don't damn well shrug at me

I was watching Olivia and Jake’s last scene from 4x22 recently, the one that’s almost infamous in all the “Jake, WTF?!” reactions it garnered in the wake of that finale’s airing. And it hit me that, for all the talk and dissection and analytics that went on concerning what Jake did and said and why, Liv’s part of that exchange (before her flashbacks) got nary a mention. Understandable, since Jake’s decision was the buzz-worthy pivot upon which the season ended. It’s, admittedly, the impression I was left with for a long time, until re-watching the scene and being reminded of its entirety. And maybe this is just me, because Liv’s Jake-related behavior is one of my favorite things ever and I could just go on and on about it til the cows come home. But yeah, her reactions to him in this scene…so much Olake juice

First of all, it’s another example of my theory that Liv tends to slip into “couple mode” with Jake a lot (not counting the period in which they were actually a couple). Between her staying away from him after the kidnapping, then the stabbing and helping him recover, then getting Rowan imprisoned, they hadn’t just been happy or casual together in a long while. So once all that was, for the most part, behind them, Liv was all ready to kick it with her boo Jake, some wine, and his beer that she still had in the fridge (aw). She was basically about to pick up with him where they left off before she was taken. Right down to, once again, celebrating Rowan being out of the picture. There was probably an implied potential for sex somewhere in there too. I mean, it’s them, so… 

But then Jake starts to burst her little bubble by not coming in. And she sounded so cute and expectant and the littlest bit confused when she went, “Why are you just standing there? Come inside.” Then he hit her with, “This is where the ride ends”, and when she responds, “What?”, I can practically hear the womp-womp sound effect go off in her head. She was like, Uuuh, helloooo, I thought we were about to have us a good ol’ time. What is this fresh nonsense?? And then he goes into his never-ending capacity for self-depreciation and self-imposed unworthiness concerning how they first got together. Key word: “Mission”. But in response, the very last thing she says in the scene is “That’s not-”. And I don’t even need for her to have finished that, because those two words tell me enough: that she does not agree with what he’s telling her as it pertains to their relationship. That’s Jake’s lingering issue, but it hasn’t been a concern for her since season 2.

Backtracking a bit from this, there was when he first started to walk away, and she was. Not. Having. It. And she didn’t realize yet that he was as serious as he was. Her first two attempts to get him to stop (by calling his name, which, for those of y’all who love how she says his name when she’s in her emotions…) didn’t even yield a response. So she pulled out that “Don’t you DARE”, her voice tinged with the slightest bit of Oh he’s actually about to leave me here! panic, and I’m like, Well damn. She really, really did not want him to go. So this is also another example of Liv getting very pressed/upset/emotional whenever Jake’s presence and availability in her life is threatened or taken away. Seriously, “Don't you dare”? That’s practically a threat, lol. She was gettin mad, and worried. 

Now, Liv wasn’t about to force Jake to stay, or to feel differently than the way he felt at the time. But this is a reminder that she did not just stand idly by and shrug as he left her hanging. She put up a bit of a fight. There was resistance. There was the continued through-line of displaying Olivia’s deep emotional attachment to Jake. Overall, this was a really, really good scene for these two as a romantic pairing. Especially in hindsight for some viewers, after they calmed the heck down, lol. 

no, you know what, I still can’t believe I got called a protestant on my own blog.

call me a heretic and I’ll laugh and uncomfortably cop to a little bit of heresy, the same old lines of dissent between liberal laity and the magisterium that have existed for decades.

cafeteria catholic? absolutely, you’ve got me there, there’s no two ways about it.

there’s even a bunch of Latin phrases you could sling at me and I’d shrug and accept, because ‘subversiva hierarchiae’ won’t ever sound not cool.

but protestant????