don't bully my breed

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you keep your dog so close to your face. aren't you afraid it will maul you?


I am

incredibly afraid of

getting mauled by a 

three month old


Because that is what Reese is — a puppy. Do puppies bite? Yes; they’re teething, it’s to be expected. Has he ever bitten me on purpose or when he was upset? No. And I doubt he ever will.
And tell me, Anon, why should I be afraid of him mauling me? Is it because he’s a Pitbull? If you’re going to say yes, let me tell you right now that that’s a load of bullshit (see what I did there?), and discrimination against Pitbulls isn’t something I care to hear about.

I trust Reese, and I’m confident that he’ll grow into a friendly, well-adjusted dog, because I know how I’m supposed to raise him. He is immensely obedient, loving, smart, and friendly — and he adores meeting new people and spending time with them, so long as they let him sit on their feet.
If he turned out any other way, it wouldn’t be his fault; it would be mine. Don’t blame the dogs — Pitbulls or not Pitbulls. Blame the people who decide that they want dogs like these, but who aren’t responsible enough to put in the effort to ensure that they are well-adjusted, happy, social animals.

And don’t ask me stupid questions about Reese again.


This is Milo! He is just over 1 year old and he is the best buddy of the awesome lumberjack-of-all-trades!
Milo is a big goofy pup of snuggles and love.
A young kid who lives next to Justin was playing with Milo and ended up getting a scratch on him and it did not even bleed!!
The father of the kid came over and yelled at Justin’s mother who is battling cancer, then reported poor Milo to animal control!
Milo now is deemed a possibly vicious and aggressive puppy. 😢
Justin needs to pay a $711 ticket in full or else Milo will be EUTHANIZED!!
Please help this poor baby! He’s not mean at all! He is a big lovable squishy faced baby.

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you're not afraid of the pit bulls that would bite you?

you know who i’m afraid of?

the people who would pit two innocent dogs against each other in a life or death battle. the people who starve dogs. the people who pull out a female dogs teeth and put her in a “rape rack” to breed her. the people who attach 50 pound chains to their dogs necks. to the people who inject their dogs with hormones. the people who hack puppies ears off with rusty scissors. the people who don’t bat an eye at kicking, punching, beating, starving, hanging, drowning, and electrocuting dogs who don’t preform the way they want. the people who pour acid on “loser” dogs and set them on fire. the people who bury dogs alive. 

and there are a hell of a lot more people like that than there are pits who would bite me.

that’s who i’m afraid of.