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Sam doesn't eat unless he has to while Dean's a demon. When he gets Dean back, the first thing his big brother notices is how skinny and weak he is. Dean goes into ultra protective mode and is so gentle and loving to Sam. He makes him food and when they have sex, Dean is gentle and he makes Sam feel so safe and secure again. Dean goes on and on about how his Sammy needs to be good and healthy, and how well he's doing as he keeps gaining weight. Dean supports him through all of jt.

he’s not purposely starving himself, you know? it’s just… he’s worried about other things, about more important matters, about his brother. trying to find dean, trying to find a cure, trying to figure out a way to make sure that he can actually get his brother back, it all seems more important than eating. now he isn’t stupid. he knows that he can’t continue living without eating something it’s just when he does eat, it’s just enough to take the edge off his hunger that isn’t really there.

he just knows that he’s this far from finding a cure and if he pushes through this then dean will be alright and he’ll be back to his old self and sam can stop worrying about that. he just has to push a little harder for just a little longer.

demon!dean makes a comment about it, how sam looks as skinny as he did when he was a gangly teen and they were doing things that no brother should do in the backseat of the impala. demon!dean would smile as he said “don’t you remember how i would just split you open on my cock, sammy? how you would beg for it. how much of a slut you were for it. begging me to stuff you full and tear you in half. i’m sure that if you released me now, i could still split you open, still make you beg for it. hell, i probably wouldn’t even fit. your body is too tiny now to take me all the way.”

it wasn’t like the other jabs that demon!dean sent his way, saying that dean had cared his ass for all his life, always looking after him and how he never wanted that. and it wasn’t like the jab that he sent towards sam saying that dean never really wanted sam in that way, he just couldn’t stand making the kid sad. but regardless it hurt to hear because sam was certain that dean was right. he probably wouldn’t be able to fit dean inside of him anymore. it’s been too long and he’s lost so much weight and yet sam would still probably beg for it. he would beg and cry until dean broke him in half and still want more.

but then sam cured dean, purified that demon blood or whatever and then sam had his brother back and he felt weak and small. his body sagged on his bed (dean didn’t want to be around him anymore. he ran off to his room the moment that sam released him and he took the hint. dean didn’t want to have anything else with him.) and he felt like he would just sink through. he was hungry, more than hungry. he was starving and yet he couldn’t bring himself to walk into the kitchen and get something to eat. it seemed like it was too much effort.

curing dean, it was supposed to fix everything. everything was supposed to go back to how it was before he was a demon and everything was supposed to be alright.

there’s a tentative knock at his door and he’s expecting cas, telling him that dean has finally gotten to sleep and that he should eat something or something like that but he’s surprised when the door pushes open and it’s dean standing there, holding a tray of food in his hand, standing in the door like he’s not welcome which was weird to see because dean was always welcomed in his room.

yet there dean was, standing in the doorway like he was a stranger, waiting for sam’s permission to come in.

you don’t have to ask, dean.” sam finally said when it was clear that dean wasn’t going to walk in on his own. “you’re always welcomed in my room. always.” he’s not sure why he’s trying to make that point but he is. he wants dean to know that anything of sam’s is something of his.

oh… uhh… okay.” dean said, pushing the door open wider and he’s almost blushing, like he was embarrassed to think that he wasn’t welcomed or maybe he was embarrassed to think that sam still wanted him. after everything he did. everything he said. “i… uhh… i made you some food. you just… you look…

dean trailed off. how were you supposed to nicely say that you’ve lost so much weight that you look unhealthy.

but sam sat up straighter on his bed, leaning against the head board and his heart hurts in his chest because it looks like dean actually tried to make him something that he would like. the salad looked fresh. the chicken still looked hot. the apple that dean had sliced open looked good and it was nothing like what dean normally ate and yet he still tried. he was trying to make it up to sam.

sam barely ate three of the apples slices and picked at the salad before he pushed the tray away, claiming that he was full and dean didn’t doubt it for a second but he still urged sam to eat just another apple slice.

sam looked at the apple and then looked up at dean, his jaw locked in that childlike defiance and dean ran a hand through his hair.

listen, sammy, i know that i’m in no position to ask you to do anything. in fact, i’m the last person that should ask you to do anything but you’ve gotta eat a little more, man. please. just a couple bites of chicken. we’ve gotta… you’ve gotta get healthy. you’re skin and bones and it’s all because…because of me. even though dean didn’t say that, sam knew what he meant to say. and he wanted to deny it. it wasn’t because of dean, sam had every opportunity to eat, he just didn’t.

