don't be pushed by your problems

  • Wendy: Just because I am still young doesn't mean you can always come to me and talk about your problems.
  • Mirajane: Is that way you made Erza and Jellal hold hands. Pushed Levy into Gajeel's arms. Threw Juvia into the air so Gray could catch her and stole Natsu shirt so he would be half naked in Lucy's house?
  • Wendy: You don't understand how often they talk to me about how they don't know to start a relationship.

I was given 52 detentions for suspected cheating, almost suspended for it. The principal called me to his office, made some cheesy annoying statement about how this kind of behavior wouldn’t be tolerated. 

 Okay, I said. I’m sorry, it won’t happen again. It was a mistake. 

 Already that year I knew three people who were out longterm for mental illness. Already kids were high in classes just to get by them. Already what was tolerated was a bunch of kids having breakdowns. 

 It was a mistake it won’t happen again. I make sure that my answers are big on the science test. The boy next to me can’t afford medication for his learning disability and hasn’t slept since his parents split and if he doesn’t get a 2.0 he loses his team, the last thing he has left. 

 It was a mistake it won’t happen again. When I pass her my homework I ask her quietly if her mom was getting better. When the semester ends and we are in different classes, I start doing her assignments on the side. She sends me snaps from chemotherapy. 

 It was a mistake it won’t happen again. When I hand over the notes, I make sure there’s plenty of marginal positive thoughts. They haven’t smiled all month. I know what it’s like to be too tired and doing nothing at all. 

 It was a mistake. Your students are resorting to immoral choices because they have no other option. You make grades the be-all and end-all priority, no matter what else might be happening. You force them into situations where they can either fail and definitely have a permanent punishment, or cheat and probably pass - it’s worth the risk. Your students stand in solidarity, not to praise the might of learning: but to gather together in the right of living. You are the one who made the dichotomy of student/human. We are not both, are given “either like it or leave it”, are trained almost like robots. Do the work, don’t ask questions, don’t challenge the authority. 

 It was a mistake. It won’t happen again where you can see it. But I love learning. And if I can be the one who keeps your student in the classroom by giving them that extra push? Maybe I’m doing a better job than you. Cheating wouldn’t be a problem if we weren’t already being cheated. You can’t set us up to lose and then get frustrated when we rig the game, too.

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Just letting you know that I: Don't care how you identify. The amount of genders is the amount of feet a single person has. Don't care for labels. Will wear what I want, WHEN I want. Native American costume? Rastafarian colors? dreadlocks? Japanase Armor? Whatever. I. Want. I don't care WHAT you think is wrong. You're the tomi lahren of the internet. Get off your self-righteous kick and stop being a fucking cunt to other people by pushing your beliefs on them. Hitler did that. Jackass.

GORL LMAO what’s your fucking problem, i tell people not to do blackface and you conservative freaks act like a bunch of toddlers who were told they can’t play with their teddy bears past midnight. get the fuck over it, black face and the blatant disrespect towards cultures will no longer be tolerated during this halloween and halloweens to come. 

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could you do headcanons for the chocobros with a s/o who is just. so savage. or just really snarky and sarcastic all the time and they just always have a hilarious and witty comment to make (dude I LIVE for sassy humour omg)

sure thing, anon! sassy, witty humor is my favorite kind of humor (even though I’m the least sassy human alive), so I had a lot of fun with this request. thanks for sending it in, and I’m sorry I took so long! I hope you like it <3


  • Okay but he loves it
  • He doesn’t always join in, but he always appreciates the little contributions you make to different situations
  • Lets you lead everyone into battle, just to hear what will come out of your mouth
  • Thinks about that one time you called Ardyn a “walking thrift store” a lot
  • When he doesn’t want to deal with certain people, he makes you handle them
  • Never knows how to respond. Is it sarcasm? Are you serious? He isn’t sure
  • He loves taking you fishing with him
  • Not because you actually fish
  • Not because you like fishing
  • But because you always have the best commentary while you watch
  • Who needs the Ring of Lucii when a couple of words from you could send a man to the mountains in shame
  • When things get out of hand, do not expect him to know how to defuse the situation. You can, however, expect to find him right there by your side
  • Because even if your humor carries you away sometimes, Noct will always have your back

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I have long hair and my hair usually covers my name tag. I just had a customer actually reach out, put his hand ON MY CHEST, and push my hair out of the way. After I backed away he said, “Oh, I just wanted to see what your name is.”

