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Reblog if you don’t mind interacting with an Autistic RPer

Just wanted to spread the word that Autistic people who roleplay do exist. And to also get some reassurance that there are people who won’t get freaked out by me. I’m relatively new, so hate and the like hasn’t happened yet, but it’s bound to and I just wanna know I have people who will support me. 

Okay but I love the idea of like, PTA Sans getting to know Frisk’s friends of the parents that just get on his non-existent nerves and learn that it’s not that Linda or Helen are bad parents, it’s just that they believe their crappy behavior is what’s best for their children, when in all reality, they just want what makes their selfish needs happy so just imagine THIS

-Sans helping kids with depression who don’t want to tell their own parents, fearing they won’t understand and Sans’s ability just sniffs them out with their moderate LV levels towards themselves (I headcanon his judgement isn’t just for seeing the real monsters people can be) and Sans volunteering as a school counselor just cause he knows how much holding that in can damage you, especially to someone so young.  

-Sans making sure the school board starts using more pronouns than just he/she if their parents won’t, just to make Frisk’s friends feel welcomed by their peers if they can’t feel it at home (plus he just REALLY loves seeing the parents scream internally about about it) 

-Sans starts trying to controlling what he says in front of Linda when her kids are around.  

-Helping out any kids in wheel chairs go up the stairs by just floating them up the staircase so they aren’t late to class before Sans goes to his counseling office.  

-Sans splitting up a fight if Frisk has bullying problems.  Mainly, he just annoys them with bad jokes until they call him a insult they heard their parents use towards monsters.  But if anyone actually hurts Frisk in a fight when they refused?  Helen is STILL trying to wash out the ketchup stains from that trap whoopee cushion in that kid’s desk.  

-Sans being the science class skeleton for a day to help Mr. Robert teach 4th graders about the human body.  He just keeps making body part jokes whenever Roberts goes into gross details.  Stuff like ‘Intestinal track?  Sorry Doc, I don’t got the GUTS for that’ all the kids bust up laughing.  Mr. Roberts just wishes Sans could hold still as he points out his features without snickering from how much touching his rib cage tickles!  

life’s too short to pretend you hate everything/everyone bc it’s the cool thing to do

I made a thiiiing for @askinfresh! Here you go you adorable bubble!!!

Forgive me, I didn’t know what ever to do with the background so I just kinda went with it. XD I hope you like it!

BittyParse Accidental Marriage

Someone had to make a ‘married in Las Vegas’ Au, so here it is:

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my paranoia has been acting up and… idk, some words of encouragement would be nice

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I am outraged. It's such a shame that no one has thought about the song Centuries from Fall Out Boy and drawn Ymir singing the "We'll go down in history" bit while winking at Historia. What a shame, really. This must be fixed inmediately.

OH MY GOD this is my favorite thing ever?? this is genius! i’m crying. someone please draw this!! (˘̩̩◡˘̩ƪ)

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hey i'm japanese and I think you should write アートの子供 instead of アート子供 bc if it's the one that's currently ur title it doesn't rly go with japanese grammar but u don't have to change it if u don't want to please don't hurt me

oh thanks for letting me know! I’ll change it when i get home. someone else who also spoke Japanese had originally told me that it was written the way it’s now so I had gone with it, that’s why ^~^