don't care what other people think

  • Victuuri: *kiss*
  • Someone: Idk, it was hidden so it's not a ~real kiss. Why do they keep queerbaiting us like this?
  • Someone else: I can't believe they kissed. What cruel queerbaiting! Sure, they may care for each other, but think of the "no homo" that'll go on later, which I KNOW will happen because I've actually seen ep 8 which isn't even out yet!!
  • Me: .... ?????????
  • Me: If it was a guy and a girl, there'd be no question of the validity of the kiss. What the fuck????

life’s too short to pretend you hate everything/everyone bc it’s the cool thing to do

Always be yourself. Never try to hide who you are. The only shame is to have shame. Always stand up for what you believe in. Always question what other people tell you. Never regret the past it’s a waste of time.  There’s a reason for everything - every mistake, every moment of weakness, every terrible thing that has happened to you. Grow from it. The only way you can ever get the respect of others is when you show them that you respect yourself and most importantly, do your thing and never apologize for being you.
Be yourself. Accept yourself. Value yourself. Forgive yourself. Bless yourself. Express yourself. Trust yourself. Love yourself. Empower yourself.

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Hey! I need to ask: What do you think is Ozai's MBTI type? People saying Azula ENTJ, Zuko ISFP (it's painful how opposite they are lol). But Ozai is a mystery. I know you're not that good at typing but need to know your opinion :)

Well, I’ve seen more things saying Azula is INTJ than ENTJ, and I actually agree… I don’t think Azula is an extrovert even if she’s a little more comfortable with interacting with the world than what introverts seem to be. Yes, she likes praise, she likes being worshipped, but she doesn’t open up to people easily and it’s clear through canon that she’s the kind of person who will choose a small group of people over lots of them, not just in the battlefield but even in social gatherings (she only wants Chan’s attention in the Beach, rather than getting every last party-goer looking at her in absolute awe, for instance).

She may have defined herself by what some people say about her (Ursa, namely), but I don’t think it’s merely because Ursa called her a monster: it’s because she cares about Ursa that she internalized that monster thing. Most people can call her whatever they want, she won’t bat an eyelash (look at Smoke and Shadow, with Mai insulting her outright and Azula doesn’t seem to care at all). It’s when people she cares about say such things that it affects her. Mai used to be one of those people, but after the betrayal Azula no longer cares for what Mai might say about her.

Long story short, I think Azula is fine with the attention of crowds, but she doesn’t need a crowd to know she’s a Princess, to know she’s worthy of respect or admiration. She is sure of her objective value, and she also valued her few personal relationships above all the praise and boot-licking from different sources.

So I guess for me, Azula and Zuko would share one trait xD but only that one, I.

As for Ozai… ISFJ, maybe? I don’t think he opens up to people any easier than Azula or Zuko do. Like Azula, he enjoys attention but that doesn’t mean he trusts or will open up to anyone. By that interpretation, I think he’s likely to be introverted. I’m picking Sensing over Intuitive because… he’s not all that intuitive, really x’D he’s actually anything but. So I guess Sensing is better. He would take things at face-value, not try to interpet anything outside of his comfort zone. 

Feeling vs. Thinking… ya’ know, for someone who is likely so against feelings and emotions of all kind, Ozai strikes me as a man who in fact is constantly trying to MUFFLE his overwhelming feelings. And… he also doesn’t think things through x’D so I have no doubts, Feeling over Thinking.

Lastly, in Judging vs. Perceiving, Judging all the way. No one is as quick to pass judgment on things as Ozai, feels to me. He will judge and judge and judge, thinking his opinions are as good as law xD 

So yes, as for Ozai, I’d go with ISFJ :) of course, as you said yourself I’m no pro at this, but I guess it’s the one that seems to work best for him in my opinion. (Also, funny that he would share more traits with Zuko than Azula… xD)

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Did you hear that people found more "evidence" that Jimin and Red Velvet's Seulgi are dating?? I don't know what to think about it all but what about you??

People need to learn how to respect other people’s privacy.

other people have made better posts about this, but i just……..god, i don’t even know how to put it. but carrie fisher’s unrepentant discussion of coping with addiction and bipolar disorder and doing the shit she needed to if she wanted to take care of herself and her family has been so so so important to me. it’s not easy, it fucked her over again and again, and she got back up every single time and that’s a level of strength that so many people seem completely oblivious to and it just breaks my heart that she’s gone. i will miss her. i will really, really miss her, and everything she gave to the world.

but i like to picture her showing up at the stereotypical pearly gates and just being like “you know who i am” and strides right in to exist happily ever after forever and ever without having to fight her brain anymore.

  • Someone on the internet: *takes offense at something I say*
  • Me: *instantly up in arms* YOU WANNA FUCKIN GO???
  • Me, 10 seconds later: Oh shit they're actually... angry at me...
  • Me, 20 seconds later: I mean... this is mostly a misunderstanding, but...
  • Me, 30 seconds later: ...Fuck, I'd better apologize.