 What is wrong with people? DON’T. TOUCH. ME.

i am still currently wheezing over this.
  • friend: i bet he has a youtube channel.
  • me: yup. it's probably an asmr one he goes on after school everyday.
  • j: *explaining fitness testing*
  • friend: *in asmr voice, mocking j* hey. it’s me, j. welcome back to my asmr channel.
  • me: *in asmr voice, mocking j* do your warm up. do your push ups or ill give you detention.
  • me: *thinks of a brilliant idea*
  • me: ..ask him to do asmr
  • friend: ;)
  • me: ;)
  • j: ..ok, any questions?
  • friend: *raises hand*
  • j: yes?
  • friend: can you do asmr for us?
  • me: *starts wheezing*
  • j: uhh.
  • class: ….
  • j: i..i just don't understand. how do those videos get views?
  • friend: tingles.
  • j: what???
  • me: because it gives you the tingles
  • j: ?!?!???!!?!?
  • class: ?!?!?!!?!?!
  • me: ?!?!?!?!? *still wheezing*
  • friend: ?!?!?!??! *still wheezing*
  • Edna: Just because I'm still single doesn't mean you can always come to me and talk about your problems.
  • Mikleo: Is that why you made Zaveid and Dezel hold hands? Pushed Alisha into Rose's arms? Threw Lailah into the air so you could catch her and stole Sorey's shirt so he would be half naked in MY house?
  • Edna: You don't understand how often you all talk to me about how you don't know to start a relationship.
In these times where Hope is needed, do not let Fear reign in your heart.

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One of the many aspects of book Malec that I really had a problem with is that book Magnus kind of pushed Alec to come out, kind of like "If you don't come out and tell your parents about me we won't date" and that made me very uncomfortable because I was very closeted when I first read it, and I'm so so happy the show changed it

Oh honey, don’t get me started on this.

Magnus literally ignored Alec until he came out? He ignored his calls and texts because he was mad at Alec for being in the closet in the homophobic society he grew up in?

I don’t want to rant on this because I’d get angry and I like positive feelings better but this was so fucked up, dude. With centuries of experience and having lived during periods of history when homosexuality was considered an actual crime, you’d think Magnus would be more understanding? But nah, CC is here to fuck things up again.

Fuck that shit.

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Hey boss, ye cat, you need to give me some Ryou because I love him and it'll make me feel better~

Who could this very mysterious ask be from?  Gosh, @niffty24​, I’m stumped, who do you think this is from??

But okay, yeah, sure.

“It’s getting long, huh?”

Ryou looked up from the couch to see Lance in the doorway, grinning at him.  He stepped into the rec room, a floating tray bobbing behind him with popcorn and drinks.

“Huh?”  Ryou started to tilt his head, then winced.  A strand of hair was twisted around one finger, and it had pulled instead of coming loose.  Huh.  He hadn’t even realized he was playing with it.  “Oh, the hair?  Yeah.  It’s better now that I can put it up.”

Snorting, Lance sat down next to him, hard enough to make Ryou jolt.  “I admit, I like it better now too.  The mullet phase was a little too much.”

Ryou rolled his eyes.  “Enough with your mullet grudge.  Keith’s hair isn’t that bad.”  When Lance only hummed in disagreement, Ryou huffed back.  “At least it’s not in my face anymore.  That was a pain.”

“You could have used barrettes,” Lance pointed out, smile growing.  The tray settled between them as he rested his shoes on the coffee table.  It was with the full knowledge that Coran would see the scuffs later and make him clean it.  “Could have done them in all different colors for Voltron.”

“Yeah, I could also not do that.  Barrettes in a helmet sounds uncomfortable.”  Ryou held up the pad so Lance could see the program for the TV. “Pidge has Who Framed Rodger Rabbit on here.  That good for you?”

Lance shrugged.  “Haven’t seen it.”

Grinning, Ryou tilted his head.  “I haven’t either.  Sounds like fun, then.”  He tapped on the screen to start the movie.

