’

‘Are you saying I don’t seem like a 23 year old girl?’

‘That is exactly what I’m saying.’

‘Hahah. That makes sense. It’s all a little bit annoying, isn’t it?

‘Only a little bit.’

‘She’s new and young and excitable and happy all the time. It drives me nuts.’

‘Well, that sounds terrible.’

Mo Guan Shan wondered, not for the first time, if his sarcasm was obvious over text.

‘She’s a little bit of a pain sometimes, but her heart’s in the right place. Plus, she cares about all of this SO much and does everything for me, so I tell her I love it and let her do whatever she wants.’

‘That’s really nice of you.’

‘You’ll understand when you meet her.’

This is the first time He Tian had mentioned them actually seeing each other again.

‘I’m looking forward to it.’

‘How long are you going to be in the city?’

‘We’re here through the end of the month.’

‘I’ll be back home on thursday. Maybe we could hang out?’

‘I’d love to.’


He Tian’s european tour was two months long.

Mo Guan Shan had sent his first text on day 6.

At first they would exchange a text or every two days or so.

After three weeks, they were talking every day.

Despite their conflicting schedules and time zones, they kept up a nearly constant stream of conversation.

He Tian seemed to sleep very little so there were only eight or nine hours total when one of them was unavailable.

Mo Guan Shan was content with texting, where he didn’t need to worry about his appearance, but He Tian liked to use facetime, and had recommended, not very tactfully, that Mo Guan Shan should get used to it.

‘I have shit to do, I can’t put everything down to pick up my phone.’

‘I’m sorry, we don’t have to-’

‘Whoa, whoa, whoa.’ Came a voice from off to the side somewhere.

The phone was pulled from He Tian’s hand and turned around.

‘Lin, what the hell?’

Mo Guan Shan found himself face to face with the pretty, dark haired girl he recognized from some of He Tian’s snaps.

‘What he is trying to say, is that he prefers FaceTime or phone calls so he can set the phone down and still fuck around with whatever he was doing. He phrased it terribly because he’s an idiot.’

He Tian appeared over her shoulder.

‘This is why I need her.’

Mo Guan Shan laughed, relieved.

‘Can I have my phone back, please?’



She smiled.

‘I’m Lin.’

‘I figured as much.’

‘I’ve heard a lot about you, Mo Guan Shan.’’

‘I’ve heard a lot about you too.’

‘Good things?’

‘Of course.’

As always, the conversation is ended by Jian Yi.


Lin sighed.

He Tian took the phone back.

‘Gotta go, i’ll call you later?’

Mo Guan Shan nodded as He Tian ended the call.

Barely two minutes later, He Tian’s name popped up again.

‘I thought you were supposed to- oh, hey.’

It Lin on the screen.

‘You want to come to the show?’

‘I don’t think I can make it there in…’ He checked his watch. ‘Seven minutes.’

‘Well…’ she waved the phone around a bit. ‘Well, this is about as close as you can get.’

‘I don’t understand.’

She smiled.

She really was very, very, pretty.

‘I’ll take you with me.’

pls don’t bear days/weeks of uncomfortable interactions because you’re hesitant to be your complete self around someone 

its not worth it

having to tone yourself down is not only exhausting but harmful to your self

you can’t ‘ease’ someone into your personality, no matter how much you’d like to think otherwise  

Don’t mess with Corvids

Scarecrow: “Every day, we learn more about corvids and how intelligent they are, their ability to solve problems, use tools, to learn.”

Riddler, 3 seconds before being attacked by a murder of crows: “So you’re saying they are nerds?”

Don’t think about Dean forgetting about Valentines Day until one of his customers at work mentions getting his wife something and Dean freaking out because he thinks Cas will never forgive him if he forgets so on the way home he goes to a corner shop and there isn’t much left but he sees a stuffed bee on the shelf that says bee mine on it. It’s really cheesy but right now it’s all they’ve got and Dean’s happy to find ways to apologise to Cas. He goes into the flower shop next door and buys a bunch of yellow carnations, after all they match the yellow and black bee. When Dean gets home Cas is already there and Dean just kisses him before presenting the gifts. Turns out Cas loves the bee and the cheesy message and thinks the flowers are beautiful and thanks Dean for them. Turns out Cas’ gift is just as cheesy, some gummy worms with a label saying you wormed your way into my heart and they just stand there laughing at each others’ gifts.

don't listen - part 4

For how long Mo Guan Shan had loved The Fucking Flowerpots, he’d only seen them in concert once.

And he had been very, very, far away from the stage.

From here, he could see everything.

Well, he could have if Lin had turned the phone away from He Tian.

Which would have been tremendously disappointing.

It went without saying that He Tian was the reason he became a drummer.

His obsession had not been a quiet one.

Shirts, posters, the tattoo… didn’t even begin to cover it.

Frankly, the only way he’d handled meeting him and keeping up a semi-normal conversation was pure shock.

The only way he’d been able to text him that first time had been an excess of alcohol.

Even now, despite how often they talk, seeing his name pop up is still made him incredibly nervous.

He knew it was ridiculous, but it’s a hard thing to adjust to.

So, while he’d been talking to him every day for nearly a month, he still found himself incredibly star struck.

And now, as he watched his idol do exactly what it was he idolized him for, that feeling did not lessen.

His eyes were closed, his body glistened with sweat, he was lost to the world.

The song ended and He Tian leaned down to grab his bottle of water, looking to Lin, his eyes settling on the phone.

He looked almost…embarrassed as he shot Lin the finger, turned back to his instrument.

She turned the phone around, fiddling with a pair of headphones and shouting to be heard.

‘What do you think?’

‘It’s amazing! But it doesn’t seem like he likes it much.’

