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I've been in your blog for a while now and I see that recently you wrote how tired and unmotivated you are. From that I can see that you lack physical activity. Go for a jog, run some laps or just take a walk. Believe me, from someone who suffered panic attacks, I know it can help you. Even if you feel extremely tired it can give more energy positive vibes that you can imagine. I know it's not a question, but we all here want better for you. You may ignore me, but know this we are here for you.

((ehehe, nah man what i lack is sufficient serotonin production in my brain

i actually get a decent amount of exercise; 25 minutes’ walk to the train station each day, then another fifteen minutes from the other end of the line to campus, and back again at the end of the day. except on weekends, of course. that plus time spent walking around campus adds up to ‘pretty alright’.

going on short walks does help me sometimes, but more often than not it’s just not enough, or i don’t have the energy to get out of my chair. thaaaat’s depression for ya. i’ve been on a slow but steady decline since 2012, it’s just recently that i’ve crashed and burned. and, heck, my new meds have been hauling me back up again! it’s just kinda

(that red line is “energy needed to write” if you can’t read it and that dip at the end on the bottom graph is tonight hoo boy)

so, yknow. i’m doing okay, and i’ve only been on these for a week, but it’s not quite okay Enough to tackle actually doing anything yet))


2x01 // 2x09: who’s calling the shots (feat. a very satisfying hair evolution)

