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“I know my value. Anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter.”


Make Me Choose (2.5k Celebration) @mouseymodesty asked:

The Blue shirt of sexiness OR The Purple shirt of sexiness

No way I could choose between these two! The purple shirt, is the purple shirt!! And the blue shirt just came and stole my heart too… And this man can really wear any color and he will look amazing!

Heroes never die (even in alternate universes)

Overwatch! Chrobin (in McCree and Symmetra skins) for my pepperoni bro on Twitter. It started out with ChromCree jokes but then it escalated //’D 

Enjoy this smug Chromcree with his lovely wind, SymmetRobin

Messy study thing with Mobu because I hate studies but I love Mobu…///


After two comebacks (Deepened & High Heels) and one special song (Yoo Hoo) in 2016, Brave Girls will be back on March 7th, 2017, with their 4th mini-album - Rollin’.  [M/V Teaser]

The line-up has changed once again, with the notable absence of both Yoojin and Hyeran, the first leaving due to academic studies and the second entering hiatus due to health issues. Brave Girls will promote as a five member group with the remaining new members from their 2016 return to the Korean music scene, Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji, Yuna and Hayun. At this time, this leaves Brave Girls with no original members.

Please support them!

Magnus nervously asking Blitz and Hearth for advice
  • Magnus: *with a bouquet of roses* I don't know...What if sh--uh, he, thinks I'm just a huge dork?
  • Blitzen: Buddy, trust me. Nobody can resist the roses. not even Alex.
  • Hearthstone: <I> Besides, you're already a huge dork anyways so what do you have to lose? </I>

Blond Skywalker genes, the secret’s out thanks to the little Matt the Radar Technician incident…

So I sent the below e-mail to four decision makers in Netflix..

(It’s a somewhat long e-mail. I hope I got the message across properly)

Dear All,

Good day.

I’m sending you this e-mail in regards to your recent decision to cancel one of your original shows, Sense8. It came as a shock to me and all fans of the show to know that a Netflix original with such a diverse cast, positive global message, intriguing plot, and an excellent representation of PoC and LGBTQ communities was cancelled. 

I understand that the decision may have been made due to budget concerns. I’m positive that this issue has been raised with the show’s creators already and the result was the cancellation, but maybe now with all the fans’ responses and active petition for a renewal (the link to which I will include at the end of this e-mail) may help you and the show’s creators reach a compromise, especially with the cliffhanger the second season ended with. 

A Netflix original that is cancelled after two seasons and ending on a cliffhanger will not inspire subscribers to watch it. On the contrary, the unsatisfying ending will put viewers off. Also, many fans of Sense8 are already cancelling their subscriptions because of this decision. I, for one, will cancel mine should all efforts fail to bring back the show. 

With that being said, I am not necessarily asking for a full season if that is completely unfeasable financially, but with all characters ending up in one city in the season finale, there maybe a middle ground that can be reached to give us, the fans, a special or even a season with a fewer number of episodes. We need closure, a proper ending. I believe we desreve this much after waiting two years for season two and for staying loyal to you and to the show.

As I write this, there is an active petition for renewal addressed to you with 285,837 signatures and the number of supporters goes up every minute. Fans in the US are calling your support line, and fans worldwide are in contact with your online support team through chat voicing their opinions, and sharing their concerns over the abruptness of the decision, especially since we were never given a reason for the cancellation. Many fans have also encouraged others to subscribe and watch the show to give you more subscribers and more views to the show. 

I really hope that our voices have been heard and that you are re-considering the decision to cancel a show that has touched so many people’s lives across the globe in the most positive way.

Kindly find below the link to the petition:

Thank you for your time. I hope the Sense8 fandom hears some good news soon and if there is anything we can do to help you bring back the show, we’ll gladly do it.

Best Regards,

(If you wish to use this for inspiration, please do. Just don’t copy it as it is. We might not be taken seriously if we send templates. Thank you)