instead it ate a full slice of chicken and a couple more pieces of apple and he looked up at dean, his stomach stuffed and he didn’t miss the fond little smile that was on dean’s face. except dean was sitting at the edge of the bed, so far away and sam wanted him so much closer. needed him closer.

good job, sammy.” dean praised, picking up the tray and backing out of the room. “you did such a good job.” he paused at the door, looking as if he wanted to say more before he walked out. “i’ll see you in the morning.”

for breakfast dean makes oatmeal and the hot meal feels good going down his stomach and it tastes so good that he can’t help but eat it all. it was so much food and a few minutes later, it comes back up and sam knew he shouldn’t have eaten it all. his stomach couldn’t handle that much food after not eating for so long. he needed to take it slower but dean was there, rubbing light fingers up and down his back, saying that it was okay. they’ll try something else and he pressed a cool washcloth to the back of his face and when sam gained the color back to his skin, dean backed away from sam, ceasing all contact and sam missed that the most.

dean helped sam gain weight back. every meal that sam had was a home cooked meal and it was something different and dean would ask how sam liked it and sam would reply truthfully. there was one night that sam stumbled upon dean fast asleep with his head resting in some book in the library. and upon further inspection, sam saw that it was a cookbook with post-it notes sticking out all over the place. sam gently pulled the book from out underneath dean’s head and on it post-it note was dean’s handwriting, writing down notes, whether or not sam liked whatever was on that page and sam’s heart swelled at the sight.

it took a while. that’s a lie actually. it took forever for dean to actually touch sam like they used to. dean had folded back into himself, refused himself to touch sam longer than he absolutely had to and whenever sam would try to initiate any kind of contact, dean would cut it off, make up some excuse why he had to leave and do something else.

however, slowly sam started touching dean longer and dean allowed himself to stay there while sam touched. a couple of fingers to the back of the hand. elbows and knees pressed together while they’re sitting next to each other at the table. it’s small but it feels like some much to sam.

there’s one night where dean doesn’t seem as shielded as he normally is and they’re in sam’s room watching some movie and sam managed to crawl up under dean’s arm and dean wrapped it around sam’s shoulder for the whole movie. now in the morning, dean seemed even more distant that he had before and anytime there was even the smallest point of contact, dean flinched like he was burned.

sam had long gained back the weight that he had lost when they first had sex. dean was in his room, leaning up against the headboard, staring off into nothing when sam let himself in and crawled onto dean’s bed and all but begged dean to touch him. that he needed it and it was low because sam knew that dean would do anything that sam asked but it wasn’t a lie. he missed dean. he missed him tremendously and having dean just within reach and yet having dean seem like he was miles away hurt more than any kind of pain could feel.

it started out with sam touching dean. slowly undressing him, kissing him, whispering praise and forgiveness for everything that dean ever said to him in his skin and soon dean was trembling underneath sam’s touch and it was everything that sam wanted.

he was fully content with riding dean, taking whatever he was willing to get but sam sunk his teeth into the flesh the spot where dean’s heart was, sucked a deep, purple spot there and it seemed to flip some kind of switch inside of dean.

dean flipped them and then it was sam’s turn to be worshipped with fingers and lips and the entire time dean couldn’t stop himself for apologizing, saying that he wanted sam, that he needed him, that he didn’t mean any of what he said when he was a demon. it was all a ploy to try to get sam to let him go and sam ran a hand through dean’s hair and told him that it’s okay. that he knows.

as much as dean hates to admit it and he probably won’t ever admit it, he buried his head in the crook of sam’s shoulder as he pushed inside of him and cried.

sam felt like crying too because it was all too much. the way that dean was treating him, like he was this fragile thing that dean didn’t even deserve touching, treating him with so much care, being so gentle that sam wasn’t sure that this was still his dean because dean hadn’t been this gentle with him since the first time they did this. or when dean sold his soul for him to bring him back from the dead.

so it’s kind of a give and take, ya know. dean nurses sam back to health. holds his hair back when sam throws back up his meal because he just can’t keep it down and sam shows dean that he is worthy of forgiveness.

