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any type of post that starts with “IMPORTANT please reblog this and tag taylor!!!!one!!!11!!!!!” and shows up five times on my dash (you know the ones)

any post with fifty reblog comments that are variations of the same damn thing

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reposted edits/gifs/graphics. make your own goddamn content you cowards

and while we’re at it don’t send me asks or messages asking me to reblog your posts when i don’t even know you either. (this is exactly why i took out “taylor follows” from my description in the first place)

anonymous asked:

Hey there, hope you don't have too much in your ask box. So, how about Gabriel and McCree having a long distance relationship and they see s/o for the first time in person? Thanks, and have a nice day/night~

First of all, I apologise greatly for the delay, to everyone with requests in my inbox! I’ve had a pretty tough couple weeks with a few bouts of illness and such though thats not much of an excuse. Many to come this weekend to make up for it, hopefully. Have had two requests exactly like this so this will answer both. Hope these are okay as headcanons! Have a great day/night too :)


You’d been talking online for about a year now

  • You were the one to reach out to him first, and he’d started out pretty shy
  • Gabriel was a guy to play his cards close to his chest and it had taken you a while to break down his very, very high walls
  • Now, after a year, he was quite the opposite
  • Seriously, this guy was the smoothest man you’d ever encountered
  • You’d suggested meeting a million times so when he did, your heart soared

You’d never actually talked on the phone either

  • So you’d never heard the man’s sinfully low tone
  • “Hola, cariño”
  • You were sold on him then and there
  • Small talk ensued, something both of you despised but felt obligated to engage in
  • It was a little awkward at first, sitting on the edge of a fountain in the town centre, neither knowing quite what to say
  • When the person you’ve fallen in love with on the internet is suddenly in front of you, what is there to say?

All that vanished when he splashed you

  • It was just a tiny gesture and yet all awkwardness dissipated in an instant
  • You spent a few minutes splashing each other
  • Throwing your head back with a laughter that made Gabriel’s chest feel warm
  • Afterwards, when a truce was called, he grabbed your hand and dragged you for ice cream
  • Your fingers stayed intertwined for the rest of the day


Oh my god this guy was full on flirt mode from day one

  • It was obvious he normally had girls falling at his feet
  • So he was a little put out when you simply replied ‘LOL’ to all his best lines
  • Put out and also super intrigued
  • It became your daily routine, him sending a new line he’d thought up and you rebuking it in as many different ways you could think of
  • Soon, it developed into actual conversations, almost loving ones before you just seemed to slip into the roles of boyfriend/girlfriend before you even realised

It had been just under a year and he had been pestering you to meet up constantly

  • You wanted to be completely sure before doing anything of the sort
  • (Even though you’d been sure from the first day he’d messaged you)
  • When you finally agreed, he was ecstatic
  • Even told you he was jumping round his room, which you could believe

He was waiting for you when you arrived at the gun range he’d suggested

  • Instantly running to him for a hug
  • You just stood there for a good 5 minutes, arms round his waist, his face in the crook of your neck
  • “Howdy, darlin’”
  • You just about died at the sound of his accent
  • Spent the rest of the day learning how to shoot a gun
  • Jesse, as he told you to call him, found a way to keep in physical contact with you for literally the entire day
  • You weren’t complaining

((Please excuse me for a moment I just. I would like to say how incredible you all are and I’m just sitting here like “how do so many amazing people follow this blog” like I can’t even believe half of you, who are so talented and wonderful and have these KICKASS ask blogs, follow me, a lowly college student who’s way too invested in her own AUs, and I am so full of love and admiration for you and for the fandom and how I’ve been accepted so kindly, and all of the compliments I’ve gotten and just wow. I don’t know what else to do except sit here and scream like an idiot and continue to answer asks, because that’s all I feel I can do, and I can’t even begin to express my gratitude and my amazement. THANK YOU!!))

anonymous asked:

Hey ughh Im kinda getting the vibe where you guys are glorifying rape as something okay even though it's just headcanons but there's s few people on here that are still minors so might wanna keep a eye on that just sayin

Let me be real with you, anon.

I’m not here to babysit minors viewing material they aren’t supposed to be viewing on this site. I’m 33 years old, but I ain’t nobody’s momma except my cat and she don’t even listen to me half the time.

