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Apparently bravery is mocking wlw for relating to characters in a show now

Since it’s still femslash february it seems like a perfect moment to point out that I love these two and I really wanna know who the heck they are ?? I’m glad it looks like they’re with us on the fukurodani game too, though~

i don’t see how anyone is surprised that marlene killed yvonne so spoby could happen. it was pretty fucking obvious that she wasn’t going to stick around from the start. it’s rushed, it’s shitty writing, it’s problematic as hell, and yvonne and spoby both deserved a far better resolution. 

But come on, this is the writing team that decided romance was having caleb and spencer fall in love for half a season only for caleb to cheat on her with hanna and then claim he’s loved hanna all along, who are still romanticizing a teacher/student relationship that, even looking past all it’s other transgressions, continues to be boring af, who think the best way to put emily and alison together, the slowburn ship to end all slowburn ships who would have had no trouble being brought together naturally, is to introduce two other girls for emily and then inject emily’s eggs into alison in a complete and utter violation of both girls bodies. 

like, did you expect better from the writers? really? if you didn’t see this coming i don’t know what to tell you. 


The Revelation™

Like,,, I get what u guys are saying about not wanting bts to go to bbmas,, but we have been through this already so many times. They’re adults and its their choice. Not to mention bang pd said they really want to go. Yeah my point is stop treating them like children they know exactly what they’re getting into and its their decision.

Do you ever have those days where you just want to give up? Just give up and quit your job and stay home sleeping for a few months and live quietly? And not have to deal with other people’s crap?

This is why this works.
You aren’t the relationship type and commitment is something I’ve never learned to settle into.
According to statistics, there is a 90% chance that this won’t work.
Probability tells us that we don’t end up together after everything is said and done.
You’re stubborn and I like to have things my way, when I want them. I’m also selfish and most of the time, this world feels as if there’s only room for one of us. So we argue, over stupid ass shit. You hate that I take three hours to text back and it annoys the fuck out of me that you constantly need reassurance that this is what I want. I know that I don’t have the best track record. If you backtrack far enough into my history of ex lovers- they never last longer than 3 months. I grow anxious for what’s to come next. I get irritated easily. So in loving me you’re settling for uncertainty. I can’t promise that tomorrow I’ll wake up and know for sure that I’m going to spend the rest of my life with you. That doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I hope you know that. I might not always say it and perhaps the closest to ever telling you comes out in a question that asks if you’ve ate today but I’ve never been good with these things. I know I bash on love too openly for your taste. The first time you met my mother, I left the room and she told you to run while you still had something left. Right now, I leave the choice to you. The chances of this not working out are higher than anything else and the truth is, neither one of us has ever been in the business of chasing after love or even trying for it but I love you enough to stand by the idea that with you I would.

me @ every salty person who says that botw is getting perfect scores because it’s “only a zelda game”

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Hi sorry i have a genuine question how does kiwi reference sex w underage girls??!! I really had no idea and now I feel queasy but thank u For calling it out lmao

this section:

Hard candy dripping on me ‘til my feet are wet
And now she’s all over me, it’s like I paid for it
It’s like I paid for it, I’m gonna pay for this

‘hard candy’ is a term used to refer to pre-teen to teen girls. a lot of people have been sourcing urban dictionary as it is the most accessible source which has lead to cries of “it’s just UD it means nothing, harry wouldn’t know, he didn’t write the song alone,” etc etc. 

UD is not the source of the term. it’s a term that’s been in use for years and i believe entered the mainstream lexicon with this film:

which is specifically about hunting down pedophiles.

i’ve seen claims that he’s referring to a cocktail because it’s also the name of a cocktail, which first of all: there are millions of drink names that could be used. this is a specific choice, and if he wanted to be risque i can think of dozens of drink names off the bat that are explicit and/or suggestive. second of all, why is he talking about “paying for it” if it’s not something illegal or immoral or unethical? what is there to pay for if this is all good in the hood? third of all: he’s been emulating 70s icons who have all been known to partake in underage ~~“trysts”, so is it really so farfetched to see this as purposeful? there’s been no attempt to hide the sexism in any of his other lyrics or his actual behaviour. heck, even ‘carolina’s original backstory had her underage which was only changed when fans caused a ruckus, which suggests they didn’t think this would be a big deal. 

contextually, it is clear to me that this is an intentional reference to underage girls that they probably didn’t think would register or cause an uproar (which… i guess they knew their audience since people are now jamming to it and want it released as a singe) and that it would fit into the 70s rockstar persona. 

Let’s play a game. It goes like this… Stop stalking and harassing Skam cast when they clearly gave notice they don’t wish to be bothered. Stop waiting for Tarjei and David in front of their school.

Just because Tarjei is smiling doesn’t mean he is comfortable doing it. Do not call him rude or ungrateful and guilt trip him for not wanting to take pictures or talk to you. Today he wanted to leave and he was basically forced into meeting fans??? Do you not see the problem? You actually think it’s not disturbing when you go after him two days in a row? Also I’m sorry but same people waiting for Henrik after he just came back? Not creepy at all?

I know you all get excited when you get new content but please consider the circumstances. And if you already get pictures with them don’t expose them on every fucking social media and encourage people to do the same. That’s chill?

I forget that there are middle schoolers on Tumblr and they're seeing my bad behavior and they're impressionable so lemme just say


Don’t do.

Any of this.