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Vampire Taehyung, because you need it.

Phantasy Series: Vampire Taehyung

Guys. I’m still not over this. The way Jack says “Where’s my confetti??” I’m dying. And Chucky and Larks both looking good, too. This off-season has been brutal in so many ways. (xxx)

‘Where’s your helmet?’ 


i was just testing a few different and simpler styles bc i want to start drawing these boys more often and these happened

also … i was starting to consider making a sideblog for all my bnha-related doodles but idk if anyone would even follow it o:


this scene killed me. and purposefully paralleling bal and malvie? that’s um? gay

(these are taken from rise of the isle of the lost, in case anyone is wondering)


Octoling Encounter

Ok honestly I’m not a huge fan of how I set this up but I painted myself into a corner so y'all get this till I work it into something else later on!!!! Enjoy 4 gettin the snot beaten outta her

  • BBC Three: We're going to make #ClassDW the official hashtag for this show but do an abysmal job promoting it while creating confusion by tweeting from a bbcClass twitter handle.
  • Tumblr: Organically settles on "bbc class" as a the hashtag for the show.
  • BBC America, months later: Let's still make try to make #ClassDW a thing.

too gay and too tired for this

Something I realized: In the Seifukubu manga, apparently it shows that Akoya is still being bullied by his classmates for his name during the timeline of season 1. Or at least I was told it’s not just a flashback to an earlier time before he joined the Student Council, which I presumed had stopped the teasing because the student body realized that gave him power as well as friends with just as much (if not more) power because the Student Council seems to practically run the school. Anyway, even if one of those interpretations is just a misreading, it made me think about Akoya still being mocked with nasty puns about his name.

In s2e6, it was also revealed that Io and Ryuu stood up for each other when their classmates were talking shit about them because they knew the other wouldn’t stick up for himself. And considering that Akoya is in the same class, this leads me to believe that their classroom really is where all the drama happens. (Especially if Aki and Haru ever attend lessons as well like they’re supposed to - if what I read about them also being in that class was correct - I mean, seriously, why did we not get this as part of season2? XD)

This isn’t really new information, but it was an important part of my realization because now that we’re seeing Akoya becoming better friends with Io and Ryuu… I realized just how much I want a scenario where Io and Ryuu overhear Akoya getting mocked by their classmates. And you know Akoya just handles it in the usual way - ignoring all the peasants and maybe making a sassy remark or two in return about how they’re just jealous of his beauty or something and they’re not worth his time. Akoya is fully capable of taking care of himself like he has all this time, but I want Io and Ryuu to see this and step in to tell the others off. Not because Akoya can’t do that himself, but because he deserves some support from his new friends as well and because they don’t want him to have to do it alone (when he isn’t with the rest of the Council, that is). I just want Io and Ryuu extending that support to Akoya to let him know that he’s valued.

Plus, I’ve always loved the idea that Akoya and Ryuu have that “only I can be mean to him” sort of friendship. >v<


gif meme:  Marvel + Favorite Hero

I didn’t ask to be super, and I’m no hero. But when you find out your worst enemy is after your best girl, the time has come to be a fucking superhero.

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Biggest mistake I ever made, when going to the other side of tumblr to search for some Harry Potter analysis and saw "Snape was [insert some wannabe, poorly written without any texual evidence claims]" I legit rolled my eyes so many times that I'm cross-eyed. A popular theme seems to be Snape was a {nazi} abusive teacher. Is it weird that i don't find him that particularly nasty? I've had worse teachers tbh. In fact I don't remember Snape ever hitting a student or phsycially abusing them...

It’s the saddest thing about the divisions in fandom, to me, to be honest.  I generally post about Snape, and when I post about other characters, I generally post about them through Snape’s lens - so I am very aware that there’s 90% of Potter that I just don’t remotely touch.

And I am certain, given the meta that we all come up with in our part of fandom, that fandom is just as active for other characters - and I am sure there are interpretations and revelations in the story when seen through the lens of other characters that I haven’t thought of, and would be genuinely enlightened by.

…it’s just, I don’t bother to look for it, because I know when a blogger offers their view with a side of ridiculous fanon-based Snape hate, I can’t take the rest of their discourse seriously.

I don’t have a problem with someone disliking Snape for canon reasons, and I don’t have a problem with someone finding his teaching style appalling…I think the difficulty, for me, is twofold:

1)  it’s the application of current standards to a historical situation…Snape’s behaviour it seems, is far worse by today’s standards than it was in the 90s; I don’t think he was intended to be a ‘child abuser’ - he was just nasty.  

2)  it’s the vacuum in which the critique takes place.  Rarely do you see anyone evaluating all of the Hogwarts staff, or accepting that other teachers behave in ways that are as flawed as Snape’s actions, or interrogating the behaviour of other adults in the series.  Snape is held up on his own as the example of all that is horrendous in the series.

And even that I don’t have a problem with, as long as it’s tagged as anti - and then at least I don’t have to look at it.


new tracks in ‘love and letter repackage’

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I’d like to file a complaint.

I’m honestly mad as hell more people don’t watch animated shows. Not only do they not realize what kind of good shit they’re missing (animated shows have come a hell of a long way just in my lifetime, in terms of both animation AND storytelling), but I also have barely anyone IRL to talk to about any of them. Meanwhile there are meta analyses of and fangirling about live action shows all over the fucking place.

I’m not even trying to be nice, I’m actually being an asshole right now. People who turn their noses up at cartoons suck. Fight me. Animation is an art form and it’s HARD and these shows are incredible. And the writing is on par with or better than any of the writing for the live action shows everyone loves so much. I’m mad at how unappreciative people are of these facts.

Everyone will lose their shit over any number of live action fantasy series, but can’t stomach the thought of watching an animated show of the same caliber. Like bro, bro, it’s fine to continue loving fantasy and sci-fi as long as it is absolutely not animated because

aNImaTioN iS fOR cHiLdReN 

You know how Mark’ll just get really appreciative of things?

I wrote a lil’ fluffy MarkXReader blurb thing and Idk what to do with it so here :P

(never shared anything I’ve written before so this’ll be fun :D [i tried real gud] )

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