don't be dumb america

Some Time during infinity war...
  • Peter Parker: hey dude, are you okay?
  • Peter quill: yeah, it's just my sorta dad does not too long ago and-
  • Peter Parker: say no more, I understand what it's like to loose people.
  • T'challa: My condolences, I have also recently lost my father.
  • Thor: as I have also lost my mother.
  • Steve: me too, Everyone i knew growing up are dead. Well apart from Bucky.
  • Bucky: hey!
  • Tony: did someone mention dead parents?

I was standing on my own
But now I’m not alone

#Projecthappystark is underway once again! and once again I’ve signed up for my personal favorite Avengers Reincarnation, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. And I guess I can’t do anything without there being a hint of pain, but I’ve always really loved that certain line in the theme song and decided to use it for inspiration.

I’m just going to put this out there for all the americans blaming your high gun-death rate on mental illness rather than guns: I’m from the UK. We have the same violent video games and hatred of the schooling system and celebrity culture and all of those things that you’re willing to blame, and we haven’t had a school shooting since ‘96. We have mentally ill people too. The only difference is our gun laws.

So a while ago, I wrote a silly little post about DC and Marvel, and compared them to, well, douchy college students. With Marvel showing some GLIMMER of social understanding and progression. Barely. Sometimes.

And with DC showing absolutely no comprehension of the modern state of things what-so-ever, especially when it comes to women.

Sometimes people find these posts. And take offence. And make posts that include phrases like, “It’s far more likely that they’re ultra feminists that got pissed and screamed misogny due to seeing one too many Power Girl tit shots, which is ironic because they’re the ones always talking about how you shouldn’t judge a woman’s character based on her manner of dress.”

(considers that)

Yeah, the phrase ‘tit shots,’ and the fact that you end the comment with 'Stay small, Marvel dick riders,’ makes me think that you’re a welcoming presence here in the comics fandom. I’m assuming, commentor, that you do so enjoy the company of women. But perhaps, they do not enjoy your company. I’m certainly not, but I’m just one woman, and I would never presume to speak for other women.

However, the argument that DC’s rich history (commentor brings up Lois Lane, Wonder Woman and Black Canary) makes up for their current business decisions (Lois was almost completely shut out of the Superman 50th Aniversary and has been shuffled off to the side so that Supes can bone WW which seems to just be embarrassing for everyone, Black Canary is still running around in a leotard and fishnets, and rumor has it that Diana will be severely de-powered in her appearance in the upcoming Batman/Superman movie) is just nonsense.

In the interests of full disclosure, I do not read DC comics. I have said, and I will continue to say: I do not believe DC wants my money. I have not seen anything, read anything, or been told anything by friends or the media, that convinces me otherwise. I do not believe they want my money, which is a shame, because my comic shop haul is now up to a good 16 titles, and they’re all Marvel. Now, that’s not much compared with some, but it is money that DC is choosing to leave on the table.

And they are choosing to do so. By continuing to make certain that most of their iconic female characters still have costumes that make me uncomfortable. By killing off, deleting, or refusing to acknowledge their female characters. By sexualizing suicide. By canceling cartoons because too many girls were watching them. By bad treatment (even by industry standards) of their creative teams. By setting up 'romances’ that are clearly aimed at titilating a certain portion of the fanbase, and eliminating long standing relationships in favor of doing this.

But mostly, by greenlighting another Batman/Superman film. Have you counted? I have! In total, there have been THIRTEEN FILMS involving these two characters. Superman I-IV, Superman Returns, Man of Steel, Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, Batman and Robin, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises.

THIRTEEN. This will be the FOURTEENTH film involving one or both of these characters. And that does not take into account the tv series. Let’s look at that. Batman (1966 series), Superman (1952), Smallville, Lois and Clark, Batman Adventures, Superman Adventures, Batman Beyond…

I am sick of Batman. I am sick of Superman. I am sick of Heroic White Male and his Manguish ™. I am sick of Christopher Nolan putting a big ol’ glop of GRIT on every surface. The Boston Globe review of Man of Steel said it best: “But what’s missing from this Superman saga is a sense of lightness, of pop joy. This is a story about a guy who can fly, for pity’s sake — about the absurd freedoms, as well as the responsibilities, that powers such as super-strength and heat-vision bring with them.” They took a movie. About a man who can FLY. And stripped it of anything approaching joy.

And that is why I stick with Marvel. For now. Because I have no real interest in “Guardians of the Galaxy.” I really do not care about “Ant-Man.” But I will see both of those films in an instant, rather than watch the FOURTEENTH installment of DC’s Manguish (With cameo by girl! Who is rumored to be depowered by quite a bit! So she’s not a threat to the guys! Because that would make some people uncomfortable!) Because I prefer the idea of a talking raccoon with a machine gun, because at least that’s new. At least that’s COMICS.

So, to the unhappy commentator who dealt with my complaints about the modern decision making process of a modern company by pointing out how progressive that company USED TO BE, you know, back in the SIXTIES, I say this: I’d like to buy comics now. And what was considered groundbreaking in the Golden Age, while very interesting, and definately of historical note, does not help me at all when I would like to buy comics now. So to offer that as a rebuttal to my point about modern comics was somewhere between 'bizarre’ and 'incoherent.’

Also, any one with any sense would tell you that Power Girl’s costume is stupid. For reasons of aerodynamics alone.

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