Watching Lazarus Rising for the 13th time:

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sambucky + 19 :) c'mon make me cry

19. things you said when we were the happiest we ever were

“Do you remember that?” Bucky asks him. His voice is just a thin rasp in the dark of their bedroom. “The place Steve found us?”

“Yeah,” Sam whispers back. “I remember before then, when I couldn’t stand you.”

“You never hated me.”

“I didn’t.” Sam swallows hard. “I still don’t now, you know.”

Bucky’s silent for a long moment. It’s so quiet in their room that the lack of noise starts to ring in Sam’s ears. When did they start to pull away? When did Sam start to feel like this was all too much? When did Bucky start to agree?

“I remember,” Bucky says, pushing the conversation back to when they were better. “How hard it was for you to try and not laugh at my jokes.”

“It wasn’t hard. You weren’t funny.”

“I remember telling you that you were annoying.” Bucky starts to chuckle a little. “I remember I was kissing you when I said it.”

Sam lets out a huff of a laugh. “I remember you telling me that you loved me and then hiding in your room for three hours after.”

“Yeah,” Bucky says. He reaches out to take Sam’s hand. Sam lets him. “I remember that too.”

“Do you-” Sam starts but he doesn’t know how he wants to finish. Do you think we should break up? Do you think we stand a chance? Do you think we’re something worth fixing? Do you still love me?

Bucky rolls to his side and tucks Sam’s body into his. Sam goes, easy, and sighs as Bucky’s warmth surrounds him. “I don’t know shit, Wilson.” Sam can’t help but laugh at that. “But I know one thing, and that’s that I love you.”

In the dark, it’s enough.

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i feel like you could be dating sam for four years and he would still ask if it was ok for him to kiss you like he would just stare at you and whisper "can i kiss you love@ and you would be like "babe it's been 4 years you don't have to ask" and he would just mumble "i know but what if you aren't in the mood" and just rolling your eyes before lazily making out with him

Do you want me to cry? This just made my heart swell with love. Sam is the fucking cutest!!

Don't leave me

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Warnings: Drowning, fights, feels.

Request: Could you write an imagine where during Dead in the Water the reader dives in the water to save Lucas, and gets dragged down in stead, and Dean saves her, and when she’s not breathing he’s crying and begging her to come back while Sam does CPR. It eventually works and Dean is a mess, and the reader is coughing and Dean hugs her and keeps telling her home much he loves her.

Notes: Finally ready! Sorry for taking so much time to write this, but my vacation is over and i’m not feeling exactly fine so…

This story passes in Dead in the Water 1x03, sorry for putting so much of the episode in the story.

It’s small but i hope you guys like it, the other requests will be out in a few days.

And guys… talk to me.

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“Stop yelling!” You screamed.

“I’m not fucking yelling (Y/N)” He shouted angry. “I’m just trying to make you understand that i didn’t flirt with that girl! Because i fucking love you” 

“Do you?” You anwered sarcastically, lowering your voice trying to prevent the tears from falling. You met Dean two years ago in a hunt and since then you were girlfriend and boyfriend. But since his father went missing and you two went to Stanford to get his little brother Sammy, you two were fighting over every little thing. You didn’t believe in his “I love you” anymore, you didn’t believe in anything. You sighed readying yourself to say what you were thinking for the last days. “I’m so done of this. After this hunt, i’m gone.”  

But before he could open his mouth to answer you, Sam opened the door looking at you two a little confused. 

“Guys, we need to go…” He said making Dean - who stared straight into your eyes with a underable expression - shake his head and follow his brother outside the room. 

You let a single tear drop from your eye and followed the guys to the Impala. You were working on a case of some suspicious drowning, including the drowning of the husband of Andrea, the girl you said Dean was flirting with. She was beautiful, you had to admit, probably prettier than you. The fights with Dean made your self-esteem become pretty low. Because of this, you didn’t blame the girl, actually a little part of you didn’t even blame Dean for flirting. You’re fucked up. If you were Dean, you wouldn’t stand your self anymore too.


You let a silent tear fall when you thought about how your relationship was going, this was not right. You loved Dean with all your heart, you really did. But with all the fights, all the distrust of both parts, you just couldn’t stand it anymore. And it hurt so much. 

“(Y/N)? Is everything okay?” Sam’s preoccupied voice interrupted your thoughts, making you look at him. You and Sam were in the Impala waiting for Dean to finish packing because the Sheriff of the town kicked you out. It’s sucked but it happened in some cases.  