If I didn’t make it clear before now, as a person who 98% of the time writes NSFW material and is utter trash to the core; my blog is grown ups territory. We may get goofy around here, act immature, and be lighthearted and free, but my blog isn’t a place for anyone under 18. It’s impossible for me to properly police everyone that follows me outside of the obvious porn bots, and seeing as though I’m somehow almost at 1000 followers, forgive me if I’m not going to waste my time combing through all these blogs and sending them to bed early if they have school in the morning. It’s not my responsibility, full stop. I can tag things as nsfw and put trigger warnings and shove things under cuts, but that’s the extent of my role. You browse at your own discretion and nobody is forcing you to follow me if you don’t like what I post or how I do it.

So, instead of coming to me to try to police the fandom content, why aren’t you wondering what the parents of these minors are allowing their children to do outside of their supervision?

As for “glorifying rape”, true adults know that fantasy =\= reality, and fiction is one of the few places that many can explore dark concepts in safety without actually going through with it or even saying that rape is okay in the real world. If you’re using fantasy as a moral compass for how to live your life, then you’re doing it wrong, fam.

I hope this clears things up for you and your perusal of certain content in this fandom. Jus'sayin.


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anonymous asked:

I am romantically attracted to a friend and I wanna ask her out but I've never been in a relationship before and I'm hella ace. I've never had a direct conversation about my asexuality with her but I think she might know I'm ace, but she's not ace, so I'm worried about what would happen if we dated and she wanted things that I don't want to give her. I know I'm getting ahead of myself but this is making me anxious and I don't know what id do in this situation or how I'd bring it up with her.

Check out these guides on coming out, and dating while asexual! Above all, don’t determine your self worth by her reaction or acceptance of you.

- Fae

anonymous asked:

really i don't understand why kokopoop is selling this much that song is boring and it's not hype? you guys could just be making this up i wont be surprised >:// exo is nothing too compared to big groups like bts who write their own songs? that is talent >:)) your loser biases will drown on bts dust like the old smelly geezers they are

*pops knuckles one by one*

okay anon, first of all it is kokobop not kokopoop. it has earned four weeks at the number one spot on Gaon digital charts, 718,162 digital download on its fifth week, and is currently #1 on lots and lots and lots of charts - i don’t think it deserves to be called poop. again with this pathetic name insults - this is why i dont deal with five year olds ://

next, a song being “hype” is not a basis for a song to be called good or amazing. people aren’t always into those head bangin sweat inducing heart rate pumping kind of songs okay. we have our own preferences and we are supposed to respect those preferences (which you clearly have not good luck explaining yourself to more than a million people streaming and listening to kokobop in the last month)


also if your faves write their own songs, then good for them! they did well! yes that is talent and yes they are amazing artists - but hold your reigns little miss my-faves-are-better-than-yours-coz-apparently-i-think-only-my-faves-write-their-own-songs exo does too. wonderful wonderful tracks like she’s dreaming, lose control, heaven, lightsaber (the rap part was written by pcy) are all written by the members and let’s not forget the anthem of the fandom promise cause i still cry whenever i hear that and yes they composed and wrote it all. they also took part in writing the lyrics of their b-side tracks so i don’t know what you mean with your faves being better because they write their own songs because mine does too?? and they are still breaking records on top of all that so.

and hon, writing songs isn’t the only measure of one’s talents okay, not in the real world. just don’t.

lmao GEEZERS??? OLD????? our men are aging like fine wine sweetie, have you seen them cause hell yeah. i don’t ever see their ages being an inferiority or anything. your faves ages too okay it’s a normal part of life they teach us this in school come on. 

so all in all, i dont understand why you felt the need to send this to me cause i am clearly just celebrating the fact that my biases have accomplished something great. i am in no way degrading your faves UNLIKE WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW. also like what my friends say, if you don’t think my group is not a threat to your fave’s success then why the effin hell are you in my ask box saying all these?

people throw rocks at things that shine, wow i guess exo is blinding you right now so you decided to come and visit me, an exo blog, to try and drag them down? honey, sweetie, no. just no. maybe some other time. but no.

anonymous asked:

I'm outside your window, throwing tiny rocks to get your attention. I have a boom box and I'm singing (i don't have a good voice, sorry 😞) suga suga how you get so fly. Do you come down or call the police... Asking for a friend.

