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there's a screencap of a tweet going around on tumblr that has some "woke" hot take about veganism and it now has over 100k notes. essentially it's accusing veganism of focusing solely on individual ppls' actions instead of tackling corporate abuses, and it's just such a weak argument but of course carnists don't care bc as long as those vegans are taken down a notch. smh

It’s a classic argument that falls under the “veganism as problematic” umbrella. It’s basically the result of not being able to argue with the logic of veganism and so they try to pretend that the concept of doing the least harm possible is somehow offensive. It’s also something no one would take seriously in any other context, I’ve literally never seen a post about slavery in the coffee industry or the plight of sweatshop workers dismissed with “its not the individuals fault for supporting it because capitalism.”

There’s some truth to the idea that we should be pressuring corporations as well as individuals, but this is almost never written in the context of a genuine call for people to do that, it’s almost always just used as a stick to beat vegans with. Besides, anti-capitalists know full well what the principles of collective boycott are, and they also know that the problem is that individuals boycotting is the only meaningful way to pressure corporations in the first place; it’s the only thing that has ever worked. There is a real twisted irony in the fact that we’re now seeing people use anti-consumerism and anti-capitalist rhetoric as a justification to support harmful industries and corporations.