“Yeah Sammy.” You said giving him a small smile trying to stop crying, but of course he didn’t believe you. He sighed shaking his head in denial.

“Look (Y/N), i know my brother can be an ass sometimes but… i know he loves you and…”

“He doesn’t Sam.” You interruped him with a very broken heart. “Maybe one day he did but… we’re not the same anymore. He doesn’t care like he used to, but i do… and that’s why i’m gonna leave.” 

“There’s nothing i could say to make you change your mind?” Sam asked with a sad voice and you shaked your head in denial. “In this case, i’m gonna miss you… we didn’t have many regular woman in our life and i’m happy to say that you’re one of them.” He said smiling offering you his hand and you took it finally after days, smiling a little bit. 

“Thank you Sam, i’m gonna miss you too.” You said and he smiled but before you could continued this conversation, Dean enter the car with a serious face, you were still mad at him but you knew that something was bugging him.

“What’s wrong Dean?” Sam asked and Dean accelerated the car to the opposite direction of the city’s exit.  

“We’re going to Andrea’s.” He said and Sam’s eyebrowns frowed.

“Andrea’s? Why?” Sam cried and you sighed knowing exactly what this was about. 

“I’m not leaving this city until i make sure Lucas is okay.”  

When you finally arrived, you guys found Andrea drowning in the bathtub, and Lucas desesperate. After Sam took her out of the bathtub, you stayed in the house talking to Andrea and trying to understand what the heck was going on.
In the morning Lucas found the dead kid’s bicycle and you understood what happened. The sheriff and Bill Carlton killed one kid drowing him into the lake, and now this kid was haunting their families. 

“LUCAS!” The sheriff screamed and you saw the little one on the edge of the lake. Shit. You and all the others started running and when he was pulled into the lake by the kid’s spirit, you were the first one to jump to get him. You got Lucas’ hand and boost him towards the surface feeling the spirit grab your feet.  

“Lucas! Oh my god” Andrea cried and with Sam’s help, they got Lucas out of the lake. 

“(Y/N)?” Dean asked when he saw that Lucas came out of the water but you didn’t, he started to panic. “(Y/N)!” He screamed trowing himself into the water to search for you. He could feel his whole body shaking with the fear of losing you. He couldn’t lose you. 

His mind wans’t processing things but his hands were moving like crazy in the water trying to find you. Until his hands finally met something that seemed to be your waist. He pulled you out, and Sam helped him lay you down on the pier.  

“(Y/N)?” Dean asked looking at your non breathing body, starting to fear the worst. 

“(Y/N) Wake up damn it!” He screamed shaking your body and before he knew, he felt tears in his cheeks. 

“Move Dean!” Sam screamed trowing himself on the top of you so he could do CPR. Dean was sobbing when he took your cold hand watching Sam pressing your chest and breathing into your mouth. 

“Wake up (Y/N), you can’t leave me!” Dean begged crying hard. “I never want you to leave… come back to me babe.” 

Sam tried a few more times before starting to feel his own eyes fill with tears as he looked up at his brother, shaking his head in denial. Dean’s eyes widened and he shook his head not wanting to believe. 

“No Sam…”He started and Sam wiped his face of tears.  

“She’s gone Dean.”

“NO DAMN IT!” Dean screamed starting to do CPR in you again. He refused to let you go. When Sam was about to pull his brother away from your body, you started coughing water.

“(Y/N) oh god” Dean said crying in relief when you opened your eyes confused. He helped you sit to cough some more water and after you finally stopped, he hugged you still feeling the tears fall. 

“I love you so much sweetheart.” He cried still hugging you. “Please don’t leave me, please…”

“De-dean…” You started still feeling a little dizzy. 

“Shh… c’mom let’s get you inside.” He said but before anything else, he touched his lips on yours so gently that it was almost like you weren’t kissing. “I love you (Y/N), don’t ever doubt that. Don’t leave me, please, we can make this work, don’t leave me.” 

“I’m not going anymore Dean” You said a little surprised, confused but extremely happy to hear that as you wiped his tears. “Even if i want to, i love you too much for that.”

He sighed in relief kissing your forehead before getting up and carrying you in his arms into the house. And even though words weren’t spoken, you knew that the fights would be over for a very long time from now on.

French Perfume Part 7

Crowley X Reader

Summary: Female reader receives a package from an admirer.   She also learns about her special gifts.