(( OOC: I stay up in my room and film you… then I put it online and become internet famous. )) 

kuiperscall  asked:

In my experience with coming out as aroace, people try to change you because they want something from their fantasy of a cishet you. Parents want grandchildren. Peers want boyfriends, girlfriends, etc. Grandparents want you to be normal, because in their time coming out was as rare as a blue moon. Live for yourself, and don't give a damn otherwise. That's what I've figured out, anyways.

things i say to my cat ask meme
  • "What are you eating?"
  • "Get off me, I have to pee."
  • "Do you want me to rub your belly?"
  • "What's in your mouth?"
  • "Aww, you're so cute when you're asleep."
  • "How are you still hungry?"
  • "You don't need any ice cream."
  • "Were you a good girl today?"
  • "Come sit on my lap."
  • "Ouch! That hurt, jerk!"
  • "What's so great about that piece of paper?"
  • "It's just an spider."
  • "What are you looking at? Do you see a ghost?"
  • "Oh, your nose is cold."
  • "Leave the blinds alone!"
  • "What are you doing up there?"
  • "Fine. I didn't want to cuddle anyway."
Darker RP Sentence Starters
  • 1: "I, I just can't..."
  • 2: "You choose to leave!"
  • 3: "Stop- just stop!"
  • 4: "I didn't ask for this."
  • 5: "I'm so sorry. Please believe me."
  • 6: "I'm not okay. I'll never be okay."
  • 7: "I can't even look at you!"
  • 8: "I'm never going to forgive you for what you did."
  • 9: "I just... I can't get over what happened."
  • 10: "I'm sorry I'm not perfect!"
  • 11: "I just don't want to see you again."
  • 12: "I can't even be in the same room as you."
  • 13: "I know you don't want to see me, but I just can't give up on you!"
  • 14: "It's all my fault... all of it."
  • 15: "What happened wasn't your fault!"
  • 16: "You couldn't have known what would happen!"
  • 17: "I knew if I did it I would mess everything up, but I did it anyway."
  • 18: "I can't forgive myself for what I did."
  • 19: "Some people don't deserve forgiveness."
  • 20: "I have to go... and I'm probably not coming back."
The Young Victoria starters
  • "Even a palace can be a prison."
  • "I was born the younger son/daughter of a penniless Duke."
  • "The two of us walking alone...what would mama/papa think."
  • "Hold still or I'll never get your nose right."
  • "You are impossible." (with affection)
  • "I walked."
  • "Is he/she that pretty in person."
  • "You still don't look well."
  • "We've accepted we're going."
  • "I'm not a servant."
  • "We do live in a palace mama/papa we're a lot better off than most people."
  • "He only wants what's best for you."
  • "How was your journey?"
  • "Do you ever feel like a chess piece yourself in a game being played against yourself?"
  • "Then you had better master the rules of the game until you play it better than they can."
  • "I know that it is to live alone inside your head."
  • "May I write to you?"
  • "Those boys pester you."
  • "Are you making a study of me?"
  • "He wants to control you."
  • "Oh, And if you think I will ever for get that you just stood silent and watched him treat me thus you are dreaming!"
  • "He's as slippery as a barrel full of eels."
  • "It will be her/his mistake not mine."
  • "Yes I like him/her...more than I dared hope."
  • "I pray you hear my voice in the music I send."
  • "I am young but I am willing to learn."
  • "I mean to devote my life in service of my country and my people."
  • "I can't marry the man/woman they want me to marry."
  • "You've played with me Baron and I've had enough."
  • "So, are you going to propose?"
  • "There's no need to apologize for being passionate."
  • "Don't look so surprised, a queen/king has many kinds of duties."
  • "We are allowed to make mistakes."
  • "Perhaps I am to young and inexperienced for my position."
  • "As you said before, 'You are stronger than you look'."
  • "You don't have a very high opinion of ordinary people do you?"
  • "I should have worn the red."
  • "I'm sure you are aware of why I asked you to come here?"
  • "I should warn you I am expecting a very large family."
  • "I cannot be away more than three days."
  • "Will the weather be this fine for all of the three days?"
  • "I will tell you what you thought!"
  • "Have you lost your mind?!"
  • "I will not have my rule usurped!"
  • "I wear
  • "If there are to be mistakes they will be my mistakes!"
  • "I'm leaving before you excite yourself and harm the child."
  • "You will go when I dismiss you!"
  • "I order you to stay here in this room!"
  • "There is no need for you to accompany me."
  • "I said I would come with you so I will come with you."
  • "Don't talk to me."
  • "The prince/princess needs rest."
  • "I'm so sorry."
  • "I thought I was going to lose you."
  • "I am replaceable and you are not."
  • "You're not replaceable to me."
  • "You're the only wife/husband I've got and ever will have."
  • "We are told the man was mad, I suppose that's reassuring."
  • "My guidance has always be flawless and I am sorry for it."
  • "He/she is able, he/she is clever, he/she is faithful."

