don't cry over and over


Especially Fitz. He woke from the worst nightmare of all - one in which he was the monster.

{artwork inspiration by @soulofaminaanima}

some altean lance/galra keith headcanons!!

  • Lance and Allura are siblings
  • they bicker a l o t
  • like a lot a lot
  • Lance was the ~original~ blue paladin so he trains the paladins more than Allura does
  • Lance immediately hits on Keith after falling out of the cryopod. Allura judo-flips him.
  • Lance has some Issues™
  • When they discover Keith has a galran form, Lance is the first one to scratch behind his ears
  • Keith is basically a giant cat and he leans into it, pressing his face into Lance’s hand
  • Lance discovers Keith can purr
  • This discovery results in many cuddles with his head tucked onto Keith’s chest because purring is the best
  • Keith does the foot twitching thing whenever Lance scratches behind his ear
  • Lance loves his floofy kitty bf with all his heart!!
  • Keith levels up every time Lance pets his hair. Soon he’ll be unstoppable.
  • Lance is indignant when people call Allura princess but just call him Lance??? Why do they not respect him more!!

the cutest and most precious friendship (ft. excited kenta) ♡


So like you know how Yuri was introduced to the WTTM song by Otabek right?? K so like what if like Yuri isn’t too into like English (as in the language) music and has no idea what the emo trinity or anything like that is and one day they’re just listening to music on Otabek’s phone one day and suddenly like Thnks Fr Th Mmrs or Immortals or some other various fob song comes on and Yuri’s just like “Otabek what the fuck is this?? It’s fucking awesome” And Otabek’s just like, “Umm it’s Fall Out Boy?? How do you not know them?” and Yuri’s like completely enamored by this band and they spend the next like four hours listening to fob and p!atd and watching random Youtube compilations of Brendon and Gerard being hella sassy and the next day Yuri’s at Hot Topic buying every piece of band merch he can get his hands on along with like four things of black eyeliner and Otabek realizes he accidentally turned GPF gold medalist Yuri Plisetsky emo.

I’m sorry I took so long. I took so long to say ‘I love you’. I’m sorry. I just don’t want to be back on my bedroom floor at 3 am, crying over you just because you did the same thing— just like every other person I ever loved—You left me.
—  P.G.G : jxd