don't blow holes in my ship

Justifying your ships

other person: why are you so emotionally invested in other people’s relationships?

me: because they belong together!!!!

op: don’t know them…

me: exCUSE YOU?!??? I know EVERYTHING about them!!

op: …

me: *whispering* …they’re soulmates ಥ_ಥ

op: ……….bu-

me: *screaming* THEY’RE SOULMATES!!!11!!!1!!!!!! ( •̀д•́)

Stop Ship Hating

I don’t get people who have their fleet of ships and hate on other peoples ships. Like seriously, all ships should be valued the same. Now this isn’t inspired by someone hating on my ship, it’s about the fact that so many people openly hate ships based on personal reference. Like yeah that’s fine you like Romione but don’t hate on Dramione and vice versa cause these people have reason and heart about this stuff. You board a ship for a reason, so don’t start war just cause you like your ship better. Rant over.

My brother and I watching The 100:
  • My Brother: I'm pretty sure Bellamy just died.
  • My Brother: I can't. My ship has already sunk. Now I'm the kracken and I pull other ships down with me.

Okay, I hate this, but I just had a thought about what’s going on with Spencer and Caleb. It seems pretty clear that the show wants the audience to believe that something romantic is happening, or is going to happen, between the pair, and I’m sure that it won’t be long before the other characters start getting suspicious as well. But I think it’s all an intentional mislead.

Here’s what I think is happening; Spencer is some kind of substance abuse sponsor to Caleb. Think about it, Spencer had her issues with drugs, and Caleb and Hanna had their story line where they were drinking heavily. What if Caleb’s issues with alcohol continued on - it might have even had something to do with why he and Hanna broke up. Maybe he reached out to Spencer because she had been through something similar. Or maybe they ran into each other at a meeting sometime in the last five years, and Spencer offered to help.

I don’t know. Just the more I think about it, the more likely the idea seems to me. But I hope I’m wrong, because unlike a lot of people I actually like the idea of Spaleb being canon. Whatever.

Anyway, what do you guys think? Please feel free to poke holes in this theory.