anonymous asked:

Your post about Heteromantic Aces in the LGBTQA+ community really struck a core with me. I always felt bad for saying I don't really feel part of the community or I don't really need it, because everyone wondered why. I realize now that I don't have to answer why, it's my own personal belief. If people need the community then that's amazing because they have it, but it's something I have never needed but will fight for other people to have.

This last sentence is so important when it comes to activism

it’s something I have never needed but will fight for other people to have

Just because you don’t need something doesn’t mean it isn’t life saving to others. Keep the belief always for all people.

just a heads up: i’ve got a bunch of asks in my box about shallura headcanons, but since it’s shallura month i’m gonna post them on the days when they’ll fit the prompts. so i’m not ignoring them lol.

It’s all very well making lesbians magically become bi because they’ve ‘met the right guy’ or you feel like you can’t write women that are just into women and not about to fawn over a male hero, but somehow it’s impossible to even imagine a previously considered straight guy main character having a fluid sexuality??? Nah mate if sexuality is so fluid in your world then give me bi John Watson. If this isn’t about making a woman who explicitly said she is only into women suddenly start liking a guy for some cheap power thrill then prove it by doing the same with John Watson. That is the point at which I will treat it like an actual decision to explore the fluidity of sexuality (in some cases) instead of just plain misogyny/lesbophobia. 

anonymous asked:

Y'all talk as if zeki is abusive but you still call OD a friend when she's lit gone after and harassed people

First of all, I don’t understand why you’re assuming to know my relationship with other people??? 

And secondly, I’m not a babysitter. What other people choose to do online is out of my control, and their behaviour is definitely not my responsibility. 


anonymous asked:

My English teacher left me very confused when learning about Romeo and Juliet. He said that it wasn't a love story because they didn't love each other; Juliet just basically used Romeo, but I don't know what to think. Can you please explain to me if it's a love story, tragedy, or both?

Did your teacher say that Juliet used Romeo? How rude.

The first thing we have to remember is that the feud is the exponent of an unhealthy ideology that promotes violence, hatred, prejudice, and brutal misogyny. Don’t ever forget the world they lived in. Romeo and Juliet are not normal teenagers living in a normal world and making stupid decisions. They are children whose mental health ends up destroyed by the ideals of their families. I just won’t stand anyone who refers to them as ‘dumb’ because it’s a very insulting way of dismissing the destructiveness of social oppression and abuse. It’s so evident that their families caused their deaths that at the end of the play nobody has the guts to blame them for their own deaths and dismiss their emotions as shallow or dishonest. What they have done is too monstrous for them to deny. When both patriarchs find the young lovers dead together in the crypt they see the wrong in their actions and take responsibility for it. They know they killed their children. It was not teenage folly that ruined Romeo and Juliet. It was a sick society that glorified violence and prejudice.

Perhaps your male teacher is annoyed by the fact that Juliet hardly fits in the role of a sixteenth-century obedient wife who goes along with whatever her husband has to say. On the contrary, Juliet has a voice of her own. It is evident from the first conversation between the lovers that she has a very particular, specific way of thinking, and which doesn’t necessarily match that of Romeo. For instance, she gently mocks his stereotyped courtship when she says “you kiss by the book.” I would say she is a far better poet than him—he actually learns from her. Think about the way she corrects him when he tries to swear his love by the moon. She literally rationalizes everything. Romeo needs to get on her level. Later on, he will ask her to “sweeten with thy breath / This neighbour air, and let rich music’s tongue / Unfold the imagined happiness that both / Receive in either by this dear encounter,” to which Juliet answers that “conceit, more rich in matter than in words, / Brags of his substance, not of ornament”. You see, she doesn’t always agree with him, and she presents her own points of view resolutely. She is the one to give lessons.

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