don't clap i don't believe in it


A very important compilation.

  • Chocho: so who fell for who first?
  • Boruto: What?!(blushes)
  • Sarada: Chocho!(puffs up checks, face red)
  • Chocho: What? I meant hypothetically speaking of course. (Moves eyebrows up & down)
  • Boruto: oh well in that case it would be Sarada. (Folds arms,smirks)
  • Sarada: Me?! What makes you
  • think it would be me first!
  • Boruto: isn't it obvious, I'm cooler than you that's why.(sticks out tongue)
  • Sarada: Cooler really? That's funny.
  • Boruto: How so?!
  • Sarada: you're the one who blushes if I even get close up to your face, that's definitely not it keeping cool.
  • Boruto: Yeah well at least I don't go weak in knees just by a few cool words Sa-ra-da chan.
  • Sarada: Tch You'd be first & you know it!
  • Boruto: No you!
  • Sarada: You!
  • Boruto: No you!
  • Sarada: as if!
  • Boruto: Yes if!
  • Sarada: ugh, why are you such a annoying idiot!
  • Boruto: Why are you such a stuck up peculiar girl!
  • Sarada: If I'm such a stuck up peculiar girl why are you always asking me to join you in your childish activities?!
  • Boruto: Tch I don't know maybe because I actually enjoy your company!
  • Sarada: Enjoy my compa__ wait! What?
  • Boruto: ah....nothing!(blushes)
  • Sarada: Hmp! That's what I thog___
  • Mitsuki: He said he enjoys your company. (Smiles)
  • Boruto: Aaa! Woah! Where'd you come from?!
  • Sarada: Always around somewhere somehow....
  • Chocho: Mitsuki I don't know how to say this nicely but I know my beauty is addicting to view but you're getting to clingy for my taste.
  • Mitsuki: ......Sarada tell your mom to put Chocho out of her misery already and give her some medicine.
  • Sarada: ha yeah...wait Boruto!
  • Boruto: A...yes?
  • Sarada: I win. (Folds arms,smirks)
  • Boruto: What? No you don't!
  • Sarada: I believe you were the one who lost their cool first & your thoughtful words pretty much confirm you'd fall for me first.
  • Chocho: Congratulations you two you've finally noticed your feelings for each other! (Claps hands)
  • Sarada & Boruto: Huh! What! No we didn't! Theres no feelings!
  • Chocho: Wait till I tell everyone in the village about this!(skips happily away)
  • Sarada: .....I think I really will tell my mom to give her medicine after all........
  • Mitsuki: Why? She does have a sickness when it comes to me but you two, she's telling the truth.
  • Sarada & Boruto: Mitsuki!!! (Burning red faces)
alternative song titles - mitam edition
  • hey angel: are u as obsessed with me as i am with yooouuuu?
  • drag me down: thx for putting up with my bullshit. u never had to but u did anyway, which is great because i'm rlly scared of being alone, ya feel?
  • perfect: fear of commitment™
  • infinity: u left and OUCH u hurt my heart u dick (talkin to u zayn)
  • end of the day: *clap, clap, clap, clap* such heart palpitations, wow, very love
  • if i could fly: (piano, piano) LOVE DECLARATION OF THE CENTURY (piano, piANOOOOOO)
  • long way down: u hurt me and that was soooo unpredictable, i'm saaaaaad
  • never enough: LOOK WE ARE ADULTS WE DO THE SEX / u give rlly good head and that's nice
  • what a feeling: can't believe i managed to reel in a 10, good eyes, good eyes
  • love you goodbye: DON'T LEAVE BEFORE WE HAD BREAKUP SEX. nice outfit btw
  • i want to write you a song: i couldn't think of a creative song title
  • history: we are great, we are cool. pls don't leave (like zayn did)
  • temporary fix: LOOK WE ARE ADULTS WE DO THE SEX II / 'friends with benefits' is an underappreciated concept
  • walking in the wind: a-ooo-ooo-ooo i'm just going for a walk but i like to make even the smallest goodbyes very dramatic a-ooo-ooo-ooo
  • wolves: they call me unreasonably paranoid, very possessive boyfriend for a reason
  • a.m.: drunk banter in the early hours of the morning, fuck yeah
Girl Meets Luck - Drabble
  • Lucas: Riley what are you doing here?
  • Riley: I'm here to support you.
  • Riley was wearing a baseball tee with FRIAR on the back of it and holding up a sign to support Lucas.
  • Lucas: *Smiles* You know I stink right?
  • Riley: No I don't, show me what you got Friar *smirks*
  • Coach: I can't believe I'm saying this but Friar you're in!
  • Lucas: Me?! Wait, is this another trick?
  • Riley: Go! Go be the hero I know you are.
  • Lucas: *runs out to the field*
  • Coach: You're up Friar don't let the team down!
  • Lucas: *looking at Riley* Never.
  • Lucas was as determined as ever as the ball was coming his way he swung the bat and hit the ball, knocking it out of the park.
  • Riley: Woohoo! Lucas! Yay! *Clapping*
  • Coach: Looks like you got yourself a good luck charm? *Nudges Lucas*
  • Lucas: Yeah, looks like I do. *staring at Riley from across the field. *winks*
  • Riley: *Smiles widely with two thumbs up.*
  • Lucas: *runs across the field with a huge smile on his face*
  • Riley: I knew you could do it! *Hugs Lucas*
  • Lucas: Yeah you did.
  • Rucas: Smiles at each other
  • Lucas: *Takes off his baseball cap and puts it on Riley*
  • Riley: Whats this for?
  • Lucas: You're my good luck charm.
  • Riley: *Smiles* I love it.

Can we just appreciate the fact that no matter how mad Yuri Plisetsky gets when people call him cute, or pretty or beautiful, he he never denies that he is?

He even utilizes it as a tool to win. Being pretty and feminine and cute doesn’t make him weaker or less capable. He even won.

He got mad at JJ calling him ‘lady’ (was it lady? I forget) but while he got mad he never said anything else.

Maybe it’s because Yuri knows that being called a girl isn’t a disservice to him but no one likes being misgendered (I think a lot of you could agree on me on that). Yuri knows girls aren’t weak. They can lift you over their head (Mila), they can be scary (his fangirls), they are deserving of his respect (Lilia) but they can also be kind (Yuuko).

And when his fangirls fawn on him he gets mad but still defends them when they come under fire.

Victor and Yuuri might be my favorite characters in YOI, but Yuri Plisetsky is a good kid and a damn good character.

things I overheard at MAGIC MIKE XXL tonight

“WHO ARE THE MEN WHO MADE THIS MOVIE” —carrionlaughing, to me, the second the credits rolled

“I’M OVERCOME” —me, in a daze

“I’M OVERWHELMED” —post-coital woman in the bathroom

“OMG XXL” —another post-coital woman in the bathroom

“CHAAAANNING TAAAATUM” —post-coital woman on the subway

“I really thought Jada Pinkett-Smith stole the movie” —middle-aged men sitting next to us, thoughtfully (??????????????????????)