don't do it ellen

Emily Kaldwin from “Dishonored 2”.


Carmilla. Bad Blood style.

Casual reminder that Ellen Harvelle literally reached from beyond the grave to tell Dean that he needed to talk about his feelings and learn how to trust people again, after Castiel died in Season 7.

I think the only thing keeping me from #coming out to my parents is the fact that they view sexuality very simply and it’s very annoying. Like my dads homophobia doesn’t even scare me I don’t really care about that anymore. but both of them have always viewed sexuality as only Gay vs Straight (and also very stereotypically) and that’s really very obnoxious. like if I come out to them the only image they will have of me is this Ellen Degeneres lesbian (even tho I’ve never really identified as a lesbian, but they will commit me to that label) and that is Annoying

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I see a coordinated coming out & re-branding worked by People and Billboard. Mr. Azoff is going to do this full out. Hit people from all angles. I expect one big tv interview to cover both, which is why I don't see them doing Ellen. She and James Corden will both get visits, yes, but the big interview is going to be someone who knows the music industry, and on one of the weekly news shows. No Matt Lauer, no Ryan Seacrest. No fluff. jmo