don't cover it up

Photoshopped this so that it can fit on an iPhone 6 lock screen! Feel free to use it 💕

  • England: I didn't mean to, France!
  • France: t-that surprised me! How could you? After all that we've been through??
  • England: I'm sorry, it was a mistake. Please, don't end this. We've worked too hard for this special bond, this relationship to end!
  • France: I don't think I can... i-it's not normal... I'm just so shocked. It's too much for me to take in!
  • America: ... what are you guys doing?
  • France: England complimented me! He said that he liked my shirt! England! H-How could you??
  • England: no, no, I'm sorry. I meant that your shirt looks like you yourself shat on it. I promise, France, I promise!
  • France: no, now you're just being mean to cover up that compliment... I... I don't know if we should hate each other's guts and tear it to pieces anymore.

I keep seeing posts and people are like “it’s time to redo splash mountain!!!!1” and I’m like honey…, the ride exterior is literally sculpted to look like Brer fox’s lair in song of the south…. splash mountain ain’t going anywhere for a loooong time..,


이게아닌데 - TAEYANG cover by HOYA

On Alisha Diphda

I love Alisha. I really do. In fact, she might actually be my favourite female character in Tales of Zestiria (it’s so hard to pick favourites in Zestiria, since everyone’s so amazing and lovable). She’s kind, responsible, and fully capable of standing up for her morals and doing what she believes is right. Her strength and resolve are truly inspiring, and despite everything she goes through, she somehow manages to keep pushing forward for what she believes is important to her and the people she cares about. I actually see a lot of myself in Alisha–her idealism and slight naivety are things I can relate to, and her strength and persistence remind me to keep my head up and never give up on the things I value and believe in.

(rant tucked under cut)

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Inktober 009: Princess Allura, ink splotches and all

Tools: Speedball Super Black India ink, a dip pen with a Manuscript Leonardt Drawing Nip (DP801), Strathmore Bristol Board


These are all the things I use for my traditional art. I don’t have copic markers or anything fancy like that because of money problems but I manage ^^ the main things I use are the Faber Castell pens, Sargent Art colored pencils, Cra-Z-art colored pencils, basic white out (for more precise details I use this white permanent chalk board marker I found at Target), and a random pencil. Sometimes I like to use gel pens, water colors, and gold ink. The most important has to be the Faber Castell pens because they come in lots of different sizes, they’re water proof, and they don’t bleed through the paper 👌👏👍I used to use sharpies before but that was a nightmare ;; and thank you for liking my art anon!!! ^^