Warnings: angst, language

Catch up: French Perfume Series

Your​ head swam with panic. “Oh God, No!” You held Crowley’s unconscious frame in your arms unsure of what to do. Shit, you didn’t even remember where you were. He had bounced all over the world tonight. Remember, Remember, (Y/N), you thought. You ran to the dresser and looked at the hotel note pad, you were in some swanky hotel in Kansas City. Great, you weren't​ far from the bunker but you didn’t have a car and trying to steal one, that would just take too long.
A thousand thoughts raced through your mind. You bundled up yours and his clothes and ran back to the bed. Shit, your magic hadn’t worked yet but you were desperate, now that Crowley’s life was in your hands.  

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I just imagined a scene and now I'm tearing up; okay so: Dean goes round to tell Claire that Cas is dead and she just bursts into tears and runs to her room. Dean follows and finds her crying into the grumpy cat. Minutes later Sam stops himself from walking in after he hears "were you ever gonna tell him?" "Maybe. But i don't want it to be a life or death thing. I don't want one of us to be dying and just... say it" "you really loved him didn't you" "I did" - something like that

How very dare you #cw mcd

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“Okay? I get it. I’m not worth the love. But at least tell me instead of treating me like I’m not there.”


This is it, this is why Sam is the best friend Blaine has ever had.

Because it doesn’t matter that he doesn’t agree with Blaine getting married, he still supports him eagerly.

Because even if he knows Blaine is singing a love song to him, he is okay with it and supports him.

And he doesn’t content himself with just being him who’s there for Blaine, but he gets up and encourage the others to support him too so Blaine is surrounded by people that accepts him.

And that is why Blaine loves him so much and reads fanfiction to him in the middle of the night or makes videos for him to show him how special he is.

That’s why their friendship is clearly the best one and the most authentic of the show.

The Best Of The Endings

You and Sam give up hunting and start living a normal life.


Words: 1100

Warnings: Blood, fluff, and a lot of tears

I want to thank @nemesris and @asparkshinesbright who read this this morning and their replies made my week. Also, thanks to @abaddonwithyall for giving me the courage to post this and being so freaking nice to me :)


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After hunting all your life, you never thought you’d be so happy. You never thought Sam would be the love of your life. You never thought on giving up hunting.

When The Darkness arrived, the brothers and you decided to drop out hunting. You moved from the bunker to a pretty house with blue windows in Kansas.

You remembered Sam proposing as it had been yesterday. He took you to your favourite place in the whole world. Where you met: a park near the bunker. That was where he saved you from that vampire who was trying to kill you. Where your eyes first met. It was also the place where you had your first kiss and started dating.
When you were there, it was like one of the stories your mother told you as a child. He knelt in front of you and said a few words. Obviously, you accepted.

As for Dean, he was so happy for you. He even made a bachelor party for Sam. Surprisingly, he sent you messages every 10 minutes to tell you all was well with Sam. You told him to let go, and not to worry. You wanted both of them to have a great time, and that wouldn’t happen if Dean texted you every 10 freaking minutes.

Hunting all your life made you lose all your friends, except for the Winchesters. So, you spent your bachelorette night watching Game of Thrones on your own on your shared bedroom with Sam.
Neither Sam nor Dean came drunk that night. Although they went to a bar, they didn’t get drunk. Dean wanted Sam to arrive to your house safely, and Sam just wanted to get home and cuddle with you. It was actually one of the cutest things he had ever done for you.

The wedding day arrived. It wasn’t the wedding you dreamed as a child, but Sam was there and you couldn’t help it but smile. At the chapel, Dean was the best man and Cas married you both. He wasn’t a priest, but he was an angel, and it was more special… Kind of.
When you were a child, you dreamed with an enormous wedding. Full of people, in a big and beautiful church, and a chic, white dress. But now, you had your wedding at a local chapel, with a simple white dress and your 3 favourite people in the world. And it was good. It was enough. It was lovely. Sam was holding your hand from beginning to end as Castiel’s smile lighted his face. Dean was holding the rings and weeping.
Yep. He did.

You were happy. You finally were. After all those years hunting things, you were satisfied with your life. Sam got a job as a teacher in a primary school and Dean was a mechanic. You all had dinner in your place every Saturday night. Even Cas was there.
Everything was perfect. Perfect house, perfect friends, perfect family…

Until that happened.

