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Three Rings of Fear-Pt 1

(Inspired by this ask)

Songbird looked around as her cage was pulled steadily forward; not that she could see much through the thick cloth covering her cage, but she could feel the wheels bumping against rocks on the ground. She supposed she had been bought by another captor. It was hard to keep up with the fast paced conversations she barely understood that surrounded her even now… and she was so tired. The little Ziz drew her knees up to her chest and locked her arms around them, then rested her head on her knees. Surely they wouldn’t mind if she took a nap…

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anonymous asked:

Explain why Sasuke had a face like he was about to commit suicide during the whole Gaiden chapters ? You tards don't give a goddamn about Sasuke nigga, cuz if y'all did nigga you wouldn't be guilible to believe he was happy with suckura! Karin was the winner she had development unlike Sakura she stayed a fangirl SS lost everyone else won they got their happy ending unlike Suckura poor Sarada she should be adopted by Naruto and that tits.

Your salty tears makes their family portrait shine.