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Maybe Darkness finds Darkness

Evil Outlaw One Shot (Smut)

Well, this he hadn’t exactly been expecting. Regina is stunning, he hasn’t yet denied that even to her, but the Queen…she is…he’s not even really sure how to describe her. Their eyes are the exact same, and yet so much different. Where sad hopefulness resides in one, mischievous and irresistibly sultry swirls in the other. Everything about her is tantalizing. The slope of her jaw curving into a slender delicate line in her neck, perfect soft olive skin covering every inch of skin his eyes trail over. Damned be his train of thought of leaving this place when her breasts are pressed up for his endless viewing. Covered sinfully with dark elaborate silk and black diamonds that cinch down into her tiny waist, hugging the curves he’s seen on Regina.

Her smile had rooted him to the spot, a thumping in his heart when her leather gloved fingers brushed against his cheek, the peaking of her tongue licking across her lower lip. Maybe this is what he was supposed to be feeling for Regina. This lost sensation he’s heard her talk about over stories of her Robin. It’s indescribable. The tug in his gut at the sway of the Queen’s hip. The burning in his lungs to her rich perfumed smell. Even her voice had his chest constricting, a low glow that saunters seductively into his ears. She is bloody perfect. Stories of the Enchanted Forest be damned. He can’t find a single fuck to give for her past, not when the present is standing right in front of him, tugging playfully at the lapels of his coat in a way that has his cock stirring.

“So tell me, Mr. Locksley.” The Queen drawls out, eyeing him up with a glint, “Has Regina not been treating you well?” Her body presses into him, the groan catching in his throat feeling her tits brushing his chest. “Seems if you’re so keen on running away, I already know the answer.” She scratches against the stubble on his neck, “Such a pity, she just doesn’t seem to see you for you.” That is an understatement. Regina looks at him and see’s the other Robin. It’s frustrating. He’s not that man. He can’t be that man. Doesn’t want to be in fact. “I on the other hand understand you.” The Queen pouts, taking a step back from him, a step he is loathe to allow. Adjusting himself lest she see the effect she is having on him, Robin huffs, rolls his eyes and watches the way she watches him, her eyes trailing from boot to eyes, lingering on rather inappropriate places longer than others.

“What makes you think you know me so well?” He pokes back, waiting to see if she will take the bait.

“I know you better than you think.”

“Is that so, Your Majesty.”

She hums, taps a slender finger to her lips before turning back to him, a slight gasp escaping at the proximity of his body to her own, a distance he’d closed without her realizing apparently. He smirks smugly at her, Good, at least she too is rather affected by this…whatever this is. “Well for one, I think you’d have loosened an arrow at me by now.”


“Why haven’t you.” She leans into him, and there they are again, her bloody perfect breasts pushed into his face. God. He wants to burying himself into them, squeeze and tug at her nipples till she is gasping and crying out his name. Swallowing down his need to taste her mouth, he tilts his head down, inhaling heavy, watching her watch the way her hands move up and down with the movement just above his heart. If her past is any indication he should be rather afraid of the fingers that curls into the fabric just above his precious organ. “Probably for the same reason you haven’t reduced me to a pile of ash with your magic.”

She eyes him up curiously.

“I have heard of Robin and Regina’s connected fate.”

A dark eyebrow cocks, a smile creeping into her cheeks, “True Love?.”

“Soulmates.” He retorts, treading his hands around her back, testing to see if she will let him touch her. She arches slightly into his palms, his hands bowing at the top of her ass, presenting it delectably for his grasping. He does. Takes the leap and palms her backside full, forcing her hips to come into contact with his own, the hum she bites back with a gasp is pure sin to his ears. The thought that maybe the stinging in his heart is from a destined tether. Perhaps he doesn’t feel what Regina has explained to him of her love with Robin because he isn’t her soulmate, perhaps light is meant for light and darkness for darkness.

“An interesting notion if you’re into all that nauseating nonsense.”  She darts back, letting her eye wander his face.

“Not really.” He lies, turning them so her back is against the tree, his thigh wedging between her legs, her groan spurring his action on to explore more of her body she is so willingly to allow him to touch. And touch he shall. Starting with her hips, pinning her effectively between his erection and the bark of the tree.  

