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The ocean chose you for a reason

Ok ok but Phichit and Yuuri probably tried to pair skate like total dorks back in Detroit.

The two being overly dramatic when arias are played, Phichit (trying) to lift Yuuri and only somewhat succeeding because Yuuri is pretending to die in his arms. Doing the entire single ladies routine on ice. Phichit holding ridiculous poses as Yuuri spins him around. Yuuri lifting Phichit up, Phichit holding his arms out wide and yelling “never let go jack!!!!!”. Doing a full on tango with a rose in Phichit’s mouth. Giggling as they fall on each other on the ice


After weeks of procrastination blood & sweat & tears & endless complaints, this doujinshi is finally finished!  \(*゚∀゚*)/ \(*゚∀゚*)/ \(*゚∀゚*)/

My ramblings thoughts are on the Afterword page. Hope people enjoy this simple story! [rest of the pages under cut]

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What the hell is the meaning of showing these emotions on Dean. He totally looked like he was pinning when he looked at Gavin and his love vanishing together to spend eternity with each other. Sam was like it’s sad but a job well done. But Dean had different emotions. It was not just sympathy. It looked like wonder and pinning mixed. Like wow finding peace and chance to live with your love how is it even possible. And then like yeah wouldn’t it have been nice. Jensen is an incredible actor and I’m sure he could show the difference between empathy and pinning. But it looked like that and I hope I’m not the only one who felt it.

Daily reminder that Barry has not only confirmed that everything he does is for Iris (“Everything I do is for you.”), but also that all he thinks about is Iris (“Thinking about…well, what I always think about.”). Like the boy has literally outright stated that his thoughts and actions are centered around Iris but…SnowBarry is endgame.

I feel like the entire The 100 fandom just needs a quicky reminder.

A lot of the characters on this show are supposed to be children!

This is easily forgotten because these characters are played by adults (which is a problem in media in and of itself but it’s the CW so what are you gonna do?). But it’s still important to remember:

Clarke is 18. Technically an adult but still very young to but running an entire group of people (that aren’t just other children). 

Octavia is 17 at most. 

Same goes for Jasper and Monty but I’d waver on the side of them being closer to 16. Same as Harper.

They are older teenagers capable of making their own decisions which means that they have to take responsibility for those decisions. It doesn’t excuse the shitty and problematic things that they do. 

What it does mean is that they are still learning. They are still growing into a whole person. They are going to make mistakes. Some of those mistakes, especially in these high stake situations, are going to have more intense consequences for them and others around them. But they are still in the process of learning who they are and the difference between right and wrong.

They are still learning.

But Why?

Rating: General

Relationship: Ten x Rose

Summary: The Doctor and Rose discuss just how romantic it is to watch someone sleep.

Notes: This is my response to the @timepetalsprompts drabble prompt ‘watching someone sleep.’ It’s pure nonsense and utterly silly. Hope you like it anyway!

Also on AO3.

The Doctor gawked at the movie in disbelief. “Humans find this romantic?”

Rose shrugged. “S’pose. Personally, I think ’s a bit weird.”

He turned to face her, eyes wide. “But he’s watching her sleep, Rose.”

“I can see that, Doctor.”

“But why?” he demanded. “Why is he doing that?”

She rolled her eyes. “Well, I dunno, do I? ‘S not something I’ve ever wanted to do.”

“Yeah…S’pose not.” Then, evidently unable to help himself, he burst out, “But why, Rose, why? There has to be a reason. What mystery puts this in the romantic arsenal, then?”

Rose rolled her eyes again.


The next morning….

Rose drifted into wakefulness, reluctantly opening her eyes- and looked right into a pair of unblinking brown eyes.

An inch away from her face.

Out of reflex, she screamed and jerked back, before her sleepy brain caught up. Brown eyes?

“Doctor, what the hell?” she demanded, rubbing her eyes.

“I was watching you while you slept, to see what that bloke was on about.” He frowned. “I still don’t see anything romantic about it. You’re dull when you sleep.”

“Oi!” She growled, feeling sleepy and irritated.

“And your nose looks funny when you sleep. Sort of scrunch-y uppy.”

“Doctor,” she glared. “You’re on thin ice, here.”

“Oh.” He said. “Right.” He fell silent.

And then….



“Did you know that you drool in your sleep?”

Me: Hey look Digimon Adventure Tri. part 4 is out.

Tri: 02 kids still aren’t here or mentioned.

Me: K, I’ll see you guys when part 5 is out.

Ok, I really didn’t want to write this but I’m tired of this Karamel hate! Ok, you’re so perfect and without any human negative emotions, like jealousy, good for you! I’d like to find out secret to that. Actually, I don’t… Cause I’m not robot. I’m human with all these emotions: positive and negative. And I’m so glad that Mon-El isn’t perfect either. He has flaws and makes mistakes but it doesn’t make him bad person! It makes him human! Cause the most important is how you deal with these emotions! Can admit you were out of line and you’re actually sorry for it? Are you trying to apologize for it? Do you respect other person’s decision if she won’t accept this apology?

Karamel isn’t perfect, but no one is! I can name many other ships in other fandoms that are jealous about each other and fans still love them! I’ve never seen hate on these couples! They fight, they hurt each other but this only makes them stronger! And no one questioned it because fans understand that, it’s normal for couple to have ups and downs. If you think this is “outright disrespectful and attempting to be manipulative” then keep it to yourself or share it with someone who cares cause I’m not interested in seeing your negative comments on my gifsets!

I know that the majority of people hate it… but Sonic Boom is one of my favorite shows of all time.

Not only is it wonderfully clever while still managing to be simplistic, the characters are hilarious, and it is wonderful at cheering me up whenever I’m down. Whenever I start feeling just a little too angsty for my liking, I go to Sonic Boom for support.

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Like this gives me actual joy.

Life suddenly seems a little brighter knowing that Sonic Boom is around, a glimmering gem in the middle of all the hate and negativity. The show doesn’t let other people get it down. It keeps going strong.

And that’s something I admire about it.

Also, it gave us this.


I have made the decision to completely scrap everything in my to-do list. I apologize to those who had made requests as I can’t seem to fulfill them. Please feel free to send whatever request you had given me to another blog! I am so sorry and hope you don’t hate me.

I just can’t seem to have inspiration for any of the requests I have. Feeling pressured to write something specific has actually stumped me in every possible way. Because of this, I am deciding to focus on what I want to write instead.

I want to put stories that I truly love out there and need to allow myself to breathe to do so.

Requests will remain closed indefinitely as I try and find myself as a writer again. Hopefully down the road I will open them again and only accept a few in order to not feel overwhelmed.

Again, I apologize for this!