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Knight-Commander Meredith Stannard

World of Thedas, Vol 2:

Long before Meredith Stannard became knight-commander of the templars at Kirkwall and set into motion a war between the templars and mages, she was a confused little girl with an apostate for a sister.

In diaries, Meredith described her beloved older sister, Amelia, as a gentle, quiet girl. Amelia was easily frightened by crowds and loud noises and never strayed far from home or her mother’s side. While Meredith longed to see the world, all Amelia ever wished was to be home, close to family, tending to her small garden. Amelia’s fragile nature made the discovery that she was a mage all the more heartbreaking. The family faced the possibility of having to send their beloved Amelia to a Circle Tower full of strangers to live under constant watch and rigid rules. Just the mention of being in unfamiliar surroundings drove Amelia into a wide-eyed panic. How would she learn to control her magic if she couldnt’ learn to control her fear? How would she take the Harrowing? Unwilling to see Amelia suffer, Meredith’s parents decided to hide her away.

The plan worked, for a time. But the family had neither the knowledge nor the skills to train Amelia as a mage. All they could do was try to keep her calm and happy. Whenever Amelia was frightened or upset, strange things happened. Glass would shatter when she was angry; fires would start when she was afraid. It became all but impossible to hide Amelia’s powers. neighbors began to suspect that the Stannards were harboring a mage. The Templars were called.

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watch the king,”
they say,
“as he crumbles,
to dust.”
“as the queen,”
they see,
“blows away the rubble and rust.”

as they,
the king and queen,
paint a picture of peace,
with their blood-soaked hands,
create a masterpiece.

“watch the kingdom,”
they murmur,
“as it builds on solid ground.”
“upon which the skeletons,”
they roar,
“of the king and queen were found.
—  we bear it so they don’t have to | j r e f

soooooo, I’ve been working on this Fantasy!AU right???? 

It’s still kinda in construction, but basically, Haru comes from a line of ‘water people’ and it gives him the power to bring water to life. He can’t control it, he can talk to it, but he can never force it to act against its will

Meanwhile you got Makoto who comes from a normal family, but he’s one of those who was born with the Light and that gives certain healing powers. He will be sent to a special academy later to learn how to use them and potentially become a healer. He is still afraid of water and his own powers, but Haru is working really hard to make him understand that ‘water would never hurt him’.

So anyway, I’m having a lot of fun with this so you can expect more of it~ And I have like hundreds of really cute headcanons for this so I gotta find a way to share them all

Does anybody remember what it was like when Carol Peletier was happy?


Me neither.

This blog immediately unfollows for Dean hate. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
monsters and sins

(a poem for a sad vampire) (i enjoyed writing this)

it is said that 
monsters lurk in the dark 
and that their only goal
is to hurt you.

but i don’t believe that.

i believe in stormy eyes
that have seen too much in eighteen short years.
in small smiles and blazing cheeks
after a night full of hunting.

i believe in a boy who doesn’t kill for sport.

and if you should say
that to continue living as a monster
is to continue living in sin
then i say we should all be dead