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That last anon is right tho, you're still fat and lazy, asking people for handouts. Kys.

Lmao this is obviously the same person.

Kill myself? Okay, after I get a couple things from:

On days where the only thing in the cupboard is an old rusted mouse trap and the rattling noise in the fridge is nothing but John’s cheap beer, Dean doesn’t eat.

But Sam does.

Even if it meant stealing a candy bar from the corner store because that was all he could fit in his worn-out pockets. Or half of it melting over Sam’s chubby hands and rosy cheeks, it didn’t matter. Not to Dean, anyways.

As long as he got to see his boy smile.


i asked him to draw me a cactus BUT HE ALSO DREW ME A BIRTHDAY CAKE AND WROTE HBD since i told him it’s gonna be my birthday soon I LOVE THIS BOI

and can someone tell me what he wrote in korean plz coz i can never read his handwritings ;u; 

u guys!!nn’! my new roommate responded to me I’m so happy !!! 🤧😭💕🎉 i was prayin she wouldn’t ignore me like my first roommate assignment nd she didn’t!! 😭👏🏻🤧 she actually responded nd sounds super nice!! 💖💓 i hope she likes me,, i m just so….,,,me😰i hope we become friends at least!!!

Look me in my eyes while you lie.
Whisper sweet temptations filled with no intention.
Fill me with your poison, a romantic way to die.
Although i know the end, ill wait for you to mention.
And even tho im conscious of my fate, i keep swiming.
Your love is so addictive,yet distant. A phone without extensions.
Atleast when im drowning, noone can see me cry.


Sasha Velour’s drag race look book


i’m so glad isak and even have each other when they have to face something this horrible. the way even was holding his face, the way isak couldn’t help but just look into his eyes. the understanding. the way it said i know, okay, i know? i’m right here. the way it managed to appease isak despite how upsetting it was to go through what he had just gone through. they have each other, they have each other and they can just feed off each other’s love, and strength