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Quand j’ai 6 cartes postales à écrire.

To the person who replied not-so-beautiful things in one of my Incorrect SasuSaku chats:

We do not tolerate anti-comments here. I’ve checked your blog and I see that you’re anti SasuSaku and pro SasuKarin, and that’s cool, SasuKarin’s a nice ship, but please. This blog does not tolerate hate. If you hate the ship, then hate in silence or go somewhere else. I don’t need anti (insert ship here) people typing out how they hate this certain ship with a passion. We respect every single ship here, may it be the mun’s personal ships or not. :> Spread love, not hate.

Let me make it clear, all ships here are respected. We do not hate here, we enjoy every ship here and do not tolerate fanwars/ shipwars. Nor am I hating other ships that aren’t my personal favorite, in fact, I’d love to hear other’s opinion to how they come about those ships as long as they do not shut down other ships in the process.

I’ve already deleted your replies. Please go somewhere else if you want to rant about your anti shit. I will not hesitate to block you if you continue doing so. This is a first warning. Thank you very much friendo :)

i think the most frustrating part is like… the very last question on the exam was worth 20% of the entire thing for some reason. and of course it’s the one that i couldn’t remember the answer to.. like if it weren’t for that one question, I literally would have made an A on the exam…

and it didn’t help that i ran into some of my classmates afterward and they were all “oh! that wasn’t too hard! :)” and I was like… trying not to cry bc I don’t want them to know I’m secretly dumb

this is the second midterm I’ve made a C on… I’m worried everyone is going to catch on to the fact that i’m not actually as smart as they think I am… I’m worried I’m not going to be able to keep fooling everyone like this..

anonymous asked:

Explain why Sasuke had a face like he was about to commit suicide during the whole Gaiden chapters ? You tards don't give a goddamn about Sasuke nigga, cuz if y'all did nigga you wouldn't be guilible to believe he was happy with suckura! Karin was the winner she had development unlike Sakura she stayed a fangirl SS lost everyone else won they got their happy ending unlike Suckura poor Sarada she should be adopted by Naruto and that tits.

Your salty tears makes their family portrait shine.