don't cater to others

a handy note for fandom
  • correct: this is my interpretation.
  • incorrect: what i believe is fact and everyone should be forced to accommodate me in what they say and write. my arbitrary opinion can be used to police other people's work, because if they don't cater to my tenuous conclusions they're obviously insensitive and problematic

I’m getting that déjà vu feeling again…

faeriewingscosplay  asked:

This is going to blow people's minds. Did you know that artists don't exist to cater to other fans' every desires? I know, it blew me away too. It's almost like artists have their own opinions! Crazy, right? I mean, who would have guessed that people creating free content for a fandom might be doing it because they want to? And that they're not obligated to please someone that doesn't have the guts to even be an ass off of anon? Crazy, absolutely nuts.

Truly. Never would have guessed.

‘lol male tears’ is empowering because many women are socialized to devote a ton of their energy to catering to the emotions of others, and they don’t have access to a lot of language that permits them to refuse to accept responsibility for other peoples’ emotional states (even when it’s necessary to maintain their own boundaries).

'lol male tears’ is awful because many men are socialized not to have or express emotion, and because crying is coded as unmasculine and pathetic. And making fun of men for failing to live up to the male gender role, or dismissing them by claiming they are doing something coded unmasculine, is really dreadful feminism. 

I have seen lots of commentary on the 'drink male tears’ flavor of feminism and most of it seems willing to acknowledge one, but not both, of these two things. 

anonymous asked:

tbh being vegan just isn't worth it. Im sick of all the judgement. I'm sick of eating a different meal to everyone. I'm sick of having to supply a meal for myself when I know what's being served isn't vegan. I'm sick of watching everyone indulge in delicious non-vegan desserts while I sit there with my fruit because that's all on offer. I'm sick of having to order salads and veggies and other boring simple meals at restaurants that don't cater for me. I'm sick of missing out on a normal life.

Cool. Tell that to the animals who have to die for the meals you wanna go back to eating