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Someone about Peter Quill: “How can he listen to the same songs for 26 years without getting tired of them, that’s so unrealistic?”

Me, having “Hooked on a feeling” playing in my head for months and still happily humming along: It’s… kind of relatable, though.”  

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so i'm a femme lesbian aspiring to be a cosmetic chemist and i'm SO worried about not being taken seriously because i'm a walking anomaly (at least according to stereotypes :/ feminine women can't be in science, lesbians can't like makeup, etc etc) help!!

I mean, as a woman in science not being taken seriously is always an issue, and that goes doubly for a queer woman in science. 

My best advice is to just do you best to be unabashedly yourself, and be confident in your abilities and your work, and fuck what anyone else things. 

A question for my witch friends

Or anyone who knows about astronomy and stuff, really:

Is it possible for celestial events to influence a person’s mood/energy?

I’m asking because on Monday, the day of the eclipse, I felt really…down. For no reason. Restless and antsy, but at the same time depleted of energy. Then when I got coffee in the afternoon (don’t judge my terrible caffeine habits!) and they got the order wrong, I had a 10-minute anxiety attack/breakdown in my car before I could rally the strength to go back in and have them fix it. I do have general anxiety disorder and social phobia, but I’ve been able to manage them for a good while now—well enough to handle myself with relative ease in public; this episode was incredibly unusual. To add to the weirdness, I’ve been totally fine since (which breaks the pattern I used to have, where I’d be overwhelmed for days at a time).

But yeah, I was just wondering if the eclipse itself had something to do with it, and I don’t know enough about anything to be certain myself. Thoughts?

I… got the job. I did an interview for a job I wanted and I was already braced for the polite rejection email, and I fucking GOT IT. I don’t know what to do, I’m hyperventilating help

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i am that anon and wow you wrote an entire essay for me >:// still doesn't change the fact that you are losers for stanning the wrong group (fyi i am not a 5 year old i am 21 so chill)

oh you’re 21 now? better start acting like it then

Oh my god this blog is one year old

I just realised we’re at the end of the month and you know what ? That means this blog just turned one year old !!

I’m getting stupidly emotional in this post please ignore me i just needed to say all these things …………. ¯\_ಠvಠ_/¯

I can’t believe it’s been one year since i started posting here !

I mean, I’ve known tumblr for a while but i never really wanted to post art here…. Until : Y’KNOW, Voltron. This show made me want to know what it’s like to be part of a fandom and create stuff for it, and i am so happy i made this choice.

Ever since i entered art school i’ve been in constant artblock ; i couldnt draw, I did not even find it enjoyable anymore, I almost hated it, but i had to draw every day because of school. I was even low key thinking about changing my plans and start studying something else because i thought an art career really wasn’t for me.
And then i watched this stupid mecha-lions-in-space show. I loved it and i started drawing a lot of fanart ; and looking for vld-related stuff. I found out it was pretty popular on tumblr, and above all i found out tumblr really had amazing content creators (artists, writers, cosplayers…). So i decided to give a try.

And here i am, one year later, and you can’t imagine how happy i am i made the choice to eventually get this blog and post art here !!

Something i could never have imagined : I met so such amazing people on tumblr ?? One year ago i didn’t understand how people could talk about having friends on the other side of the world ; but today i can say i’ve met some of the most amazing people on this planet. Amazing friends, and seriously i wonder what i would do without them. I also met a lot of super talented artists ( even met some one them irl ! ) and i couldn’t be more happy about this.

Another amazing thing i have to thank tumblr for : english. One year ago i wasn’t able to write a single complete sentence in english (i barely learned it at school). I had to use a translator for e v e r y t h i n g. But since i created this blog i read / talked a lot in english. And now, even if i still make a lot of mistakes, i am used to write / talk in english everyday and it’s amazing. I learned a new language (kinda) thanks to this stupid website and it’s amazing ???

