don't bleed on the suits

I found something out about The Felt

Okay so i’m sure you all know about the complicated romance system with The Felt and all that stuff. But when reading the Paradox Space comic, The Inaugural Death of Mister Seven. More specifically in two scenes.

One of them being this scene. In this one Clover is trying to solicit Crowbar with Moons because it’s “Not how he rolls”. Than there is the scene a few pages after:

The scene where Crowbar confronts Snowman and is obviously flustered in her presence, possibly due to some crush. Showing that Crowbar has attraction towards females, and has also said that he’s not down with Moons.


Moons means gay.

Motherfuckers I told you you shouldn’ a skipped me

I fuckin warned you

Hussie even said in the goddamn update

and now you’re wonderin who the little shits runnin around on screen are an whether they got names or not.

which they do

and you'da known that if you DIDN’T SKIP THE GODDAMN INTERMISSION

I aint gonna tell you their names

But I am gonna tell you this

I’m about to get pretty damn important

So you better go back and read if you know what’s good for you