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Something I’ve realised working in retail is that………..ppl just don’t fucking read……

One year, after Keith had carved his pumpkin for Halloween, he came home from school to find bright pink eyebrows painted on it.

When Shiro saw it, he immediately started laughing hysterically, so Keith obviously blamed him for it, despite Shiro’s protests to the contrary.

(It was actually their dad.)

Keith, to this day, still blames Shiro.

tbh women who use feminism as a way to rationalize their shitty behavior are one of the main reasons that people nowadays are considering feminism a sexist movement

  • me: i'm so glad that twenty one pilots got popular. they finally have the recognition they deserve. i'm proud of my bean children for making it this far.
  • also me: i blame mainstream radio. all my problems are because of mainstream radio. why. why take away something so glorious and spoil it to mindless outsiders. why.
BTS' Complaints
  • Jin: "I just feel like no one truly appreciates my natural beauty. Like look at me. Do you understand how much work I don't do to look like this? Ultimate face goals, right?" *is talking to a statue* "You get me bruh. I appreciate that." *kisses statue*
  • J-Hope: "I love being ARMY's hope. I do. BUT WHO'S MY HOPE?! I HAVE NO HOPE." *single tear slides down cheek*
  • Rap Monster: "I'm the LEADER of this group. THE LEADER. So why don't any of those shits ever listen to me? I deserve more than this considering my status" *hair flip*
  • V: "But why was I called 'V'? Does it really mean victory? There are so many other things it could be instead. Vacuum, vegemite, va-" *gasps* "baNG PD-NIM, YOU SATAN."
  • Jungkook: "Dear Noonas. STOP CALLING ME OPPA. I'M NOT YOUR OPPA. I NEVER WAS YOUR OPPA. I NEVER WILL BE YOUR OPPA. I'M SORRY. Lots of love, Jungkook-ah. (<-- did you see the 'ah'? That's what you use... bye)"
Merthur AU

It’s the 1st anniversary of Merlin & Arthur’s wedding day. Merlin was hoping to celebrate it with his husband like a hopeless romantic he was, however Arthur had been sent on a one-week business trip to Berlin three days ago. So naturally, since they finished their skype call this evening, Merlin has been feeling a little bit sad and lonely. He doesn’t blame Arthur for not being there, Merlin understands the importance of this meeting. He just… misses him, genuinely. Well, that is until Arthur appears on their doorsteps 10 seconds later, surprising his husband with an early arrival. He couldn’t miss the nice, amorous evening full of dancing, cuddling and snogging with the man of his dreams, could he? Moreover, he knows what it means to Merlin, to his beautiful, shy, lovely Merlin.

Can we talk about this scene? Okay, we all know this is a heartbreaking moment for everyone involved, but there is something that really stood out to me. The last thing Dean says to his mom is, “You’re home now,” which sets off the rest of the conversation. There is nearly four minutes after this where Mary continues to talk and then the episode ends, and Dean says absolutely nothing at all. Four minutes of no dialogue whatsoever on his part. Mary keeps explaining, leaving these long moments between sentences where she expects Dean to say something and he doesn’t, so she jumps in again and tries to explain more. When Sam finally interjects and asks what she means, it’s only after a quick look to Dean to realize he’s not going to do it. Even Sam is expecting him to say something, and he just doesn’t. This is so important to me. Can you recall a time in the series where Dean is in the shot for more than a few minutes and doesn’t say anything? Or a time when someone repeatedly trails off to let him respond and then he doesn’t? This is the first real time where we’ve seen Dean so thoroughly broken and upset that he physically doesn’t have words. He is rendered speechless. You can see it in the way he breathes, the way he audibly exhales in disbelief, the way he blinks in this quick progression as he processes what must feel like his heart being ripped out of his chest. He could beg his mom to stay. Plead with her. Tell her things will get better and everything will be okay. But he doesn’t. He doesn’t say anything at all. His mom waits for it. Sam waits for it (Sam, who knows him better than anyone else, waits for him to say something). And there’s nothing. No questions. No promises. No attempt to do anything at all to sway her decision. The last thing he says is, “You’re home now.”

I just want to reiterate: The only thing that unified the people who voted for Trump was their proximity to (or identification with) whiteness.  White Latinx exist, anti-black poc exist, white identified black people exist, white women mainly voted for Trump, etc.  Do not start combing through minority groups and try to find the one to blame for this election like we did with Prop 8.  We cannot afford that kind of behavior now, remember that treating certain minorities like they are expendable is one reason why we’re in this position right now. 

Its better to organize and practice actual solidarity than it is to pay lip service to liberalism while we try to find who to throw under the bus. 


What happened to Braeden and Derek? Are they still together? Did they break up?

A Day Off

Jacob Frye x Reader; fluff.

Notes: My hands slipped with this one. Fluff is always welcomed, especially with a cozy Jacob. Enjoy!

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You smiled, happily tucked in the warmth of your bed.
The air outside was cool and the sky was full of clouds, another better reason to not get out of it. There weren’t many times like this; where you could take your time from saving London from Starrick and the Templars, but you weren’t exactly complaning.
Beside, Evie practically forced you to do so, who were you to question something?
Your smile grow widely when you heard him and you didn’t even need to tilt your head up to know it was Jacob.  His attempt to make no noise was unnecessary, since you knew him like your own pockets. 

Also, his leather scent was unmistakable.

“Enjoying your little day off, love?”
You huffed, moving to take a better look at him. Jacob was full dressed and armed, his top hat covering his eyes but there was a cheeky smile pulled over his lips, like he was amused of something. 

Or someone, more appropriately.

“Very, mister Frye. You have no idea how much this bed is comfortable… A shame you can’t feel it.”
His smile grow, by just looking at you. “It is indeed. Perhaps you could have show me, miss Y/L/N”
“I think not.” You said, rolling on the other side of the bed. You bit yor lip, in a weak attempt to muffle your laughter. You loved teasing Jacob, he was a bit of… touchy, you learned and you cannot tell you didn’t enjoy his reactions.
“Are you ignoring me, love? Do I have to be offended?”

You hummed, playing with a lock of your hair. Suddenly, he was pinning you hunder his weight, making you squeak with surprise.  His hands were blocking gently your wrists and his eyes were running hungrily all over your body.

 You bit your lip. “I thought this was my day off”
“It was. Beside, I’m starting to get cold. Maybe you could help me getting warmer, love.”
A devilish smirk appeared on his lips, making him look more bloody attractive.
You never complaning when he was near to you, both of your bodies easing the friction within each other. You felt the arousal growing in your lower belly, almost painfully. He pressed his lips all over your face, his hands running over your body.
“Don’t you have some errands to take for, Jacob?” He nuzzled his nose in the crook of our neck, breathing your scent.
“They can wait”
He interruped you, taking your lips in a hungry kiss. He was still over you, his hands slowly removing all the unnecessary clothes and fabric that were between the two of you. You gave up, your mouth melting aganist his, your bodies tangled to each other’s.

It was a rare privilege, taking a day off. But if there was also Jacob with you, helping yourself getting warmer, you weren’t complaning.


Posters from the third and fourth Owari no Seraph season 2 DVD sets.

Feat. Guren Ichinose, Crowley Eusford, Mikaela Hyakuya, Yuuichiro Hyakuya, and Ferid Bathory.

I don’t remember who had asked for larger versions, but here you go <3