She moves before he can do it first. Her lips claiming his own, hot and greedily as her arms wrap around his shoulders and tug at his hair, pulling him closer. If possible, he’d have melted on the spot, tasting her. It’s thick and sweet, something he can’t quite put his finger on, but is happy to drown in it all the same what with her tongue prodding into his mouth. She pulls back, much to his dismay, her lips curved into an impish delectable smile. Her tongue swipes along her lips, tasting him with a purr. “My my, Regina doesn’t know what she is missing.”

His leg presses between her own, letting her weight sink on to him, a grind in her hips sending a shiver up his spine. “Maybe I prefer something darker.”

“Oh?” Her eyebrows raise matching the devilish smile that splits wider, “And tell me, Robin Locksley, “ She tugs him closer, warm breath ghosting across his face, his eyes remaining trained on the red shade of her lips, “Just how dark did you have in mind?” Her mouth brushes against his teasingly.

He crushes her to him, a hand fisting into her hair. It’s sloppy and wet, and down right incredible. His other hand veers from her hip, ghosting upwards skimming along her ribs and groping eagerly at her breasts. They feel just as amazing as they look. Better even. Soft and full in his palm as she arches harder into him. She pushes at his coat, licking a line from his mouth across his jaw and down his neck, nipping sharply at his adam’s apple. “Gods.” He groans following her path into her neck, sucking hard enough to leave a mark, biting and soothing as many spots as he can. Jacket divested, she moves onto his shirt, ripping them apart for a moment as she pulls it over his head, tossing into the fire, the material burning up in a second.

Her nails rake across his back, over his shoulders and down his chest, leaving red thin lines behind. He hopes they scar. Wants to walk around for the rest of his days with her brand emblazoned on him. And fair is only fair. The jewel encrusted cloak she wears following suit as he pushes it from her body, and this woman is a down right evil witch. The corset is leather, strung together tight enough he wonders how she can breathe. Best to rid her of it, lest she suffocate.

He mouths his way down her chest, fumbling at the ties at the base of her spine. Bloody garment refusing to part. “Need some assistance outlaw?” She chuckles darkly into his ear, rolling her hips into his pelvis near painfully hard against his cock. His fingers find the small knife in his pocket, slicing it through the silk laced ties that hide her body from him. She growls as the corset falls ruined from her body, and he’d care, but she is bare in front of him. Goosebumps covering from navel to nipple. And god her nipples are perfect. Tight and pink, begging to be sucked on. Well if he must.

The Queen sighs, bites her lower lip and cards sharply through his hair, directing him to do just that, lick and suck at her. Her head swirls at the heat of his tongue, a hard contrast against the cold air. She hisses as his teeth nip at her, tugging before his tongue slides over her breast, his hands squeezing them together, hard, just how she likes it. A bit rough, no sappy gentle touches. “You’re tits are amazing.” He groans between her skin, the stubble scratching in a way that has her thighs tensing and clenching around his leg still graciously wedge between her own. Grinding down onto his leg, she swallows back a tight moan, the seam of her pants rubbing against her clit.

His hands fall away, much to her disappointment, she likes her breasts to be attended too, but her eyes drift open enough to see him falling to his knees, lifting his hands to tug at the leather pants, and she was never one to wear undergarments, finds them all to restricting and just another barrier before she gets what she wants. “Christ. Fucking hell.” He lifts a leg over his shoulder, hooking her around him, she can see the hunger in his eyes, the way he licks his lips has her pooling hot where she throbs for some attention.

If he had any thought that this trip wasn’t worth the irritation of dealing with the townspeople, that’s all but flown out the window now that he is kneeling in front of who he believes to be probably the most perfect specimen of a woman he’s ever seen. He will devour this woman, make her cum and shake with just his tongue. And Robin is nothing if not persistent. He palms himself through his breaches, trying to give him some reprieve as he dots a string of kisses along her lips, sucking lightly, licking between her folds. Her fingers grip his hair, directing him where she needs it, he denies her. Reveling in the desperate arch of her hips as he makes his way to where her hip and cunt join, biting at the tender skin.

