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When people see Carol around a new stranger who happens to be a man and immediately start shipping it

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I REALLY wish people wouldn’t criticize Resident Evil 5 & 6 so much. People may complain that they went off the path of puzzle-solving, survival horror, & replace it with action, horror. But overall, these were good games.

I thought these entries were entertaining in more ways than one. Don’t be hatin’.

ok so with all this kastle stuff coming out now that karen is going to be in the punisher series (!!!) i’ve been thinking…and @holysmitten said i should write some meta based on the tags i wrote on THIS post. so here are some thoughts i have! 

first let me say that i love kastle i adore kastle and they are my otp. however. i do not want them to be canon (romantically) in the punisher series. if you do, that’s great!! i’m not gonna discourage you from it! all i’m saying is i don’t think it would fit with frank’s character especially. 

here’s why: first of all, he became the punisher because of the loss of his wife and children. before they died he was in the marines, and after his family died, all he has left is his military training. so he’s continuing that war, but instead of overseas, he’s in hell’s kitchen killing people who were involved in his family’s death, and later he hunts down people who are hurting other families (human trafficking etc). and as far as relationships go? frank is NOT prepared mentally to move on. i think he is drawn to karen because she treats him like a human and actually cares about him and hurts for him. but the ache he feels for his wife is not gone. frank told matt in the graveyard scene he was too tired to take his wife to bed. frank regrets this or he wouldn’t have brought it up. so i think for frank - sex is something very very intimate. now in the comics when frank is the punisher he has some sexual encounters - but they are not romantic attachments, just a one night stand type of thing. and that would not be fair to karen and i think frank knows this. he knows he cannot give her the kind of relationship she deserves. he obviously cares about her, he saved her life. and then he told her to leave him alone. he does not want to hurt her. he knows she cares about him and because he can’t give her emotional support he pushes her away. 

that burden would not be fair to karen. she may think she is ready for it, but it’s not fair. she would have to constantly worry about her safety and she would have to live a lie if she “dated” frank. the emotional toll on her would be extremely heavy (it’d be heavy if she were w/ matt as well but with frank it’s different). and frank is aware of this. he doesn’t want anyone else hurt (unless they deserve it) and he respects karen too much to put her through that. and tbh i just don’t think frank has it in him anymore. part of him died when his wife died. the way he talked about her in the diner scene, like this man LOVED his wife so much. i imagine he would feel guilty for ever moving on at least romantically. especially so soon. 

so. since we know we are getting some frank and karen interaction which i am extremely happy about!! i just hope that they have a relationship of trust and teasing and comfortableness. maybe they help each other. and i also think it would be interesting if karen admitted to having feelings for frank - and he shuts her down (gently of course) MAYBE WITH A KISS ON THE CHEEK OR FOREHEAD!!! i’d settle for a hug even. i just want them to be there for each other, but for the sake of karen AND frank i think that the shouldn’t have a romantic relationship with each other as far as the show goes. and i don’t think frank should have one at all. NOW AS FAR AS FIC GOES…GIMME!!! GIMME ALL THE KASTLE!! gimme fics gimme aus gimme headcanons all of it!! 

so long story short: what i want for kastle as far as the punisher series goes, i want them to be the ULTIMATE brotp (with a lot of sexual tension) while in my fic and aus they are my otp in a romantic sense because i can’t get enough kastle fic. 

Dude guys. The block feature is fucking magic.

I see stuff I don’t like being posted by a certain person on a certain tag…and I just hit block.

And all their shit just magically goes away. It poofs off into oblivion so I don’t have see this persons hate.

Yeah, I wanted to send this person a message being like

but instead I just blocked this person.

I KNOW. Crazy, right?

It seriously is magic guys! DO IT!!

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They are not endgame or present game. She visited him at rehearsal cuz she won't be able to make any of the live shows. She is family and ain't no way on hell her parents and bros will let anything go with her and Val. He don't see her like that! He can have any woman why a child?

Um ok…not sure how you know this! But to answer your question:

1. Because she is gorgeous!

2. Because she is a grown grown woman with a great heart per Val HIMSELF

3. Did I mention she’s gorgeous

4. She is super kind to everyone she meets and everyone instantly falls in love with her

5. She is super talented with the same work ethic as Val

6. She is family oriented as is Val

7.  Have I mentioned yet that she’s gorgeous!?!!

8. She’s 1.O.A.K.4.E.V.E.R.

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Why are you all so excited about Halloween at Mad T Party? Whats the big deal? It sounds like its going to be stupid.

Let me explain you a thing. Our fandom is based on something very regular. By that I mean it doesn’t change often. Sometimes they change a few songs and things like that, but our fandom doesn’t always have a lot to look forward to. It’s not like a fandom of a show where there’s a new episode every week and something new happens. We get very few things to get truly excited about, and we’re totally fine with that. The only time things really change is for Christmas T and everybody really looks forward to that. Now we have another thing to look forward to. A change in the natural feel of the show, so we’re really excited :) Or at least, that's how I feel. Make sense? It’s not stupid to us. It’s exciting to us!