Lance took a handful of popcorn, then picked one piece out of his hand and tossed it up.  He caught it in his mouth with a grin.  “I do like it down.  When you have it up in the bun, it kind of looks like Allura, with all the white hair.”

“I do not look like Allura,” Ryou replied, not even looking over.  “That’s a really difficult silhouette for me to pull off.”

Snickering, Lance nodded, conceding the point.  “Alright, but still.”

Finally, Ryou looked over, eyebrow arched.  “Just say what you’re getting at.”

Lance’s bottom lip jutted out.  “Aww.  That ruins the fun.”  But under Ryou’s continued stare, he sighed.  “I could put it up for you.  The ponytail is fine, and I actually like the bun.  It’s appropriately hipster of you.  But you should have some options.  I can do some cool braiding, if you’re interested.”



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You know, I thought it was just common courtesy to push in your chair when you leave the table, but a lot of the customers at my diner job don't seem to think so. It wouldn't be as much of a problem if the tables weren't on carpet and have to be pushed in with both hands as they always get in the way of my path when I'm carrying away a pile of dirty plates to be cleared off and cleaned so I have to walk all the way around the tables in a ridiculous path when I'm trying to hurry

December 7th-
“Why don’t you let people in? Why do you push everyone who cares about you away?” He shouted.
“You don’t understand!” She hollered. “You’ll never understand.”
“Then let me understand,” he whispered. “Please.”
“I push people away because I’m so god damn scared. I can’t be hurt again. That’s why.”
“Baby, I’ll NEVER hurt you. I’ll always love you. You are mine forever and always. You can let me in. You can tell me everything. You can trust me.”
January 12th-
“What do you mean?” She shouted.
“I don’t think I love you anymore. I can’t handle all of your problems. We’re done,” he whispered, as he shut the door behind him, never to return.
—  You broke your promise, like everyone else (a.r.a)

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Hey Pink, do you have any tips on recovering from burnout as soon as possible? I still very much love the character+world and want to complete it as a game but I've found myself working more sluggishly than before and subconsciously dodging work so I want to resolve this as soon as possible. For reference I've been working on this project about almost 2 years mostly by myself with a bit of help, so I'd rather not waste too much time getting back to work.

I think the best solution is to just take a break, work on something else for a while like an art project or hobby that has nothing to do with your game), analyze why you felt so burnt out and see if you could make any part you were dreading easier (whether it’s breaking the process of what you have to do into parts or rewarding yourself after you do it or doing an entirely different approach), and come back 2 to 4 weeks later with a plan.  I feel like giving myself something new or something comforting to work on helps me look at my project with fresh eyes and a renewed spirit (I come back and remember what I liked about working on it!).  

Here’s some articles on creative & video game development burnout that can probably help you better than I can OTL.  Remember: you can’t cheat your way out of burnout.  Your body needs a bit of time to recover from stress.  If you keep pushing yourself, your body and your mind will fight you in various ways that make developing a game even harder - it’s a real problem in the game industry actually.  Once you’re done recovering, make a plan on balancing your developing & not developing time or one that reorganizes your goals or changes your approach to development for the better.

Good luck, don’t force yourself too much & enjoy your unpaid vacation.  c,:

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Just wanted to say that I appreciate you posting your thoughts on pixel art here. How do you feel about games that don't adhere to pixel grids? I'm talking about when you see pixels sliding along a screen at sub-pixel measurements in contemporary pixel games. I personally feel that sticking to a rigid pixel grid actually masks the fact that we're, ultimately, just pushing coloured squares around. Your thoughts?

i’m surprised that people are enjoying me talking out of my ass as much as they are but like, if it helps, it helps

anyway: i have a lot of problems with mixels.