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Don't you just hate when you ship something (for me it's Haliza) and the "other" (the people who think that this one ship *CoughLamsCough is "superior") fans shipshame you for loving another ship, I mean just let me ship my Haliza in peace. T_T Has this ever happened to you??

There’s no such a thing as superior ships and I’m sure not all lams fans are like that hahaha just ship what you want and don’t bash other people yo

this is super random but i think about it every time i go into gerudo town so like

imagine link not really caring or bothering w/ gender bcus he’s got shit to do and divine beasts to tame, not rly room for caring what people call him or really much other than “get food, fight monsters, find shit.” he gets the gerudo outfit and he’s just like “alright stuff to put on my body” and puts it on. he’s still got shit to do, after all

but when he gets into gerudo town they all call him “vai” and treat him really nicely, and some offer him help, etc. they accept him into the community as a hylian vai coming to visit (maybe some suspect he wasn’t born a girl but hey if one considers themself a vai why can’t they be?) .he doesn’t even notice that they don’t call him “voe” by the time he’s been there for a day or two, it just feels natural to be treated the way they do

and for a while once he leaves to go on missions again he gets confused when people call him “young man” and the few times he meets a gerudo while exploring and she seems disinterested in him. eventually he settles back into it and it’s alright w/ him to be called a man again but at the same time he remembers how nice gerudo town was

when his business is done and the divine beast is defeated he still goes back sometimes, and he gets all dressed up and goes in and is comfortable being treated and referred to as a girl

idk i like the idea of genderfluid/bigender link a lot,,,

I’m fucking tired, okay? I’m tired of being told what to do and when to do it. I’m tired of other people thinking that they know what’s best for me when they don’t know shit. I’m tired of being lied to and I’m tired of only being your friend when you need something. So when I say I’m tired, it doesn’t mean I didn’t get enough sleep. It means that I can’t handle being used and abused anymore. Stop telling me to take a goddamn nap because I may not choose to wake up.
—  S.E, excerpt from a book I’ll never write

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Been having trouble keeping friends. Any possible reminders for my little problem?

Alvin reminds you that finding real friends who care about you is something special and rare. It’s only natural that you grow apart from people. Friends, family, and colleagues all accompany you through your life journey.  But some people stay longer than others. 

Talk to your friends and tell them about your feelings and also ask them about their feelings.

Go inside yourself and think what you might have done wrong.

Do the best you can, but also remember that friendships go both ways. If the other person doesn’t value the friendship, maybe it’s time to let go. 

On coming in third in the oppression olympics

Some groups and individuals are marginalized in ways that others are not. Some groups are overall more marginalized than others. Some individual people are overall more marginalized than others. Often, it depends heavily on context (including where you live, what you’re doing, and what the people you interact with regularly care about. Among other things). 

For instance: Some people are perceived as mentally incompetent, and may be at risk of being put under guardianship and deprived of adult rights. Some people are perceived as threatening, and may be at risk of being imprisoned or killed by the police. Some people face neither risk. Some people face both. The degree to which someone is in danger depends on a number of things, including which marginalized groups they are part of. 

And once it’s actually happened to someone, they’re someone it happened to — regardless of how likely it seemed that it would happen to someone like them. And these are just two examples — there is a lot of injustice in the world, and there are any number of other examples.

It’s important to be able to talk about this. If we only approach justice from one angle, we will probably overlook things that we haven’t experienced personally. If we assume that everyone is facing the same thing, we can very easily end up disregarding the needs of those who are in the most danger. No one is immune to this; when injustice doesn’t affect you or someone you care about personally, and doesn’t make the news in a way you can understand, it’s natural to remain unaware that it’s happening. It can help to cultivate in yourself awareness that others experience things you don’t and that you won’t always know what those things are. And that some people know things that you don’t know.

It’s very difficult to talk about these differences productively. It can often end up devolving into a contest over who is the most oppressed, or whose oppression is the most real, or who is suffering enough to matter. This is counterproductive, because even one form of injustice is too much. Whether someone comes in first, second, or third in the oppression olympics — or barely seems to even qualify — no one should face injustice. We don’t need to fight over who is the most dehumanized or the most deserving of justice. It’s much better to focus on what the problems are, what’s causing them, and what can be done.

It’s also hard to talk about the problems with oppression olympics. Sometimes people say “don’t play oppression olympics,” and mean “I don’t want to hear about any forms of injustice that I’m not already fighting.” That sort of dismissiveness does a lot of harm. People who are being harmed are often treated like they don’t matter;  people with legitimate criticisms are often ignored. It can be excruciating to face up to what you’ve missed in your work to make things better. It’s also vital.

Some people and groups really are oppressed in ways that others are not. Some people and groups really are subjects to worse things than others. When we refuse to face up to this reality, people get hurt badly. These differences matter, and the truth about them needs to be speakable. Not all injustice is equal, but it is all important. Even one form of injustice is too many. When people work towards justice, their work is important even though it does not address everything, There are a lot of problems that need to be addressed, and lot of people work that needs to be done. Mistakes matter; so do accomplishments. We can all take things seriously, learn from people who know things we don’t, and keep building.