‘He’s not used to being watched his way. He doesn’t exactly bring people backstage often. Or ever.’


‘I feel like you still have a lot to learn about this man.’

‘I’m going to have to agree with you on that.’

She sat the phone down, propping it up so he could still see her and and crept out onto the stage to talk to him.

He Tian glanced over her shoulder, shaking his head at whatever she was saying.

She nodded in return and left the stage, grabbing the phone and walking off.

The pushed through a door, and turned the phone around.

‘What are you doing?’

‘Taking a break. This is the only time he can’t follow me, and we have a lot to talk about.’

‘Like what?’

She lit a cigarette and sat down on, what looked like, a stack of crates.

‘Like what we’re going to do on Thursday.’

Man, I’ve really been in the mood to play FFVII lately, but I don’t much the time. What time I do have I’m using to play FFXV, since I’ve never played it or seen a play through before. Of course, I’ve seen some spoilers on my dash, but they’ve only made me all the more interested.

By the way, did I ever mention I lost my completionist save file? As in the save file I had where I’d gotten every character to level 99, all of Cloud’s stats to 255, all but 2 of Yuffie and Vincent’ stats to 255, half of Tifa’s stats to 255, every master materia, like 6 Knights of the Round, etc…. I mean, it’s of course fun to play through the game. But I never actually beat the Weapons on that file. Or Sephiroth. I was planning to get Cloud, Yuffie, and Vincent’s stats all to 255 so I could crush him and the Weapons, but that never happened. Ugh. When I have the time again I’ll go on Steam and play some.

I have way too many unfinished FF files right now. IV, IV: TAY, VI, VII, VIII, IX, XV… I’ve watched full walkthroughs of all but XV and TAY, but I’ve only completed IV and VII on my own. So I have these games I want to play so I can say that I actually beat them, rather than…. well, watched someone else beat them. Playing them is really fun too, of course. That and I’m a completionist to the extreme. To play and beat every FF game is my goal one day. I’ve also beaten XIII on my own. I lost my I save file at the same time as my VII one. I only got 15 minutes into II, and have never touched III, V, XI, or XII. X I watched a play through of. So yeah. Gotta finish a lot.

I don’t know where I’m going. I have 25 more pages to take notes on tonight and I don’t feel like doing it. I come here whenever that happens.

Though I should probably finish that. I’m averaging 4.5 hours of sleep a night right now, and have been for almost two months. I’ve been doing the same thing off and on for about 8. I’m tired.

don't listen - part 5

Lin had known He Tian for three years.

She’d been hired right as TFF had started their rise to fame and they’d realized none of the boys could be left to their own devices.

It had been quite the ride.

She’d watched dozens of assistants come and go, eventually realizing what they’d gotten themselves into.

She could hardly blame them.

She hadn’t had to deal with Jian Yi or the others much at first.

The manager at the time had said he couldn’t risk losing her.

They hadn’t gotten along well at first:

He’d seemed so intimidating and was frustrated that he’d been stuck with a babysitter.

That hadn’t lasted long once he’d realized how proficient she was at deflecting the attention away from him when he needed it.

She would have been lying if she’d said she hadn’t harbored a bit of a crush in the beginning.

That had faded quickly.

The first of many secrets she’d kept for him.

Management had tossed around the idea of her posing as his girlfriend, but he’d insisted otherwise.

He’d said she’d never find anyone if people thought that.

She hadn’t cared much then, and cared even less now.

He was more difficult to get past than a boyfriend at this point.

He’d laid down the law almost immediately that none of the guys were to lay a finger on her, and considering they were the only people she ever saw really limited her options.

Erik had gotten a little too friendly at a party a few years back, had been punched in the face by his own brother, and was forced to apologize the next day.

Not that she had any interest in any of them by the time she’d gotten to know them.

She’d ended up gaining five over protective brothers.

She couldn’t imagine the kind of person it would take to get through all of this and still think she was worth it.

She didn’t even bother with any of the many men and women that came through anymore.

Girlfriends, boyfriends, assistants, friends, techs…

He Tian and Jian Yi assured her that none of them were nearly good enough.

And while that was very sweet, she hadn’t been actually laid in over a year, not really.

The only reason the ‘not really’ came into play was the agreement she and He Tian had made about a year after they met.

While she couldn’t have anyone, he never bothered.

There was only so long a person could go, and only so much stress they could take, before someone snaps.

So, the biggest secret she kept for He Tian was the fact that, a few times a week, they helped each other out.

A handjob before a show, a quick fuck before bed, his fingers in the bathroom between sets after she handed out drinks and yelled at Jian Yi.

He would assure her, needlessly, that she was the only one and she would say the same.

They loved each other more than she’d imagined two people could, but it was remarkably platonic.

Mostly because He Tian is very, very, gay.

She wanted nothing more than to see him find someone he cared for, to find happiness.

And he wanted the same for her.

But, until now, it hadn’t really seemed like a possibility.

He Tian seemed almost nervous to tell her about Mo Guan Shan when they’d met.

They’d googled him, stalked his various social media accounts.

He was incredibly cute.

She went to bed alone that night, sitting down and searching her mind for jealousy, resentment, frustration, anger, but came up empty.

She did, however, find herself wondering if he bisexual.

Don’t give up, it might be hard, but honey it will be okay. All the pain will wash away and you’ll be left with the happiness you deserve. I know life isn’t meant to be easy, and it isn’t meant to be this fucking hard, but they say you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain, this might feel like a torrential downpour, but soon enough it will all be okay. It’ll be a rainbow that brightens your eyes and smile. It will be okay one day. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, or the day after, but one day it will be. Don’t give up.
—  Imagine that one thing