On a way more personal note *heavy breath*, tumblr helped me to not feel guilty for being trans. I am not used to talk about it and I probably won’t be before a long, long time ; but hi, I’m a trans boy. It has always been pretty hard for me to deal with this (I cant say people in my surrounding are full of acceptance) ; and I’ve been feeling super bad about it for years. And i am not confident enough to talk about this with most of people irl. Some people may laugh about it, but tumblr is the first place where i feel like i’m not a failure because of this; the first place where i don’t feel like i’m not being overreactive when i have to deal with / talk about transphobia. Oh man, one year ago i thought transphobia wasn’t even an thing, I thought I  was the problem because I was annoying people with my dysphoria. Okay no but seriously. As dumb as it may sound this fckn website helped me a lot with it, i finally met people who gave me the support i didn’t know i needed and everyday when i scroll trhough my dash i realize how many supportive people there are out there. It’s still pretty weird for me to talk about it tbh…

This blog also helped me a lot to be more confident about my art, to want to create more and more stuff, and to dare to show it. Every like, every reblog, every comment and message means a lot and i am really happy i can share my shitty art with you guys. I found back the motivation i lost a few years ago, and it’s really good to feel the need-to-art™ again. I dare posting it, I’m not keeping my art hidden anymore and that’s a really good thing.

Okay enough with the overemotional long text post lmao. i’m sorry it’s late and i just should go to bed. I just can’t believe how many good things a simple blog/website brought to my life and i am super happy about it ! Thank you guys 💙

Happy one year anniversary to what was supposed to be an art blog but isn’t /Val out/ (╭☞꘠ ͜ʖ꘠)╭☞

Just scrolling through FB trying to pass the time as dinner boils, and I happened into this long winded post by a girl I used to know, same age as me, we had a bunch of the same classes and teachers growing up, talking about how she’s decided to go and teach English as a second language in Guatemala. This girl (I really shouldn’t call her a girl–‘woman’, I guess) also bought her own tattoo equipment and went from, absolutely no offense to her at all, painfully suckish to damn skilled, in fact, she’s gone from just starting to draw a year ago to creating these bloody brilliant works of art on paper and skin, including a graphic novel project that has all these perfect angles and awesome shading and fantastic writing, she owns a horse, and OH. She can do handstands. Did I mention that? Yeah, she can even do friggin handstands like a total boss, has her own friggin horse, looks super good in a friggin bikini while doing handstands, is an amazing friggin artist already, and now she’s gonna be friggin going and living in a country far from home teaching kids just like I want to do, and she’s probably gonna have all these deep and wonderful life-changing experiences there and she’s doing and being alllllll of this all while being the exact same age as me. I think she might be a few months younger, even.


*settles deep into her jealousy hole for the evening*

God, I wish that was me. Fuck, I *really* wish that was me. I feel like such a total loser right now with all the skill and life experiences of a-a-a *baby carrot* or something, I don’t fucking know. I’m too depressed and pissed at myself to think of a proper comparison at the mo. Boo.

anyways! i was gonna make this post in September, but I’m making it now cause I’m in my bag. This blog is on Semi-Hiatus since school is starting and i have a lot more important things to focus on than writing Cyborg. If you want to unfollow, feel free b/c I won’t post many starter calls  /  be looking for new interactions often since I’ll be so busy and will focus on threads I already have. I also have another blog and [may] put more focus into my batman blog when he’s completed sooooo yeah??? idk how to end this but yeah lmao

ME time.

I just need a day. A day to myself. A day when I’m not overwhelmed. A day when I don’t hear/speak the words - Wedding, Invitation, Agra, Decorator, Saree, Washers, Market Share, Sales mix, Escutcheon, Edge, BOM.

So, I’ve decided to do something. Tomorrow morning, I will leave home, but instead of going to work, I’m gonna go somewhere else. I’m gonna pack up my art supplies and go somewhere and draw, and be on the internet and just… forget my responsibilities, for the day. Not tell anyone where I am, and just be incognito. Is that too weird to wanna do this?

Waiting for the baby - Bonus

Well not really a bonus. More like a really self-indulgent crack fic. I have a little writer block and I needed to write this to cheer me up. This is not well written but I don’t really care? Probably won’t post this on Ao3 either.

Based on an idea that “Waiting for the baby is some kind of series where all the skeletons are actors and Weldlys write the script and is also the director.

Warning for really self-indulgent stuff and writer insert.

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