don't bind with bandages!!!!

  • <p> <b>Me when other people bind:</b> Always be safe. Don't use ace bandages. Stretch every couple of hours. Take it off if you experience any discomfort or pain. Do not bind for more than eight hours at once.<p/><b>Me when I bind:</b> Eight, thirteen, saME DIFFERENCE RIGHT<p/></p>

Hey js because i feel like this is important but if you aren’t trans/nonbinary then dont buy binders?? I’m specifically talking abt dfab cosplayers who buy binders just for their cosplays. It’s one thing if you’re gonna use it after because you’re trans/nb and have chest dysphoria but if you’re cis or you don’t need it otherwise you’re wasting materials trans people actually need. Bind safely but don’t do it by buying binders, buy sports bras or maybe don’t bind at all? You’re just cosplaying i doubt anyone will care.

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So I lost patience with saving money for a proper binder, and so I bound with ace bandages. I did break two ribs that way so I'd just like to give your followers a reminder. No matter how much not binding sucks, and I know how horrible it is, binding unsafely isn't worth it. Bind safely, don't use ace bandages, or tape, or bind too long. It's 100% not worth the risk. Please don't make the same unreasonable decision I did.

I’m so sorry that happened. I hope that your ribs will heal (or have healed) well.

  • Don't Compare: Though you'll be tempted to, focus on yourself and your own style, not what other MTFs or FTMs or gender fluid people are wearing
  • Be Safe: Don't bind with ace bandages or tape; consult several sources of online instructions for tucking.
  • Wear What You Like: You don't have fit into a binary; that's what you're trying to escape. Wear whatever you like, and don't let others convince you otherwise.
  • Everyone's Their Own Person: (see tips 1 and 3)
  • "Am I 'trans enough'?": There's no such thing. Stop worrying.

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I get so scared hearing the 'punctured lungs/cracked ribs' thing on binders that I hardly wear mine, but then I feel so bad without it! Any ideas how to overcome this fear? (I'm from tennessee)

Ren says:

Hi friend! Luckily for you, binding is not all that dangerous as long as you are careful about it, and listen to your body. Here is ~the rundown~.


  • make sure the binder is the correct size (if you are between sizes, always round up!!!)
  • make sure the binder is the style that works best for you (check out our Binder Style Guide for that!)
  • bind with a sports bra underneath if that is comfier for you
  • break in your binder - wear it for only an hour or two tops the first day, and increase the time slowly as your body gets used to it
  • take off your binder if it starts to feel uncomfortable or painful
  • leave it off for at least 12 hours after a binding problem
  • see a doctor if chest-area pain persists for more than two days after you have not been binding
  • cough real deep and hard a few times when you take off your binder - this will help loosen any phlegm
  • bind for 6 hours max for maximum healthitude


  • bind any more than 8 hours tops (and if you have absolutely life-or-death no choice, unclasp/unzip/un-velcro your binder in short breaks throughout the day, as described here)
  • bind while sleeping
  • bind if your ribs hurt or if you are having trouble breathing
  • bind while in the pool unless you have a binder specifically designed for swimming
  • bind during physical activity
  • bind on planes
  • bind with ace bandages or duct tape
  • make your own binder
  • bind if you have a cold (or other illness) that is in your respiratory system (ex: if you have a runny nose it’s fine, but if you’re coughing, nope!)
  • bind with 2 binders (don’t exceed 1 sports bra and 1 binder -worth of pressure on your chest)
  • smoke with your binder on if you can help it (hey, better yet, don’t smoke at all!)

Basically: Do not be afraid to ask for help (from us or from a doctor). And don’t bind if it hurts or you can’t breathe - listen to your body!!! It knows what it’s doing.

If you can follow these rules (and just because there’s a lot doesn’t mean that they’re gonna be difficult to follow!) you’ll be absolutely fine, okay? <3

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I need a binder but there is no way I can possibly get one without going through my parents... My friends can't help and I can't order online or enter giveaways/binder charities because my parents control and monitor the computer. I could try to make one but I can't sew and I'm bigger chested, like a D cup so homemade things and backward tank tops and sports bras don't do a thing. Since I have no other option, is it okay to use ace bandages...? I'll be very careful and I'm aware of the dangers.

Ren says:


Ace bandages are never ever ever ever okay. Not even if you think you’re going to do it “safely” - you can seriously hurt yourself (like fracture a rib, puncture a lung, or tear a muscle) in less than an hour binding with bandages, and over the long term, risks get even worse.

You absolutely have other options. If you can tell us approximately where you live (like a general area in a state / province) then we can try to hook you up with someone who can get it to you. We can enter giveaways and/or binder charities for you. We can help you.

Please don’t bind with ace bandages. Even if you’re aware of the dangers, that doesn’t mean they go away, and losing your current capacity to breathe, exercise, sing, dance, get top surgery in the future - none of that is worth it. I swear to you.

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I know they are incredibly dangerous but-- What are ace bandages? Why are they dangerous? What are they for?

Ren says:

Ace bandages are what folks use to wrap sports injuries, usually for ankles, wrists, knees, or elbows. They look like this. And you should not use them.

They are popularly used to depict AFAB trans people binding, but that’s really bad.

See, Ace bandages are meant to keep joint injuries totally still, so if the user’s ankle twitches, the bandage will tighten to stabilize it. Actually, if it’s not a certain kind of injury, Ace bandages can hurt injuries more, can irritate the skin, and are all-around uncomfortable.

When it comes to your chest, though, your lungs have to move for you to breathe. So the Ace bandage is constricting your lungs, is constantly tightening more and more, and is always doing damage.

Binding with Ace bandages can, very easily, break or fracture a rib, puncture a lung, bruise skin/muscle/lungs, sprain or even tear muscles, cause breathing issues, cause or worsen pneumonia and other respiratory problems, trigger asthma, cause heart problems, cause scoliosis (spine and back problems), and permanently deform your ribcage.

That means no top surgery, ever.

Mod Fox has seen tons of individuals in the hospital for this, and this can be deadly. We’ve heard a lot of stories from followers about the pain they experienced, and often, the permanent damage they now have.

I’ve used them for my own joint pain, and frankly they have made the pain worse. Please, please, do not use Ace bandages unless you have a sprain in an extraneous (part of your arms or legs) joint.