the first problem is that they’re something that came around with the advent of modern pixel art but now i mean that in like an extremely literal sense, in that you literally could not do mixed pixel sizes (especially smaller mixed pixel sizes) on original hardware. pixels were already the smallest unit available and it wasnt until like the snes that people started to stretch sprites to be larger and even then it didn’t really even become mainstream until the gba

but really like this isn’t the heart of the issue. it’s almost more like a pixel purism thing but even then like, i don’t really adhere that tight to that kind of philosophy. it’s really more important that whatever you make looks good

which leads me to the second problem: mixels look like shit

or very specifically mixels look like some sort of bug; like the sprite isn’t being drawn right and the system the game is using to scale up small art is acting up or something. it’s a big inconsistency that makes you question the way the game is being conveyed to you instead of what the game is trying to convey and it’s distracting but not in a way that makes you think ‘maybe the game is trying to tell me something’ as much as it tells you ‘maybe someone fucked up’. so you’re right; sticking to a rigid grid helps the player not notice that they’re playing a video game, because the pattern that they’ve established as consistent hasn’t been broken, and they can concentrate on the task at hand

but there’s actually a weird twist to this i’ve found and it’s that you can’t make pixels smaller but you can make them bigger

as long as the baseline pixel size doesn’t change and as long as the scaling size is a round number (or you’re scaling the sprite via nearest neighbor or something) you haven’t broken the scaling ‘rules’ youve set for yourself. which is almost a technicality

it’s kindof like how lego and duplo are compatible (cause duplos are exactly twice the size of legos) but legos and megablocks arent (cause megablocks are like 0.95x or some shit) (and are horrible), basically. it’s not exactly optimal but it’ll do in a pinch, like if you just need to get the art out

just don’t mix up your baselines and you should be fine

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when i ask you for you plates say "yes ma'am here you go" and get off your damn phone and hand your plates to me. dont fucking say "yeah" and get back on your phone. and DEFINITELY don't push them my way. i have to clean up your bullshit atleast have the decency to treat me like a human being. #busser problems

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The worst thing is when your best friend tells you that even if you feel happy now, you could be happIER if you found live and he wants to be the one to show you how to love. Like, no bitch, you don't understand, I DONT WANY YOUR FUCKING LOVE, I'm HAPPY THE WAY I AM, why is this SO HARD to understand???????????

People seem to have a very difficult time understanding that other people don’t share experiences they have, and even moreso when those experiences are taken for granted and/or pushed heavily by society, both of which are true for amatonormativity ):

So many of these problems could be solved if people were just able and willing to listen to other people and believe us when we tell our truths.


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Every once in a while, I get reminder emails from Duolingo in Ukrainian. I don't know why. I don't speak Ukrainian, I've never taken Ukrainian with Duolingo. I'm not even sure they offer Ukrainian, but that's definitely the language these emails are being sent in. Sometimes i get push notifications in Ukranian too. I have no answers.

Tbqhr (to be quite honest and real) it sounds more like a weird language setting on your phone than a duolingo problem?

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I don't know if you'll have time answer this but i really love your 2D animations. How are you able to keep your characters recognizable through such a range of facial expression? I cant seem to squash and stretch the face without losing the character.

Hey there! Thanks for the kind words..

Thats a tough question to answer, because I sometimes have problems with keeping my characters recognizable in pushed expressions. The best answer is to keep drawing your character until you are comfortable with him/it/her. Explore different shape languages to see what works best for the character.

I think the things to keep in mind when trying to keep the character consistent is understanding the overall structure of the character, and keeping it as graphic as possible yet still remaining solid.

Understand the face’s form. Always understand the character’s most basic construction, therefore you can really play with those squash and stretches… Think of things like the floursack for the cheeks, and lower part of the head (since it is the one that moves the most) while the cranium the one that deforms the least. Keep that one the most solid (this helps maintain the form of the character’s face) but don’t be afraid to distort it.

(what you are about to see are halfassed drawings to help get my point across… sorry! :( )

I am going to use an example character.

Think about appeal. Appeal and giving your drawings assymmetry can really give you room to explore hundreds of different ranges, each being unique. Think of shapes that are easy to read. Expressions like these can give you different ways to squash and stretch your character’s faces.

Really understand your characters face. Some designs are not meant to show every expression in the most logical manner, since some designs rely on graphical elements to showcase some emotions. Keep in mind that sometimes, breaking the character into this graphic expression still makes the character more true than sticking to logical and technical form. It really depends what style you’re going for too!