101 fluffy prompts
  • 001: "You're really soft."
  • 002: "You smell nice."
  • 003: "I'm here for my daily fix of hugs and kisses."
  • 004: "Is it possible to love too much?"
  • 005: "I don't wanna get up-- you're comfy."
  • 006: "I will always be there protect you."
  • 007: "I'm cold. Come closer."
  • 008: "I love you a lot, but please stop trying to cook me dinner, you suck.”
  • 009: "The stars look especially lovely tonight."
  • 010: "I've never seen such gorgeous eyes before."
  • 011: "May I have this dance?"
  • 012: "I can't stop thinking about you."
  • 013: "You'll never feel alone with me by your side."
  • 014: "Let's get to know each other over dinner."
  • 015: "All I want is you."
  • 016: "I could never leave you, I love you too much!"
  • 017: "A fairytale with a happy ending always brings a smile to my face."
  • 018: "I want to hear you sing."
  • 019: "I don't think anyone could ever be as lovely as you."
  • 020: "You look incredible in that."
  • 021: "He/She's quite stunning, isn't he/she?"
  • 022: "Sometimes I just can't control myself when around you."
  • 023: "Do you believe in love at first sight?"
  • 024: "I think I'm in love."
  • 025: "I’d like it if you stayed.
  • 026: "People are jerks, but not you."
  • 027: "I'll share the blankets with you."
  • 028: "I have never felt this way about anyone."
  • 029: "I want this to never end..."
  • 030: "Can I kiss you?"
  • 031: "I waxed the floors, grab your fluffy socks."
  • 032: "Who changed the thermostat settings? I’m freezing to death."
  • 033: "Can we just watch a movie and fall asleep on the couch?"
  • 034: "You can put your cold feet on me."
  • 035: "Your stray red item turned my whites pink."
  • 036: "A thunderstorm is rolling through town and you’re scared of lightening/thunder so I’ll protect you."
  • 037: "There was a power outage and now we have to have dinner by candlelight."
  • 038: "Rock Paper Scissors to see who has to go talk to the neighbors upstairs for being too loud."
  • 039: "I just came home to you crying while watching a movie, please tell me what’s going on."
  • 040: "Our AC is out and it’s the middle of the summer."
  • 041: "You found me crying on the kitchen floor in the middle of the night surrounded by a shattered jelly jar."
  • 042: "My parents are coming over in 10 minutes so please put some clothes on"
  • 043: "We’re repainting the apartment and going to the hardware store together to pick out color swatches."
  • 045: "We’re watching Toy Story 3 and we can’t stop crying."
  • 046: "I caught the bouquet"
  • 047: "My ex just invited me to their wedding and I need you to be my date so it doesn’t look like I’ve spent the last few years failing to get over them."
  • 048: "We accidentally got married in Vegas oops"
  • 049: "I’m really drunk, please help me get safely out of the way so I don’t ruin our friend’s wedding."
  • 050: "I planned out this super romantic proposal and you just ruined it by beating me to whole proposing thing."
  • 051: "I wasn’t planning on asking you, but it appeared to me that life is short. Will you marry me? "
  • 052: "If you shove cake in my face this will be the worst wedding night of your life."
  • 053: "Do you take this man/woman to be your lawfully wedded husband/wife? "
  • 054: "May I have this dance, wife/husband? "
  • 055: "You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m so happy I can finally call you my wife/husband."
  • 056: "I jokingly told you that the only way I’d marry you was if you did this weird outlandish thing, and you actually did it, and I’m kind of charmed."
  • 057: "This is probably a bad time, but marry me?"
  • 058: "We’ve become the clingy newlyweds you always complained about. "
  • 059: "Your ‘miracle hangover cure’ couldn’t possibly beat mine."
  • 060: "I know you haven’t had the best experience with dogs in the past but look at its face please please can we keep it?"
  • 061: "I wanted to surprise you for our anniversary, but everything that could go wrong, did go wrong."
  • 062: "I beat you at Mario Kart and now you're banishing me to the couch for the night?”
  • 063: "I surprised you with tickets to see our favorite band… WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU SURPRISED ME WITH TICKETS TO SEE THEM TOO?"
  • 064: "I know we had a big fight but we still need to decorate the house for the holidays."
  • 065: "Oh! Hey! Could you come and taste this to see if it's okay?"
  • 066: "We’re arguing over book versus movie."
  • 067: "I came home to a Nerf gun on the front porch and a note that says ‘Here is your weapon. I have one too. Loser cooks dinner. Good luck. xo’"
  • 068: "We’ve been celebrating our wedding anniversary on the wrong day for the past nine years."
  • 069: "You had a business trip and I missed you so much that I kind of tore up the house in your absence like a dog with separation anxiety… sorry?"
  • 070: "We both have nowhere else to be so we get to spend our rare day off at home."
  • 071: "I bet it’s a girl/boy."
  • 072: "Do you think it’s possible that I…might be… pregnant? "
  • 073: "I thought I was pregnant but the test must have been wrong. I’m not. "
  • 074: "You’re lucky I’m pregnant!"
  • 075: "Can you help me up, your child is pretty heavy."
  • 076: "I could really use a foot rub right now."
  • 077: "Your dad is really excited to meet you soon, it’s driving me crazy."
  • 078: "Do you wanna know the sex of the baby?"
  • 079: "The baby’s kicks are keeping me up at night."
  • 080: "Did you feel that?"
  • 081: "I can’t fit into my favorite dress anymore. "
  • 083: "I can’t be pregnant… or….OH MY GOD! "
  • 084: "I think you might be pregnant.”
  • 085: "It’s 2 am but you’re craving cake and we’re both up anyway so let’s bake in our underwear."
  • 086: "I knew it was a mistake to get the twins matching clothes."
  • 087: "Sh…they’re asleep."
  • 088: "I think someone had a little accident with the finger paint."
  • 089: "Mondays are your diaper days."
  • 090: "Our kid is totally the one who wanted to build a pillow fort, not me."
  • 091: "Ooh…someone’s got a tummy ache."
  • 092: "Are you sure you don’t want me to drop them off myself? I don’t think you could handle seeing them off alone."
  • 093: "I told you we should have just gotten that German Shepherd puppy."
  • 094: "What do you think for their punishment? Grounding? No video games? No going out for a week?"
  • 095: "Mm…your kid before five in the morning."
  • 096: "Come on now, I think you’re being too harsh. He/she’s just a kid. Remember all of the stupid things we used to do when we were their age?"
  • 097: "So, how should we break the news that they’re going to have a new baby brother or sister?"
  • 098: "I think we should have another."
  • 099: "Why wasn’t I invited to your wedding?"
  • 100: "Okay fine, one more story, but then you really have to go to bed."
  • 101: "…They just grow up so fast."
8th Year Quidditch Commentary
  • Luna: Ooh, Harry and Draco just completely missed the snitch again! Ron doesn't seem too happy about that. It's okay Ron, I'm sure they'll get together soon and be able to focus on something besides each other's arses—
  • McGonagall: MISS LOVEGOOD!
  • Luna: Sorry, Minerva! But I admit I can see why! I've always found Draco's bottom to be very shapely, and Harry's has recently become really toned—
  • McGonagall: I swear to you Miss Lovegood, I WILL replace you if you are incapable of focusing on Quidditch!
  • Luna: Oh, look! I think Slytherin has just scored. Whatever were you looking over here for, Ron? Anyway, Harry and Draco must both have a case of the Woomplies because just look at that tension! Come on, kiss him, Harry!
  • McGonagall: This is NOT a platform for you to make up some complete nonsense about— Oh, good lord.
  • Luna: Oh!! And it was actually Draco who went in for the kiss! That was a surprise! Harry seems quite excited about it though. Wow, they really are quite lovely together, don't you all think? Of course, Ginny is the loveliest player of all, but since this commentary is meant to target the interests of the entire student body, I will avoid discussing my girlfriend's beautiful, firm—
  • Luna: Ooh, look! Slytherin have scored three more goals! Ronald seems very distracted. It's okay, Ron! I'm sure there will always be a place for you in Harry's heart!
  • McGonagall: I need a fucking drink.