“I’m growing impatie—Aaah!” Her snapping giving way to a breathless moan as his lips close around her clit, sucking hard, the stubble on his jaw a pleasant sensation as he feasts on her arousal. She tastes incredible, the feeling of her legs quivering around him even better, she is shaking and he wants her to fall. He hears something along the lines of using his fingers to fuck her, and he groans against the feel of wetness that slides down his hand as he cups her from behind, teasing and prodding where it gathers. God she is wet, wet and hot, and tight and fuck, his other hand pumps his begging cock, faster as he presses into her, curling up and sliding slowly back out.

He’ll stay in this godforsaken town so long as he is allowed to finger fuck this woman for the rest of his life. It would be more than worth it.

She bucks and twists, grinds down into his fingers with a hitched scream, and it’s like he knows where to touch, where to press, finding the rough patch of skin inside that has her doubling over, fingers clawing brutally into his shoulder blades as he continues to suck and lick and fuck her. He can feel the way her walls tremble, the quiver and clenching against the relentless thumping of his fingers into her.

“Let me taste your orgasm.” He growls between her thighs, doubling in the effort as he leaves his own arousal to grip her backside, hauling her impossibly closer to his mouth. It’s apples. She tastes like apples. Everything about her is sweet and sinful.

She growls, slams her head back into the bark with a thud as she does exactly what he asked for and coats his tongue with her climax, rolling her hips slower into the easier pace of his fingers, drawing out every last drop against the flat strokes of his tongue. He lets her hand push his mouth away, a sloppy pop as he relents his mouths grasp on her, and for a second he’s caught off guard by just how bloody stunning she is. Dazed and lust filled gaze sweeping down at him. He stands, brushes a damp curl from her face, and licks his lips, humming smugly as she catches her breath.

“We make a good pair.” She chuckles, letting him hoist her up into his arms, her hand twirling fractionally to release him of his tented pants. She rocks into him, bumping his erection between her thighs, laughing darkly at the groan he spills into her mouth. She’s a goddess, a stunning regal dark angel around him, sin and sweat slicking up his cock, and she is so bloody wet, so hot and greedy as he sinks into her. Her hands tangle into his hair with a moan, her hips moving and twisting to take every last inch of him, her demand for him to fuck her a prayer sent from the Gods as he rutts into her, hard.  Hard enough he knows the tree bark with scrape her perfect skin, and while she is free to tear into his own flesh, he’ll be damned if a single mark is left on her. He goes to move, shifts to wrap around her waist and lay her on the softer ground.

“No.” Her thighs clench around his waist, walls around his cock, “Here. Fuck me here. Against this tree.” He stills for a moment, caught between wanting to give into her demands and let his small streak of chivalry take over. “Robin.” She tugs his jaw towards her, a dark glow in her eyes, “Now.” Well if it’s what the Queen wants. He spins her back into the tree, drawing himself slowly from her heat before thumping back inside, and she makes this noise, these bloody sounds that stroke his ego beautifully, has his pace picking up quicker as she claws and mewls for him. Her breasts bounce with each thrust, thighs clench and grip around his ass, her heels digging into his backside. He buries himself into her, tits and cunt all at the same time, biting down on the supple flesh where he can, his hands gripping her ass, forcing the roll of her hips to take him inside harder, deeper, far enough he can hear her cursing to not stop, she is so close, so fucking close, and thank god, his restraint can only last so long with her arousal slicking and puddling across his thighs.

“God! Fuck!” She pants, losing her breath as he feels her finally clench and cum around him, her hips erratically squirming as he pumps through her orgasm, wanting to give her as much as she can and then some should he deem fit. Her tongue licks across his jaw, sucks on his ear as she breathes out heavily “Come for me Robin, only for me.” Her command is his wish. With a hard final raps of his cock in and out of her, he spills, climbs over the proverbial edge and lets her cunt drain him dry.

His arms shake from holding her up, but he will not release her from his hold just yet, not until he is certain she will allow him to do that all over again, sooner rather than later if he is hopeful. It’s with a playful kiss she grants him that wish, letting her tongue tease his lips, “Seems the darkness likes you.”

Perhaps she is right. Maybe darkness is meant for darkness. And if she wills it, he will follow her down the tunnel. So long as he is allowed to fuck her again.


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“Webster, come look at our new baby goat!” a man called from a small wooden structure, the home to the family’s goats. The young boy hurried over with a big smile on his face. He joined his father who was in one of the stalls, looking over the new mother and her newborn baby.

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