don't care if it doesn't fit in with my blog

  • me: i really like this new video game
  • me: *looks up game on the internet*
  • me: *sees that terrible things are going to happen to my favorite characters*
  • me: but maybe that won't happen when i play it
scrolling dash
  • "i came out to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked rn"
  • whiny text post
  • social justice post
  • made-for-notes funny story
  • harry potter feels
  • 6 paragraph long text over analyzing a 2 second gif
  • fandom rants
  • pretty dw graphic
  • that girl from teen wolf
  • johnlock or destiel or sterek or wtv
  • inspirational quote
  • "judging all people who don't reblog this"/"reblog if you have a heart"/"i don't care if this doesn't fit my blog"
  • picture of dogs