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I don't believe this was your intention, but my wife, who has DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), can actually relate to your videos. I think it's great she can see something similar to herself in such a light hearted setting. Thank you for making is laugh together

Awww really?? That’s amazing! I really need to research that subject, because the characters are all simply representations of different aspects of my personality, but if it’s resembling DID, I wanna make sure I’m continuing to approach it in a manner that would never cast a negative light! I’m so happy you both enjoy watching it!

  • Remus: I still can't believe you all became Animagi for me.
  • James: Believe it, Remus. We're here for y- Sirius...?
  • Sirius: Mmmf- wat?
  • James: Er... should you be eating that?
  • Sirius: ...hmm?
  • Remus: Well, isn't your animagus a dog? ...Doesn't chocolate kill dogs?
  • Sirius: .....
  • *drops chocolate frog in shock*
  • James: *vague panic* I'm sure it'll be fine-
  • Sirius: AM I GOING TO DIE?
  • James: Oh here we go-
  • Sirius: REMUS, AM I GOING TO DIE??
  • Remus: I really don't think you're going to DIE, Sirius-
  • Sirius: THE ROOM
  • James: I shouldn't have even said anything-
  • Sirius: IT'S SPINNING
  • Remus: Sirius, you're overreacting-
  • James: You're facing the wall, Sirius-
  • *Lies down on the floor*
  • Remus: ...
  • James: ...
  • Sirius: *not moving*
  • Remus: Should we -
  • James: Just leave him, we won't get any sleep tonight if we don't.
In the Heights Characters as things I heard in my high school theatre class
  • Usnavi: "I can't wait to graduate." *at graduation* "I'M NOT READY TO GRADUATE!"
  • Abuela Claudia: "You're all smart and I believe in all of you"
  • Benny: "Yeah, I speak Spanish. Bonjour bitch."
  • Vanessa: "Boys are dumb. Trains are cool."
  • Nina: "Is it okay if I do homework while we run lines? I can do both at once."
  • Sonny: "I'm starting to think I'm the only one who gives a shit about anybody else."
  • Carla: "Your hair is a disaster. We should just cut it all off and start over."
  • Daniela: "I don't like to talk about people, but he fucked my sister and that's messed up."
  • Kevin: "You look like you haven't slept in 8 months."
  • Camila: "Somebody around here has to get shit done."
  • Graffiti Pete: "This set looks like shit. Your spray paint game is weak."
  • Piragua Guy: "You'd all fall apart without me."

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I feel like I don't deserve anything good because of the mistakes I've made in the past.

Sorry for the potato drawing I don’t have all of my tools on me. 

I think this sentiment is too common among people. But the brevity of your statement means I really know nothing about your struggle. I believe you are a better person now for learning from your mistakes. I hope you can accept yourself at least as the first step of many in improving your life. I hope you don’t deny yourself professional help if you need it.

I’d encourage anyone who needs it to seek out professional psychological help. It may have a cost but poor mental health has real repercussions.

draco discovers football

DRACO : Harry! Harry! Look what I found on our tiny screen thingie! 

HARRY : It’s a television Draco, and that’s football–a muggle sport.

DRACO : It looks easy! Nothing compared to Quidditch, we should play this mystical football sport. 

HARRY : Um…I don’t think that’s a good idea…


*twenty minutes later*

HARRY : *calmly trying to detangle Draco from the net* 



gif meme: jon/arya + quote (requested by @horcrucxs)

The heart is all that matters. Do not despair, Lord Snow. Despair is a weapon of the enemy, whose name may not be spoken. Your sister is not lost to you.

Can you believe Yuuri is going to marry his idol?? the man he has looked up to almost his entire life?? the man who he has seen as god-like, unreachable, perfect. Victor was what Yuuri wished he could be but never thought he’d be able to reach Victor’s level but then?? Victor himself proved him wrong, helped Yuuri reach not only Victor’s level but above it?? His biggest dream was to skate on the same ice as Victor but now he has skated with Victor and they’re gonna get married???

And can you believe that Victor, who has dedicated his life to skating, who has neglected his life and love for decades met a beautiful man who took his breath away, stole his heart during one night and then disappeared, left Victor pining for him with no way to contact him, finally found him?? He found that beautiful man and that man gave him everything that had been missing from Victor’s life and he didn’t even have to try. And then he slipped a ring on Victor’s finger in the most romantic setting imaginable, wordlessly promising to stay by his side for the rest of their lives??

can you believe?????