Being strong has NOTHING to do with positivity. Being strong is crying and screaming and asking why me, but getting back up and holding yourself together and continuing on regardless. I will not hide that I am in pain and I am suffering and I am depressed because of my chronic illnesses; that’s just the shitty reality of rare incurable chronic illnesses. I am a human being I am not positive 24/7 and I would be lying if I only spoke about the good days and none of the bad. We don’t want pity or peoples “relative” stories. We want empathy and understanding. We don’t want you to fight our battles for us, we want you to stand next to us as we fight them. To all my spoonies: your fights are hard and all of your feelings are valid. Do NOT feel the need to hide your pain and sadness solely because of fear of others pushing you away. Nobody should tell us to be strong or positive because it wouldn’t be healthy to be positive 24/7 we have tough lives. Our problems don’t get easier, but we become stronger and more resilient. We will win our battles.

anonymous asked:

Hi I have a question, how do you find the time to write ? Or maybe I should ask more about the energy. Cause when I come back from the uni I'm utterly exhausted with no motivation or energy and I don't write (and if I do I hate what comes out). Help?

Thanks for your question!  Sorry the answer came so late – I accidentally queued instead of scheduling, so it got waaay pushed back…

Originally posted by thegameofnerds

But I commiserate with your problem.  The busier life gets, the less time there is to write – and the less time you spend writing, the less practice you get, so the words start to sound weird and sterile, and then you stress out because you only have 0.4 hours left to write and nothing good is coming out, and then you decide to rest it out and try again tomorrow, but then you’re just falling more and more out of practice…  It’s literal writing hell.  I’m in there with you right now, as a matter of fact.

There are a few different methods out there for dealing with lack of motivation/energy, and while I don’t use or agree with all of them, it’s really up to the individual writer.  As for general tips, I think these are the most important:

  • Sleep.  No matter how much you’ve written (or haven’t written) today, you need to get a good amount of sleep in order to function, both in writing and in other aspects of life.  I know that this is my first sacrifice when I start feeling blocked – when I feel stressed about my lack of writing, I stay up until 5 or 6 in the morning until I’ve written something.  But this is only a short-term solution, and won’t help you to continue to write the next day.  Keeping a writing schedule is all about consistency, and the energy you’re lacking won’t come without sleep.
  • Change your writing time.  You stated in your question that when you come back from class, you’re too tired to write.  My advice would be to shift your schedule!  All writers have certain times or settings that work better for them.  If you can, try going to bed a bit earlier so you can wake up in time to write before class/work.  If that doesn’t work, you could also try taking a nap after class and then writing.  Play around with it and see what works, because if this is the problem, there’s an easy long-term solution for it!
  • Get rid of distractions.  This counts for all things – not just technology.  Put away your groceries.  Do the dishes.  Call and make that doctor’s appointment.  Get other things in order so that when you sit down to write, there’s nothing to worry about, nothing to do, except writing.  The stress of external issues can mentally exhaust you, even when you’re sitting blankly in front of your word document.  Not only that, but the less you’ve managed in your personal life, the more negativity can creep into your head and cause that “I-hate-my-writing-this-is-an-abomination-to-the-inventor-of-words” feeling.  And nobody likes that feeling.
  • Practice positive thinking.  Your energy and motivation, as well as a good chunk of your writing time, is zapped every time you sit at the computer and think, “Wow, this sucks.  What I’m writing right now sucks.”  It’s an easy line of thinking to fall into!  We look at our writing as we’re writing it, and we think of all the things we aren’t doing as well as we want to, and it ruins the whole process.  It takes us out of our scenes!  So whenever you hear that voice in your head saying something negative, SHUT IT DOWN.  Instead, point out something good about what you’ve written.  Literally force yourself to think on the bright side, and your writing process will improve.
  • Consider changing your plot.  If none of the above helps, and you still have no motivation to write, it could be time to look at what you’re writing.  Has your story grown stale?  Are things moving too slowly?  Are your characters two-dimensional or unlikable?  Have you deviated too far from the theme or the plot itself?  Any number of tiny plot problems can kill your motivation before you’ve even started.  So take a half hour and look over the whole plot, top to bottom, until you’re satisfied that there are no plot holes, inconsistencies, or generally lame areas.  If there are, either fix them or make a note to fix them later.  Reconcile the issues so they don’t bog you down.

If none of these ideas help you, feel free to drop me another ask with any of your more specific problems.  I hope you find the problem and get through it!  The world needs your writing :)

If you need advice on writing, fanfiction, or NaNoWriMo, you should maybe ask me!