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Why Sebastian did NOT burn down Ciel's mansion

I think it’s hilarious that there are people who read the manga and still think Sebastian is the one who killed Ciel’s parents. 1) That would be a stupid plot twist and we would have wasted over 100 chapters of time 2) There is so much evidence against it.

So much! OK, I’m really fed up with that argument so let’s lay all the cards here. Chapter 62 shows us Sebastian’s cinematic record, as pulled by Undertaker, a mega powerful death god who rendered our resident demon unconscious. Undertaker won that fight- there’s no way Sebastian could have lied within his record because he’s too busy trying to keep his guts in. Now onto the record:

This is when Sebastian first meets Ciel. If he burned down the mansion, then shouldn’t Sebastian, oh, I don’t know, know where the friggin’ mansion is?

Right, so some people might argue that he’s just being an evil demon and toying with Ciel. What a bastard. Except this is said demon’s reaction when Ciel doesn’t know where his house is:

He looks pretty confused. Like “Are you kidding me? Am I supposed to carry you all over England looking for your house? What gives, kid?!”

Followed by this reaction. Look at how irritated he looks. Like he’s genuinely annoyed because he now has to search for this kid’s house. Knowing Sebastian, wouldn’t he be smirking if he was just toying with Ciel? No smirks here.

Just pure annoyance.

And there’s the argument that Sebastian totally knew Vincent/stalked his family/was the dog. So after Ciel names his butler, this happens:

Sebastian didn’t know that the former butler’s name was Tanaka. He also didn’t know Ciel had a dog named Sebastian. In the next panel, he also looks pretty pissed on the inside, so yes, it was a surprise for him. It’s almost like… he had no contact with the Phantomhive family! Wow, what a coincidence.

So, let’s see: Sebastian doesn’t know who Tanaka is (it’s like he’s never been inside Ciel’s mansion!), doesn’t know where the mansion is (it’s like he’s never even been near it- whoa!), doesn’t know Ciel had a dog named Sebastian (it’s like he doesn’t know Ciel or his household at all!)

Whoever’s still positive that Sebastian’s the culprit must not know what common sense is.

anonymous asked:

Here's what I don't understand. Logically, how could Larry bother Louis and Harry so much? For argument's sake, let's say Larry isn't real. The only time Harry and Louis ever have to come into contact with Larry is primarily through social media. I can't imagine any other instance they would have to. However, if they didn't want to see the word 'Larry' ever again, aren't there ways of blocking certain buzzwords & filtering their social media? If they wanted to block 'Larry', I'm sure they could?

It started off as a problem for their team who wanted them sold on the basis of heteronormative fantasies–it became a marketing problem. More recently, the larry denials have been used as a weapon against them to make it harder for them to come out.

You’re right, anon, the story that this has been built on doesn’t make sense.