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According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Ooh, black and yellow! Let's shake it up a little. Barry! Breakfast is ready! Coming! Hang on a second. Hello? - Barry? - Adam? - Can you believe thi


I'm so sorry, but i can imagine this well...
  • Namjoon: Why do you both sweat so much?
  • Jungkook: We did the laundry.
  • Jimin: It was too hot in the laundry room.
  • JHope: We see.
  • [a few moments later]
  • Suga: I swear, the two don't do the laundry the whole time.
  • Jin: What do they do then?
  • Namjoon: No comment.
  • Taehyung: Let us observe them.
  • JHope: I don't know if i wanna see this.
  • Jin: See what?
  • Namjoon: No comment, Jin-Hyung.
  • Suga: Let us observe them.
  • [next night]
  • Jimin: It's too hot~!
  • Jungkook: You don't have to stay here. I don't want you to collapse.
  • Jimin: Sure. And if you collapse because of the damn heat, no one would be here. I'll stay.
  • Jungkook: Doing laundry is so relaxing.
  • Jimin: Yeah. Let us play Uno while we waiting.
  • [rest of BTS behind on of the dryer]
  • Taehyung: They really do the laundry all the time?
  • Suga: Forgett it! No way.
  • Jin: What should they do?
  • Namjoon: No comment.
  • JHope: Maybe my eyes will survive?
  • Suga: I swear, they don't do the laundry all the time!
  • [next morning]
  • Taehyung: So finally we know: Jungkook and Jimin do the laundry the whole night!
  • JHope: Yeah, how we could think that they do something else?
  • Jin: What was we think what they do?
  • Namjoon: No comment.
  • Suga: I was so sure. I believed our ARMYs.
  • Taehyung: But it was really freaking hot in the laundry room.
  • Jungkook: Why do you guys sweat so much?
  • JHope: It was freaking hot in the-
  • Taehyung: BEDROOM!
  • JHope: Yes.
  • Jin: But we-
  • Namjoon: Have to go to take a shower!
  • BTS: Yeah!
  • [a few moments later]
  • Jungkook: I swear, the guys have not slept the whole night.
  • Jimin: What do you think what they have do then?
  • Jungkook [wiggles eyebrows]: ....
  • Jimin: Oh my gawd, NO!
  • Jungkook: Let us observe them!
  • Jimin: Of course! This night?
  • Jungkook: This night!
BTS at the BBMA's
  • Taehyung: I can't believe I'm in the same room as Drake!
  • Yoongi: I can, I'm constantly reminded every time he wins.
  • Namjoon: C'mon it's okay, our category is up soon.
  • Hoseok: If we don't win this is rigged, cuz I made like three fan accounts to vote.
  • Jimin: I tried doing that but then I saw some fanfics I couldn't unread
  • Jungkook: Nicki Minaj isn't wearing any clothes and I think I need a moment
  • Jin: I wonder how many new fans I've gained-- I mean we've gained
  • Yoongi: Nice save. Do you think Drake has a separate room for all his awards?
  • Jimin: Do you think Halsey is into me? She said I was beat, does that means she's into me?
  • Namjoon: I honestly can't keep up with this slang, like what does "ahlie" mean, are they calling me a liar?!
  • Announcers: And the winner for top social artist is...
  • Announcers: DRAKE
  • Tae and Jim pass out
  • A\N
  • I love BTS and Drake. Jimin isn't beat he's my bias.
  • Love you guys.
  • ~Armygirl

Arc-V Fandom in episode 1: Yuzu has a fan that she hits Yuya with? That’s stupid.

Arc-V Fandom in episode 141: THE FANNNNN *gross sobbing*


Alright, so for the past few months, I’ve been noticing a lot of talk about the whole “diamond spending” thing with PB. And before I get into the details, I’m just gonna say that all of you are 110% right. It is unfair that many of us can’t afford to unlock special items or scenes with our favorite characters because a lot of the times, we can’t do anything about it. We’re not all rich and capable like some other fortunate people are and while we think it may not affect us in the story, it actually prevents us from accessing other things that could help us like the dossiers in ES or the Adventurer outfits. I’m not saying PB has done nothing in regards to making us happy and having fun because believe me, they have❤️ But none of us want to deal with this issue anymore and it needs to be resolved.

So luckily, @cartoonfanforlife and I have taken the liberty to start a petition in changing this. And yes, I know what you’re thinking. How are we gonna make PB aware about this? Well, that’s why we decided we need backup. @hollyashton has been a HUGE part of the fandom since the beginning and while we believe she’ll be a big influence on getting our point across, she’ll also help take “the gold home.” So what do you guys think?? We won’t make further decisions on this until a majority of us agree to pitch in and work together. But until then, thanks for listening guys!! And spread the word if u can. It would be so awesome to make this real😊💯😊💯😊💯 Thanks again!!

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i don’t know if everyone has read the news yet but usa network decided not to renew eyewitness. however i do still believe there is hope for someone else to pick it up. adi tv studios just tweeted about it and it seems like they haven’t lost all hope either.