It may take a while for you to not care what other people think, and that’s okay.

I keep thinking about chapter 31 and it’s painful to think of how Dazai doesn’t care about Chuuya at all yet Chuuya actually does get concerned about him throughout the entire chapter. Chuuya even trusted Dazai with his life but Dazai just barely saves Chuuya and then leaves him for dead.

To Dazai, Chuuya is just a pawn, while Chuuya might’ve held him in a higher regard despite all the threats from his side.

This shows in their daily interactions with other people too. If Akutagawa or any of his other subordinates had died back when he was still an executive, Dazai wouldn’t have felt that remorseful. He’d be disappointed that Akutagawa’s potential had gone up in smoke like that, but he wasn’t attached.

Chuuya, on the other hand, does care about his subordinates, telling Dazai to kill Q in order to avenge those who had died because of him.

After episode 16, it’s become clear that Odasaku is the only one Dazai has actually cared about. His mask breaks when he holds his dying friend in his arms. Now that he’s part of the Agency, I think Atsushi has come closest to what Oda was to Dazai. Kunikida has become Dazai’s new partner, but apart from that amazing bit of character development we saw during episodes 6 and 7, their relationship still feels a bit superficial to me. The difference is that, unlike with Chuuya, Dazai actually respects him.

So that’s that. I still love Soukoku with all my heart (and I’m gonna keep writing fics about them that would be impossible canon-wise lol) but I wanted to share my thoughts and I’d love to hear some of yours as well

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Do you think it's weird that everyone just... Ignores the chemistry/sexual tension between Lucy and Flynn? Other than Abigail's one interview mentioning the dynamic between the two of them (and she even says then that she doesn't think anyone ships them), there hasn't been any big mention of the two that I've seen. I know it's a minor ship compared to Lyatt's popularity, but it just seems so neglected. Their chemistry is obvious to me, but if it weren't for y'all I'd think I were imagining it...

I assume you are talking about this interview, yes?

It’s a shame because this ship has such a great following that only seems to be growing. I wish the show knew we existed. Like I hate love triangles (so much… so… so… much), but if the show wanted to play up a Flynn/Lucy/Wyatt triangle, I’d deal with it. Just to have some acknowledgement that there is something going on between Flynn and Lucy. We’re not crazy. Even Abigail and Goran sit around talking about their amazing and powerful relationship. She admits they have a very unique dynamic and strong connection. Not even they can ignore that something is going on here. And yes, I’ve also seen people in the fandom who don’t ship it but admit there is some sort of special chemistry at work. Other people have finally given up and decided to ship both. We aren’t imagining things. Goran and Abigail’s chemistry is one of those rare sparks that couldn’t have been planned or forced. It just happened. What an amazing happenstance. And I think that instead of ignoring that, the show should be capitalizing on it.

But after the executives realized how into Wyatt/Lucy people were, they really started playing it up on social media. Like really really. Hey, maybe calm down a little. A romance is so far down on the list of priorities for a show like this. (Yes, I am including Flynn/Lucy in that.) So I think one of the problems is the people in charge aren’t aware there is a differing opinion out there. Kind of like how a couple months ago all of us on this site thought we were alone in wanting Flynn/Lucy. Once we started voicing our opinion out loud though, it did make a difference. The fandom became much less one-sided. The AO3 page has gone from having no fics with them to looking like this

They now have 43% as many fics as the leading ship (a ship which had a tremendous head start, btw). AND they’re beating out a canon couple who have said, “I love you,” to each other. By almost 200%. We are gaining some traction. But, unfortunately, that’s only within ourselves. On a small level. The reason Wyatt/Lucy is played up so much is because executives think that’s what people are here for. (And like eff them, btw, for trying to simplify such an amazing premise down to a romance plot.) But it does establish that, yes, fans are catered to sometimes. We do have a voice. They want to give us what we want so we’ll keep watching the show. Part of the reason love triangles exist is so fans will get really into their side of it and keep coming back for every big and small victory. Shipping has a noticeable impact on fiction right now. That’s the reason for Timeless’s social media making a big deal out of Wyatt/Lucy. They think we all want it, and they’re trying to get us excited.

So the problem is what you talked about and what Abigail mentioned in her interview. No one knows Flynn/Lucy has a following. Now, we don’t have confirmation of a second season yet, but we are all keeping our fingers crossed until mid-May. Either way, the show runners are already going over ideas for season two. Timeless might get canceled and those ideas go nowhere, but they are making plans. This is the malleable, influential stage where new opinions can be introduced and possibly included. So… I’m not saying to spam the actors or show runners or anything… But maybe do that. lol. I don’t know. Just tweet them or something. Say how much Flynn/Lucy’s relationship means to you and that you’re looking forward to seeing more. Be bold and say you want to see it explored in a romantic context. Maybe share edits with them. Because it is the same out there as it was here on tumblr. Until people say something, no one will know we exist. And Flynn/Lucy will continue to be sidelined unless it’s relevant to the plot that they interact. Just a suggestion. ♥