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Alphabet squads plus Munakata try to match-make Fushimi and Yata, only to later find out that they're already dating and just hadn't quite figured out how to tell everyone yet. Cue all the cutesy and awkward situations with Yata, Fushimi, and squads + Munakata.

I imagine this is like Fushimi and Yata make up and start dating, but Yata doesn’t want to tell anyone yet because he thinks he’ll get teased for it and Fushimi just doesn’t want to tell anyone. So they keep trying to have secret dates, except various members of their alphabet squads keep interrupting because they think the secret dates are actually secret fights and are trying to stop that. Like maybe Yata finally gets Fushimi to go to that trendy bar that Yata tried to invite him to in the park drama CD and their alphabet teams follow along secretly because they think that maybe the two of them are planning to have a bar fight or something. Scepter 4 flagrantly misuses their authority to temporarily take custody of the bartender and one of the alphabet boys takes over instead (think Doumyoji in a giant fake mustache and sunglasses) and he keeps trying to get them really drunk so they’ll confess their feelings, except of course they already have so Fushimi and Yata end up just falling all over each other instead. They possibly make out, Doumyoji gives the rest of the team a thumbs up from around the bar. Or one day Fushimi and Yata decide to go to a movie and their alphabet squads replace the action film they were going to see with a torrid romantic drama about two friends who break apart due to a tragic misunderstanding but then make up and discover they are madly in love. Oh and the theater doors have somehow become locked and there’s no cell reception, so they must watch the whole movie before they can leave, conveniently there’s no one in the theater except Fushimi and Yata. At first they entertain themselves by throwing popcorn at each other but then Yata gets really unexpectedly into the movie and starts sobbing on Fushimi’s shoulder (in the projection booth, the alphabet squads exchange high fives). Munakata is totally in on all of this and eventually when Fushimi figures out what’s going on and is like “I’m already dating him you morons” Munakata just smirks and is like “I know.” “Then why were you–” Munakata just keeps smiling and his glasses sparkle, Fushimi turns and walks out without a word.