 It was 4:23 AM when your phone rang. Stretching your arms, you felt the right side of the bed empty. Sam wasn’t beside you, but maybe he was calling…

But he wasn’t. It was Dean.

“Dean, what the hell? It’s 4 in the morning,” You said hoarsely.

“Y/N,” Dean cried. He sounded agitated… and scared. “It’s Sam”

You got up as fast as you could and began to put your shoes on. “Where are you?”

You never liked driving. You only did it when you had an emergency. But you were driving right now. Roads were never your thing, so you grabbed Sam’s GPS before you left your house in a hurry. Dean told you where to go, but before knowing what happened, you hung up and grabbed the car keys. You didn’t want to know. You couldn’t. You prayed for Sam to be fine, to be back home.

An old barn. “So Winchester,” you thought. But you were scared as hell. Running, you opened the door, gun between your fingers, and walked in. Dean was kneeling on the floor when you saw him, looking at the floor by his left.

“Dean?” you asked. He strained when he heard your voice. “Where’s Sam?”

“Come here, Y/N,” he said. He didn’t turn back. You ran as quickly as you could. When you were beside Dean, you saw him.

Sam was on the floor, offering you his hand. His chest was bleeding badly, and you could feel tears already falling down your face.

“Sammy, honey… What…” you started, but Sam interrupted.

“Come here, Y/N, come.” He said as you took his hand and knelt beside him.

“You know…” he whispered, “We couldn’t stop hunting.” A smile grew on his face, but suddenly faded. “Werewolf. Dean killed it but… It was too late for me.”

“No! It’s not late, baby, it’s not… Please don’t leave me” You said, crying.

“I guess I had to tell you this but… I was protecting you, keeping you safe. But please, Y/N, forgive me.”

“Don’t talk as you were going to die, Sam, don’t… Please!!”

You felt how your heart wanted to escape from your chest, beating faster than ever, trying to fix this in your mind, somehow.

“Cas” you said, looking behind you at Dean. “He can fix this, he can save Sam, can’t he?”

He stared at you, nodding no with his head, as Sam squeezed your hand, making you turn at him.

“Y/N, no… Don’t do this.” He said, coughing blood.

“But you can’t die, Sam, please, don’t” You pressed your forehead with his, begging. “Please don’t die, not like this.”

“I’m sorry” his voice was fading.

“Sammy, you can’t leave me… Us. I’m pregnant, Sam. Please don’t leave us, and be a father…”

“I love you, Y/N” he said. “Make sure our baby never hunts. Ever. Please.”

You nodded, as you smiled and pressed your lips with his. It went through your mind if at any moment you would be dry from both mourn.

“Thank you” he said, with his last breaths.

“Why?” you answered cupping his face with both hands.

“For giving me the best of the endings.”

As a smile rushed on his face, his eyes closed. You felt your heart skip a beat.

Screaming, crying, kicking. That’s all you could do. Dean tried to stop you, but he couldn’t. You hugged Sam’s body as you screamed his name, sobbing.

You had just lost the love of your life.

But for him, it was the best of the endings.

do you ever just think about how samuel won’t be alive in dishonored 2 and you just really feel like you need to lie down and stare at the ceiling for a few hours because of a man who loved his boat so, so much and lived in a hut made of old boats and other stuff and probably read maps by lamplight before he went to sleep. can you imagine him tracing the frayed paper with a calloused finger and knowing that he’s been to most of those places. do you remember seeing him warm himself by a makeshift fire because he was gonna wait for you, even in the rain? and how you’d come back and see the welcome mat in his boat after a long mission. do you remember how despite the bad hands he’d been dealt with in life, he chose to be kind? do you need to cry about this because i do 

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NOOO! I'm so sad now! My dear Cas! And poor Dean MY BABY! *sobs* if/when.. And I say IF this ends is that it? Or are you going to do one where they're Cas passed away and Dean lives on without him and when it's Dean's time, he goes to heaven and he can finally see again? And he hears his name, turns around and actually SEES Cas for the first time bc they share a heaven? Honestly if that happens I would cry. You don't know how much I love your blind!dean au! I check it regularly :)

ok ok omg i just wanted to say i read this message right before i went to bad


like sam and dean will wonder to their heavens, and their parents,Jess, Bobby, Ellen&Jo are all there to greet them.



because i went to bed with a HUUGE smile on my face. so thank you for that. god bless.